Ho Sit Down: Obama’s Citizenship Appeal Denied by Supreme Court

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barack obama1203

The haters were trying to challenge the validity of our man, Obama’s, U.S. citizenship, but got crushed by the Supreme court, according to Livesteez:

The Supreme Court has opted not to hear another challenge regarding Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as president because of his citizenship. Continue »

Snoop’s “Doghouse” for Sale on eBay

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For all the die hard Snoop Dogg fans out there, his “doghouse” is up for grabs:

Sometimes, being in the dog house can be a good thing.

Especially when it’s Snoop Dogg’s Dogg House. The hip-hop star is putting his favorite old backyard haunt—where he’s done some serious woodshedding over the years to craft some of his biggest hits and hang out with some of music’s brightest luminaries—on the eBay auction block to raise funds for Snoop’s Youth Football League. Continue »

Phylicia Rashad Tabbed as New Jenny Craig Spokeswoman

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It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Phylicia Rashad: Continue »

Will Smith Gets “Sequel Fever”

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Will Smith is going to be giving his fans all they can handle by signing on to do “Hancock II” and a prequel for “I am Legend”:

WILL Smith has sequel fever. The box-office magnet is in talks to finalize follow-ups to both “Hancock” and “I Am Legend.” A Hollywood insider said, “He is ready to do both. Producers are just trying to get Charlize Theron to sign on for the ‘Hancock’ sequel.” As for “I Am Legend,” it will be more of a prequel as Smith’s character died at the end of the zombies-take-Manhattan movie. “It will be about how the disease spreads and the fall of the last great American city. It will also develop the relationship between Will’s character and his wife.” A rep for Smith said, “There have been talks about both of these projects.”

I mean Bad Boys II was good, but it didn’t really do it for us like the first one. Why mess with a good thing, Will? At any rate, who’s checking for either “Hancock II” or the prequel to “I am Legend?”


Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vazquez, Plus 1

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LaLa, Carmelo, and Kiyan

LaLa discusses the living situation and raising her son with Carmelo Anthony:

“I love my home and I’m happy here, but it gets a little overwhelming when it comes to decorating,” says LaLa. “At night, when I’m home by myself, this big house gets kind of scary and I lock me and my son in my room.” Although there are six bedrooms-one of which is reserved for Anthony’s clothes-it’s the couple’s private quarters that LaLa considers her safe haven; she uses candles to create a serene ambiance. Continue »

Monica’s Little Ones Stuntin’ Like Their Mama

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Look at these little Juicy-Juice lovin’ tots, Romelo (L) and Rock, with their mean mugs in full effect. They better cut it out before we get a chucky-doll and scare the sh*t out of ‘em (kidding).

They are too cute and they are getting some early shine as they pose for Monica’s “Regions of Rock” clothing line, which is set to drop right before Christmas.

One more pic when you… Continue »

Obama Ditching Cig’s

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According to Livesteez, Obama needs to make a bigger effort to stop smoking completely: Continue »

Method Man and Redman in a New Adidas Ad

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Redman and Method Man

How much of that ‘good good’ (in ounces) do you think these two smoke up when they get together?

Here’s a pic of Estelle as well, but her legs look a little ashy. Damn.


Images via SPLASH

Barack and Michelle on the Cover of Essence

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Here is a preview of the double cover of the upcoming issue of Essence; and the world’s most influential and eloquent couple bless it. Although the pick with Hillary may be kind of shady, we will not lose faith so quickly in our man of the millennium. They look spectacular.

We have pictures of them attending a friends funeral in Chi-Town over the weekend when you… Continue »

The Obamas Do Thanksgiving In Chi-Town

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Our most beautiful First Family in American History hit up their old hood to serve turkey to people in need for Thanksgiving. That’s what we love to see…

More imagery of the Obamas doing it the right way below:

We have more pictures when you… Continue »

Turkey Day With Ludacris

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Thanks to Luda, some families in Atlanta will have something to be thankful for:

Ludacris will bring holiday cheer to 500 Atlanta families this Thanksgiving, via his non-profit organization, The Ludacris Foundation.

This weekend (November 22 & 23rd), Luda and the foundation’s LudaCares program will distribute Thanksgiving turkeys and pies to underprivileged residents of metro Atlanta.

“This is the foundation’s sixth year giving away turkeys and distributing food boxes for Thanksgiving,” Ludacris revealed. “I especially look forward to this time of year because it allows me directly touch the people we are trying to help.”

On the 22nd the foundation will distribute food items to areas on the Southside of Atlanta. On the 23rd, Ludacris will be on the North side of Atlanta, distributing more food to local residents in need of a hand this holiday.

The events are private, for recipient families who have been pre-selected by community organizations who have partnered with the Ludacris Foundation.

We never get tired of hearing about black folks who have made it turning around and giving a helping hand. And Luda is definitely one of the leaders of the pack when it comes to giving back to the black community. You go, boy.


Grown Man Swag

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Big Boi looks like quite the GQ gentleman in that wool suit via Ralph Lauren Purple Label, of course. The entire ensemble looks fly, except for the purple ruby on his pinky finger. The jury’s still out on that one.

A couple more pics of Big Boi at the GQ Men of the Year Party below.

Shout out to Unsigned Man

Jamie Foxx Gets Chiseled For New Role

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Jamie got all cut up for his new role:

Oscar winner Jamie Foxx bit into the role of a schizophrenic musician for his latest movie The Soloist – by chiseling his perfect teeth. Foxx was determined to create a realiztic portrayal of Nathaniel Ayers, a homeless American musician who suffered from schizophrenia, so he took the tool to his mouth to mess up his good looks.

The actor explains to Maxim magazine, “I spent hours getting the nuances of the person, making him real. Something angelic happens and you actually become that person. For Nathaniel, I pushed things a bit. I lost about 20 pounds and I put a gap in my teeth. I had one (of my teeth) chipped out with a chisel. My teeth are just so big and white – a homeless person would never have them. I wanted to break up my big, shining piano keys to five them a little character. Some might think I f—ed up my grill for nothing, but I just wanted to come up with some s— to make the part unique.”

When they said chiseled, we didn’t know they were talking about his d@mn teeth. You’ll never accuse Jamie Foxx of not going the extra mile to get into character. Those things could have used a little chiseling anyway.

A big improvement for Jaimie..he has come a long way.


Who’s Going to See It??

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Will Smith was in Miami for the premiere of his new movie, Seven Pounds, and he looked mighty dapper, if you don’t mind us saying so. We don’t care about all the gay rumors surrounding Will Smith (wink) because his movies are great.

With that being said, Who’s going to see his new movie when it “comes out”?

More pics of Will below.

Images via WENN

Lavish Living

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Ceddy Ced was on the scene for an event commemorating American Buffalo’s opening night and he was given a bottle of Crown Royal XR. It must be nice for Cedric to drink that high end stuff (retails for between $140-$180) while us regular folk are stuck drinking the regular Crown Royal that comes with the purple bag.

More pics of Cedric cuddling his precious bottle below.

Images via WireImage