We Told You: Kelly Rowland’s Given Up On Brothas For Good!!!

Kelly Rowland Miami Older Boyfriend

It’s been about two years since we’ve seen Kelly Kel with a brotha. It’s also been a full year since she we’ve seen her with a man who wasn’t old enough to be her daddy. Continue »

Gabriel Aubry Doesn’t Give A Flying Fawk If Olivier Martinez Is A Fellow French Speaker, He Still Doesn’t Want Him Around His Kid!

Gabriel and Nahla Aubry

Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubry is shooting down reports that he “approved” of Halle Berry’s new boyfriend Olivier Martinez, because Olivier and Gabriel both speak French, and Nahla being bilingual is important to Gabriel. Continue »

New Airport Full Body X-Ray Scan Search… Conan O’Brien Shows Us How To ASSume The Position!!!

Conan O' Brien Airport Pat Down TBS

Full Body Scanners and Imaging machines are coming to an airport near you sometime in the near future. This new form technology is to help cut down on terrorism but a lot of folks feel like its an invasion of their privacy. Passengers have the option of opting out and receiving a full hand pat down that looks it will have you wanting to put in a call to NYPD’s SVU.

Conan O’Brien, who just rejoin the late night crew, demonstrates his version of what the new TSA pat down experience will look like: Continue »

Garcelle Beauvais Spends Some Quality Time With Her Twins And Her Soon To Be Ex-Hubby, Their Dirty Dog Dad

Actress Garcelle Beauvais appears in public for the first time with husband Mike Nilon after filing for divorce. The pair took their 3 year old twins Jaid and Jax to the farmers market in Los Angeles, CA on November 14, 2010

Garcelle Beauvais Nilon spent some time with her soon to be ex-husband Mike and their 3-year-old twin boys Jax and Jaid yesterday at L.A.’s Farmer’s Market. Continue »

So, What Chilli REALLY Wanted Was A White Chocolate Choco Stick???

Chilli TLC VH1 What Chilli Wants

Chilli showed up at the Soul Train Awards showing off a new piece of arm candy. And him looked like he didn’t see anything but his Nubian princess. Continue »

Caption This

50 Cent And AnnaLynne McCord at Cheetah Vision, Hannibal Pictures/Hannibal Classics, Emmet/Fula Films AFM Blow Out partnered with Grey Goose at Pier 59 Studios

Move over Chelsea Handler! 50 Cent was spotted getting friendly with “90210″ actress AnnaLynne McCord last night at a Hollyweird shindig in Santa Monica. Continue »

Some Saturday Swirl

Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry speaking to their waitress Halle Berry goes on a romantic date with her boyfriend at Xandros restaurant in West Hollywood

Halle Berry enjoyed a romantic dinner date at Xandros in West Hollywood last night with her French boyfriend Olivier Martinez. Continue »

Baby J-Lo: Francesca Ramirez Is Set To Be The 2011 J-Lo?! [Video]

All we will say is… Di__y fawked up on this one too!

Lead singer of the Burlesque Pussycat Dolls Review Francesca Ramirez has joined a production team that will take her to the next level. Here is a little video spec .. Francesca says “I am very excited to let fans and people around the world know more about me and my music, it will be a risky sound but it will make your body move like you can’t imagine”

Francesca got discovered when performing with the Burlesque Review viewers said she had the stage burning on fire which attracted many executives. Francesca says that she won’t come out with anything similar to the pussycat dolls but the experience that the gig gave her is something she will always be grateful with.

Francesca is determined and passionate about her work, she wants to know what fans wanna hear and see more from their favorite artist. She will be coming out with all she got!



Francesca Ramirez

Halle Likes To Ride…

Halle Berry and hot "Dark Tide" co-star/boyfriend Olivier Martinez look like quite the happy couple as they take a ride on an American made Harley-Davidson

Olivier Martinez took Halle Berry for the ride of her life yesterday. The couple was spotted riding around Los Angeles with a police escort. Continue »

Are More White Men Ditching Their Lovers For Black Women?

Niall Ferguson and Ayaan Hirsi Ali

As the state of interracial unions becomes more prevalent in modern society, black-white relationships continue to stir deep conversations. Continue »

Halle Berry Getting Serious With French Jawn?? Introduces Dude To Her Mother

Actress Halle Berry and hot new boyfriend Olivier Martinez, stock up on groceries and goodies for a romantic weekend together in Los Angeles, Ca

Halle sure moves fast with the men-folk:

Halle Berry and her new beau Olivier Martiez seem to be taking their romance to the next level. Continue »

Black Women Doing Big Things: Meet Ericka Dotson… Co-Founder & Director Of Indique Hair

Ericka Dotson with Indique Hair

Black women are the main reason the hair industry has turned into a billion dollar business but unfortunately not too many of them are reaping the financial benefits. Especially when it comes to hair extensions… this is part of the business is run mostly by Asians. It’s very rare that one would come across a black woman who not only puts her face on the product and uses the hair but actually owns it and has her hands in the process from beginning to the end… Continue »

Bossip Exclusive: Meet The Man Responsible For Nicki Minaj’s Billboard Chart Hit “Your Love”

Nicki Minaj

Some of you would say that Lil Wayne is solely responsible for Nicki Minaj’s fame and you would be right. However, if it wasn’t for a music producer by the name of Pop from Philly that produced “Beam Me Up Scotty”, which was the name of her mixtape that help create a buzz for the Harajuku Barbie… We would all probably be saying Nicki Mi-Who?? In an exclusive interview with music producer Pop, he tells how in got into the music game, his father’s legacy and how he started politicin’ with Nicki Minaj!!! Continue »

New Music – R. Kelly “Can You Feel It”

new music r. kelly can you feel it

The pied-piper is back with another spiritually uplifting anthem for dat azz! You can tell the time spent in South Africa for the World Cup this year has added some zest to R. Kelly’s music. Let’s just hope he didn’t have any young ladies from Soweto pole dancing and pissing on themselves for sandwiches!