Some Afternoon Linkage

"Dollar and Akon"

HHWIRED Exclusive: DJ Shabazz Talks The Murder, Acquittal, And The Release Of Slain Rapper Dolla’s Mixtape (GO)

Larry King’s Wife Left Suicide Note Before Overdose (GO)

Fail Of The Week: Man Spits Worst Freestyle Line Ever & Admits Having Sex With Opponent’s Father!!! [Video] (GO)

Star Jones Is Writing A Juicy Book (GO)

Man Kills Himself With Homemade Guillotine (GO)

Lady Gaga Nipple (GO)

Black Mystery South Carolina Man Wins Senate Primary With No Campaign, Asked To Step Down For Felony [Video] (GO)

Chris Brown “Matrix” And “Without You” (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

"Todd James aka LL Cool J"

LL Cool J Discusses New Book and A Potential New Album (GO)

Lebron’s $100 Million Impact On The Cleveland Cavaliers (GO)

Sarah Palin Might Have Breast Implants (GO)

You’ve Never Seen That??? The Classics We’ve Always Wanted To See (GO)

Nurse Accused Of Assisting Suicides Over The Internet (GO)

Whoopi Goldberg Wants More Smokers Rights (GO)

Man Punches Shark, Lives To Tell The Tale (GO)

Courtney Cox Is Jealous Of The Sex And The City Cast (GO)

Where Are The Black Justin Biebers? (GO)

Unarmed Marine Killed By Cop [Video] (GO)

Mya Jane Does Smooth Girl (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

The VH1 Hip-Hop Honors Airs Tonight…Juvenile Speaks On His Performance & Cash Money Being Overlooked [Video] (GO)

The Guy From CSI with Some Hot A*s in a Bikini of the Day (GO)

Uncle Luke Reacts to Daughter’s Accusations of Domestic Violence [Video] (GO)

Desiree Rogers Hired As A Johnson Publishing Consultant (GO)

Mother Arrested For Rape, Murder of Daughter With Incestuous Nephew (GO)

The Men: 2010 MTV Movie Awards (GO)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I (GO)

Jessica Alba in “The Best Editorial Ever” in Elle Korea (GO)

Reality Shows Are A Hotbed for STDs (GO)

Prince Turns The Big 5-2! (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

Jake Knotts Calls Barack Obama a Raghead

Republican Senator Calls President Obama A “Raghead” (GO)

The Face of The Mainstream (GO)

Ron Artest Is Awesome!! (GO)

Pharrell Talks About Erykah Badu’s Cakes and Badu Addresses Relationships And Jay Electronica (GO)

Miley Cyrus Kisses a Girl on Stage of the Day (GO)

Vida Guerra In Some Body Paint (GO)

Gary Coleman’s Funeral Canceled Due to Family Feud (GO)

Heidi Klum and Seal Want To Save Your Marriage With New Reality Show (GO)

Jason Bateman And Dustin Hoffman Surprise Kiss At Lakers Game (GO)

Russell Brand, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Jonah Hill Talk ‘Get Him to the Greek’ (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

"The Game poses with Pharrell"

Game Tributes Pharrell For Squashing Jay-Z Beef [Video] (GO)

Police Use Taser Four Times To Subdue Mr. Naked (GO)

World Bank Cancels Haiti’s Debt To Aid Reconstruction (GO)

White Man In South Carolina Murders Black Co-Worker And Drags Body Behind Truck (GO)

Samantha Ronson Spends The Night At Lindsay Lohan’s Home (GO)

Sean Penn On Robin Wright: “She’s A Ghost To Me Now” (GO)

Jackson’s Hometown Plans To Build Jackson Museum, Hotel, and Performing Arts Center (GO)

Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Is Not About To End (GO)

Eminem Ft. Pink “Won’t Back Down” (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

"Sean John Opens Environmentally Friendly Store"

Diddy Opens Up “Earth Friendly” Sean John Store in California [Video] (GO)

Opinion: Abandon Detroit, Abandon Black America (GO)

Heidi Montag: “Can’t You See The Sadness? In My Butt” (GO)

Boy Loses Testicle After Being Punched In Groin [Video] (GO)

Hoda Plans To Use A Giant Tampon On BP Oil Spill (GO)

Teen Super-Glues Friend’s Eyes and Ears Shut [Video] (GO)

Angelina’s Voodoo Rituals Will Break Brad’s Heart (GO)

Common and Mos Def Lend Support For New B-Boy Film For Change In Africa [Video] (GO)

Cameron Diaz: “Lots Of Sex Is My Fountain Of Youth” (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

keenon aampay

Teacher Of The Year Quits After Student Reports Sexual Relationship (GO)

OOOWEEE! Shaneka Adams Does Smooth Mag (GO)

Celebrity Financial Adviser Steals Millions From Clients Including Wesley Snipes (GO)

Heidi Montag’s Video For ‘Transformers 3′ (GO)

Justin Bieber Tells TV Staffer To Not ‘F**king Touch Me’ (GO)

