New Music! Verse Simmonds Featuring Snoop Dogg “Bad Mutha”

Verse Simmonds has been pretty consistent with the hits so far. Continue »

Ladies, Would You Hit This???

Mark Wahlberg films a chase scene for the movie 'Pain and Gain'

Here is Mark Wahlberg filming a chase scene for the movie ‘Pain and Gain’ in Miami yesterday with his arm game on super duper swole. Continue »

Fellas, There’s A Jealous Girl In Our Town (Hollyweird)… Zoe Saldana’s Possessive Ways Is Messin’ Up Her Swirly Romance With Bradley Cooper

Zoe Saldana’s Jealous Ways Wreaking Havoc On Romance With Bradley Cooper

Poor Zoe Saldana can’t keep it together and if she doesn’t stop acting all crazy she is gonna lose her “Something New!”

According to the April 2 print edition of Star Magazine:

The Avatar babe’s jealousy is taking a toll on her three-month romance with Bradley Cooper, an insider tells Star. “Bradley maintains friendships with ex-girlfriends, and she can’t stand it.”

Indeed, Zoe, 33, was upset when the 37-year-old actor chatted up former flame Scarlett Johansson at the Weinstein Company’s pre-Oscars party in February. “She gave Scarlett the cold shoulder when Bradley introduced them, then practically kept a vice grip on him for the rest of the night,” says the insider. Zoe was also unhappy that Bradley eagerly bonded with rumored love Sandra Bullock the next day, says the insider. And the pair have even clashed over the fact that his mom, Gloria, spends so much time with them, the insider says. “Bradley told Zoe that it’s a bad sign if she can’t hang with his mom.”

SMH. We wouldn’t really want our man gettin’ friendly with ScarJo either but seriously Zoe? You know you can’t be hatin’ on Moms!

Photo Credit: CBS Films

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