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bill o'reilly

Bill O’Reilly Says Black Panther Party “Wants To Kill White Babies” (GO)

Woman Robs McDonald’s Wearing Panties On Her Face (GO)

Judges In C-Murder Case Under Investigation (GO)

Paris Hilton Is Still Partying (GO)

The Pact With Obama: High Unapproval Ratings Not Aided by Blacks (GO)

Lindsay Lohan Got To Keep Her Busted Weave In Jail (GO)

Bow Wow Tells You Why They Hating (GO)

Mel Gibson Appears To Be A Jealous Of Timothy Dalton (GO)

What if Your Grandma Wrote Erotica??? (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

ice-t pookie new jack city

Update: Ice-T Responds To Arrest (GO)

Networking with Writer-Director Nzingha Stewart (GO)

Lil Wayne Writes His Reaction Of Lebron James (GO)

Kim & Kourtney Kardashian in Bikinis (GO)

Do Sherri & Whoopi Make Us Look Bad?? (GO)

Mel Gibson’s Dirty Words Would Make George Carlin Blush (GO)

Nicki Minaj Gets Freaky In Black Men Magazine (GO)

Dwyane Wade Showcases Rhyming Skills On Jay Leno (GO)

Lindsay Lohan “Being Cooperative” In Jail (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

shyne covers september 2010 xxl

Shyne Covers September Issue of XXL Magazine (GO)

BET Founder to Build Spa Resort in War-Torn Liberia (GO)

Woman Stabbed In The Head While Reading Bible (GO)

The Definition Of “Ghetto Parenting”? (GO)

Cristiano Ronaldo Wanted To F*** F*** His Baby Momma (GO)

Woman Pregnant With Two Babies Due A Week Apart (GO)

Angelina Jolie’s io9 interview: feminism, cross-dressing & being badass (GO)

S.C. “Mystery Candidate” Alvin Greene Gives First Public Speech (GO)

Teenage Singer Gets Botox to Look “Fresh” (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

Coming To America

Texas Man Claiming To Be African Prince And Doctor Sentenced After Knowingly Spreading HIV (GO)

Danny Glover Is Too Old For This Sh*t (GO)

Man Beats Wife While She Was In Labor (GO)

Enrique Iglesias’ Kiss Leaves Fan Thinking Dirty Thoughts (GO)

Snoop Dogg Calls Out Manny Pacquiao; “Take The Blood Test, Stop Bullsh*ttin” [Video] (GO)

The Espys Brought Out Quite The Array Of Hotties [Photos] (GO)

Texas Police Slam Teenager Into Hood Of Cop Car [Video](GO)

Cheryl Cole Released From Hospital (GO)

Macy Gray “The Kids Used To Call Me Watermelon Head” (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

too short in jail

Too Short Arrested For Battery (GO)

Road SMS Might Not Be Such A Great Idea Come To Think Of It (GO)

Mother Ordered To Stop Breast-Feeding Her 6-Year-Old (GO)

Christina Milian Goes Shopping With Her Sister (GO)

Delonte West To Plead Guilty To Weapon Charges (GO)

Bangladesh Discusses Lawsuit With Cash Money Records (GO)

Will Smith Cries When He Sees Son Jaden Onscreen (GO)

Tea Party Spokesman Says NAACP Is Racist [Video] (GO)

Lindsay Is In GQ (GO)

Drake “Do It All” Produced By Rob Holladay (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Calls Himself A “Pig”, Says His Life Was A “F*cking Waste” (GO)

Dina Lohan: ‘Lindsay Wants To Open Her Own Rehab’ (GO)

Funkmaster Flex Taunts Christina Milian After Break-Up With The Dream, Christina Responds (GO)

Reggie Bush Wants Kim Kardashian Back For Some Reason (GO)

LL Cool J’s “NCIS: Los Angeles” Show Interrupted By Man Wielding Lightsaber (GO)

Amy Winehouse’s New Album Due Out In January (GO)

Drake Tells Fans He is Working On Sophomore Release (GO)

My Brother’s Keeper: Hip-Hop’s Most Gangsta Brothers (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

Kanye West visits King Tut

Kanye Visits King Tut’s Great-Grandmother’s Coffin With Just As Much Gold (GO)

The Eagles Cheerleaders Have The Sexiest Approach To The Oil Spill Ever (GO)

Passage of California’s Prop 19 Could Slash Price Of Marijuna By 80% (GO)

Dev Patel Bulges Out Of ‘GQ’ (GO)

Princess From Crime Mob Does Her Chris Brown BET Awards Impression [Video] (GO)

Lindsay Lohan’s Lawyer Releases Statement… Then Quits? (GO)

Teen Convicted Of Murder Asks Hitman For Help (GO)

The 2010 Emmy Nominations Are Out (GO)

Jay-Z And Rick Ross Shoot Video For “FreeMasons” (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

Michael Vick

Michael Vick Cleared Of All Charges In Birthday Party Shooting (GO)

Tha Carter’s Kicks: Lil Wayne’s Greatest Footwear Moments (GO)

Angelina Jolie Reveals How She And Brad Pitt Remain Together And Happy (GO)

Marvin Gaye’s Mentor Harvey Fuqua Dies (GO)

Lindsay Lohan’s F*ck U Could Land Her In Contempt Of Court (GO)

Freedom Of Speech Is Once Again Tested In The Rap Community: New Victim- 40 Glocc/Big Bad 40 (GO)