Police Chiefs Speak Out Against Arizona Immigration Law (GO)

Paulina Rubio is Pregnant in a Bikini (GO)

Repeat Fashion Offender: Tila Tequila Bares All (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

"Spike Lee"

Spike Lee Pops Bottles for Brooklyn & Creates Special Edition Absolut Vodka Bottle (GO)

American Citizen Arrested And Detained After Authorities Claim He Was An Illegal Immigrant (GO)

Jesse James Wasn’t Abused Says StepMom (GO)

Hackers Change Road Signs To Say “No Latinos”, “No Tacos” (GO)

Bristol Palin On Her Pregnancy “It Was Humiliating And Shocking” (GO)

DJ Clark Kent’s Top 50 Air Force 1’s Of All Time (GO)

How The Kardashian Sisters Stay Thin (GO)

From Spike Lee to Will Smith, The Big Apple Gets The Big Screen Treatment (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

Diddy Talks About Acting Challenges And The Art of Mind Fu*king [Video] (GO)

Rihanna Impersonator Grabs Her Poontang Of The Day (GO)

Opinion: Supreme Court Rules Ivy League Only (GO)

Kate Gosselin Earned 500K For Dancing With The Stars While Jon Still Unemployed (GO)

Aretha Franklin Gets Honorary Doctorate Degree From Yale (GO)

Tom Cruise On Suri And That Couch Jumping Incident (GO)

Sunday School Teacher Admits Kidnapping And Murdering 8-Year-Old Girl (GO)

Tyra Heading Back To The Runway (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

"Taj Mowry From Smart Guy"

*WHERE ARE THEY NOW* “Smart Guy” Tahj Mowry (GO)

Some Harlem Churches In Fight For Survival (GO)

Lil’ Chuckee Has A Few Words For Kat Stacks… (GO)

Salma Hayek Is Good At Cannes (GO)

Grandmother Allows Man To Have Sex With Her 7-Year-Old Granddaughter (GO)

Alternate Endings To “Lost” (GO)

Did Kourtney Kardashian Go To Kim’s Plastic Surgeon? (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

Rick Ross Coffee

Rick Ross Talks About Rumors of Being Robbed and Working With Diddy (GO)

Candidate Wants to Create “Pedophile Island” for Sex Offenders (GO)

3-Year-Old Seeks To Be The World’s Youngest Tattoo Artist (GO)

Usher Gives Back With Summer Enrichment Camp (GO)

Madonna Goes To A Club In London Last Night (GO)

Halle Berry And Gabriel Aubry Custody Battle Makes Gabriel The Nanny? (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

Lil Wayne and Diddy

Diddy Speaks On Visiting Lil Wayne In Jail [Video] (GO)

Randy Jackson In Talks To Have Michael Jackson’s Gravesite Opened To The Public (GO)

Update: Alleged Pimp Of Lawrence Taylor “Rape Victim” Charged With Sex Trafficking (GO)

Alicia Key’s Job “SuperSearch” Down To Three Final Bloggers (GO)

Charlize Theron Walks Out Of Iron Man 2 (GO)

Power Lunch (GO)

Noureen DeWulf Brought the Tit to the Maxim 100 Party of the Day (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

Geometry Teacher Uses Hypothetical Assassination Plot On President Obama To Teach Kids (GO)

Five Reasons Elena Kagan Is Bad For Black People And America (GO)

Jennifer Lopez Demands $3,000 Diamond Headphones To Block Out The Sound Of Poverty (GO)

Former NBA Star Manute Bol Hospitalized For Kidney Failure (GO)

Audrina And Ryan Split (GO)

Dad Accused Of Throwing Naked Son In Oven For Stealing Money From His Wallet [Video] (GO)

Blake Lively Bikini Body Does Vogue Of The Day (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage

A Couple In Malawi Facing 10 Years In Prison For Being Gay (GO)

Woman Loses Home Over $362 Water Bill [Video] (GO)

Jamaican Prime Minster Agrees To Return Drug Lord Back To U.S. (GO)

Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri Definitely Sounds Like Lindsay Lohan’s New Girlfriend (GO)

What Happen To Our Sweet, Innocent Kendra (GO)

Many HBCUs Remain Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative (GO)

Some Afternoon Linkage


Elderly Women Use Combat Techniques To Stop Rapes In Kenya (GO)

Miss USA Pageant Secretly Investigating Winner Rima Fakih’s Stripper Photos (GO)

Indonesian Filmmaker To Release Movie On Barack Obama’s Childhood (GO)

Arizona: For Whites Only? (GO)

Naughty By Nature Speaks On New Album And Heading Out On USO Tour To Support The Troops [Video] (GO)

Omari Hardwick Cast in Tyler Perry’s ‘For Colored Girls’ and ‘The A-Team’  (GO)

Jada Pinkett Smith Talks About Her “Saucy” Sex Life, Again (GO)

Winnie Mandela No Fan of Winnie Mandela Flick (GO)


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