Sanaa Lathan in Hollyweird

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Never mind that gordo with the smirk f*cking up the gorgeous Sanaa’s shot. Sanaa was out in Hollyweird last night, just chillin.

Pop the thang to see more Sanaa and of the ageless Iman carrying her signature Iman Global Chic Bag… Continue »

Anika Noni-Rose “First of All, The Disney Prince is NOT White!”

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Our friends over at hiphollywood caught up with the talented and gorgeous, Anika Noni-Rose, Thursday night. Anika takes care of the swirling rumors of the melanin-deficient prince, as well as the historical significance of her role as the first black Princess for Disney.

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Out With the Old Ass, In With the New Class

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Michelle Obama

Our First Lady, Michelle Obama, planted her first seeds yesterday in the White House Garden:

First Lady Michelle Obama threw on a pair of brown gloves and helped plant the first fruit and vegetable seeds Thursday in the new White House garden. Among the crops planted: lettuce, herbs – including dill, oregano and rosemary – onions, shallots, cucumbers, peppers and peas. Twenty-five students from Washington’s Bancroft Elementary School helped her plant. “One thing I want to let you know — Continue »

Black on Black in Prague

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The Obama’s arrived in Prague yesterday looking surprisingly chipper, especially since this extensive Euro trip must be taking a toll. Mrs. Obama killed them off with the black on black:

President and First Lady Obama stepped off the plane in Prague late Saturday looking fresh after a day spent in France. Michelle Obama, coming from hours spent with France’s First Lady Carla Bruni in Strasbourg, did another mid-air quick change on her way to Prague, stepping off the plane in a fitted black dress, cropped cardigan with 3/4 sleeves and her trademark kittenheels…. Continue »

Michelle Obama on Fashion & Fitness

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The Hottest Chick in the Game gives us a glimpse into some of the daily goings ons of The Obama’s in the White House: Continue »

The First Lady

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Michelle Obama

Yesterday our First Lady, Michelle Obama, partook in a groundbreaking event for the new White House Kitchen Garden being built. She teamed up with some kids from Bancroft Elementary School. The boots are banging and the lady can handle a shovel…

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Michelle Obama and Oprah Cover “O” Magazine

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Talk about stuntin’…our First Lady and that bazillionaire, Oprah, are on the cover of O Magazine. Would you agree that both ladies look like bosses??

The Obamas


President Obama and the First Family hosted their Wednesday White House Dinner last night, and Michelle broke out the business suit on you biters.

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The First Family Honors Stevie Wonder

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The President and his gorgeous wife honored music pioneer, Stevie Wonder, at the White House yesterday. Yes, Michelle stole the show again and is already the best dressed First Lady of all time maybe:

Soul man STEVIE WONDER was honoured with America’s highest award for pop music by President BARACK OBAMA on Wednesday. The Superstition singer was handed the prestigious Library of Congress Gershwin Prize at a ceremony at the White House. And Obama, who used Wonder’s classics Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours and Higher Ground as theme songs on his campaign trail, paid tribute to the star….

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Disney’s First Black Princess is Happy to Represent America

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Anika Noni Rose

The first black Princess of Disney spoke to people and expressed her joy yet reserve about the whole situation:

Jumping from the stage to the world of animation, Tony Award-winning actress Anika Noni Rose takes on her most enchanting and monumental role yet: Princess Tiana, Disney’s first black princess.  “This feels amazing,” … Continue »

Patti LaBelle: “Rats and Roaches…Oh, Hell to the Nah”

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Aunt Patti had to let those fools out in the A know what time it was during her concert:

Veteran singer Patti Labelle stunned fans at a recent concert when she interrupted her set to launch a vicious attack on the venue where she was performing. The Lady Marmalade hitmaker was in the middle of her Sunday concert (15Feb09) at the Boisfeuillet Jones Civic Center in Atlanta, Georgia when she kicked off her heels and walked across the stage, prompting her rant about the 40-year-old building’s cleanliness. Continue »

Angela Bassett: “Where Are Black Actors in Woody Allen Films??”

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Angela Bassett isn’t jumping at any Woody Allen projects, and oddly enough, he isn’t exactly knocking down any black actors’ or actresses’ doors either:

“I mean, to have one black cast member for the whole film seems rather strange, and, oh yes, she’s a prostitute, of course,” said the actress who portrayed Tina Turner in the biopic What’s Love Got to Do With it? “Don’t get me wrong, I love Spain and it looked beautiful, but that part of the world is so diverse and, really, what is that about?” Continue »

Someone We Actually Like: Sanaa Lathan

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Our girl, Sanaa Lathan, was seen leaving Mr. Chow recently. We usually beat up on ‘celebs’ for making random attempts to get press, but we can look at the talented, classy, and beautiful Sanaa all day.

One more…

sanaa 2


True or False: Faith Evans Whooped Lil Kim’s Ass

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In a recent interview with Essence, Faith agrees that Notorious was done well, but did have some small discrepancies: Continue »

Serena Williams H Magazine Spread and Shoot

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If Common Sense had any common sense, he would still be chopping down this thick block of chocolate. Hold it down, Serena.

Pop the hood to see footage from the shoot and more pictures of the talented brown bomber… Continue »


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