MGM’s Financial Woes Might Cost ‘The Hobbit’ Sir Ian McKellan (GO)

Jack Johnson Shuts Down “The Great White Hope” James Jeffries In “The Fight Of The Century’” 100 Years Ago (GO)

Megan “I Fiercely Guard My Privacy” Fox’s Wedding Pictures (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

Lil Wayne Smiling

Lil Wayne Writes Personal Thank Yous To 100 Lucky Fans (GO)

Lindsay Lohan Decides To Throw Class And Caution To The Wind, Takes To The Pole (GO)

Inmate Sneaks Video Camera Into Maximum Security Prison, HBO To Air Documentary (GO)

Is Justin Bieber Going On Tour In North Korea (GO)

First Listen: Dirty Dancer By Enrique Iglesias Featuring Usher (GO)

Duke Lacrosse Rape Accuser Facing Attempted Murder Charges, Holding Press Conference On Lawn [Video] (GO)

Mel Gibson To Girlfriend: “If You Get Raped By A Pack Of Ni**ers, It Will Be Your Fault” (GO)

Man Who Threatened To Kill The Obamas Pleads Guilty (GO)

Maliah Michel Goes Skinny Dipping (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

L.A. Man Files Restraining Order Against Suge Knight (GO)

DJ Khaled, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Fabolous, T Pain, Busta Rhymes Drop “All I Do Is Win” Remix [Video] (GO)

Lindsay Lohan Is The Luckiest Drug Addict Alive (GO)

GOP Candidate Compares Health Care Bill to Slavery [Video] (GO)

‘Eclipse’ Unscripted: The Cullens (GO)

Man Beats Daughter to Death for Crying During World Cup (GO)

Alex Skarsgard Loves Being Naked: Potential Past And Future ‘True Blood’ Spoilers (GO)

Best Albums Of 2010 So Far (GO)

Teresa Giudice “I’m One Hot Mama” (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

Timbaland and Dr. Dre

Timbaland And Dr. Dre Give Surprise Performance To High School Grads (GO)

BET Founder Announces Factories In Haiti (GO)

Did Gucci Mane Kill Kenny? (GO)

Russell Simmons Wins Battle Against Cap On Debit Card Fees (GO)

Bristol Palin Shows Off Her Acting Chops (GO)

Man Stabs Roommate For Loud Sex With Homeless Woman (GO)

Is Lady Gaga A Good Role Model For Her Younger Sister? (GO)

Man Beat Unconscious In Miami Strip Club Brawl [Video] (GO)

Ke$ha Gives Dog Poop As Christmas Presents (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

Lil Wayne’s Daughter Banned From Visiting Him At Rikers Island (GO)

The Game Dies In Shooting!!!…False! (GO)

Nicki Minaj Denies Dating Diddy [Video] (GO)

Man Murders Wife, Son, Daughter, Mother-In-Law; Tells Police He’s a “Murdering, Coward” [Video] (GO)

Kelly Rowland Is Your S&M ‘Commander’ (GO)

Toy Story 3 cleans up at the Box Office (GO)

DJ Drama & Gucci Mane – Mr. Zone 6 (Mixtape) (GO)

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are Engaged (GO)

Life As We Know It – Trailer No. 1 (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

"Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj"

Message to Lil Kim…Leave Nicki Minaj the F*ck Alone!!! [Editorial] (GO)

Drake’s Album Will Possibly Go Gold But Not Set Any Records In It’s First Week (GO)

Lady Gaga Is The Latest In Celebrity Blow-Up Dolls (GO)

Study Shows That Men May Be Born With “Cheating Gene” [Video] (GO)

Snookie Goes On Magical Cookie Diet (GO)

WTF: Taxi Driver Kidnaps Passenger For Not Tipping (GO)

Megan Fox Has A New Armani Ad (GO)

How Black Men View Baby Mamas (GO)

Lindsay Lohan Says “Enough!” (GO)

Jeezy “All White Everything” (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

Church Fire

Man Pleads Guilty To Torching Black Church In Response To Obama’s Win (GO)

How Rappers Boost Street Cred (GO)

Four Funny Women Equals Comedy Gold: From Golden Girls To Sex And The City (GO)

Funeral Director Wears Dead Man’s Coat to Funeral (GO)

Miley Cyrus Tattoed What On Her What Now? (GO)

Shawty Lo Proposes To Girlfriend [Video] (GO)

Katy Perry And Russell Brand Have Matching Ink (GO)

Is “Gold Digger” A Bad Word? (GO)

The Exclusive Making of Drake’s Thank Me Album With Interviews From T.I, Nicki Minaj, Bun B, “40”, & More (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

Tupac and Biggie

Tupac And Biggie Wax Figures To Be “Reunited” For Pac’s Birthday (GO)

Nicki Minaj Reacts to “Massive Attack” Flop (GO)

Police Find Toddler Shot Three Times By Father Hiding In Trash Can (GO)

How The Lakers-Celtics Rivalry Financially Revived The NBA (GO)

Chicago Black Children Show Poor Academic Success Due to Violence (GO)

NOW PLAYING: B.o.B – Airplanes (Ft. Hayley Williams) (Official Video) (GO)

Miley Cyrus: ‘I’m Not Slutty’ (GO)

The Situation Deciding If Rapping Is a Good Idea, Were Not Sure (Video) (GO)

Kathy Griffin And Joan Rivers May Be Dating (GO)


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