Weave Wishes And Rachet Dreams!: BBW Tami Roman Get’s A Weave To Call Her Own…

Tami Roman New Hair Line "Creme De La Creme"

Tami Roman has found something else to put money in her pocket besides scrappin’ with Meeka Claxton on Basketball Wives. Continue »

Would You Hit This?: Malcom Jamal Warner Poses For The Camera In “Heed”… Click, Click, Click!

Malcolm Jamal Warner in HEED Magazine

BET’s new show “Read Between the Lines” debuts on October 11th starring Traci Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner. Continue »

Something New: Guess Which Actor Took Jennifer Lopez On Her First Post-Marc Anthony Date??

Jennifer Lopez Spotted On First Post-Divorce Date

The soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Marc Antonio Muniz was spotted on her first date in NYC yesterday with the main actor from your favorite comedy of 2009 and it’s less funny 2011 follow-up. Do you know who it is? Continue »

Something New: Rashida Jones Is Letting Jake Gyllenhaal Chop Her Swirly Cakes To Smithereens Now?

Jake Gyllenhaal and Rashida Jones spotted going to lunch at trendy cafe Gratitude in Los Angeles, California.

New Couple??? Rashida Jones was spotted lunching with Jake “I Chopped Taylor Swifts Youthful Cakes” Gyllenhaal Sunday in Los Angeles. Continue »

Chad OchoCinco Is Cooking Up Another Bromance… SMH

Chad Ochocinco Glenn Beck

Move over T.O.! OchoCinco has found someone new to d*ck ride… Continue »

Does Zoe Kravitz Have A New Swirly Boo?

Are Zoe Kravitz and Penn Badgley dating/ hooking up?

Has Zoe Kravitz been getting it in with “Gossip Girl” actor Penn Badgley??? Continue »

For The Ladies: The Obama Administration May Approve Free Birth Control With All Health Insurance

If Barry O can pull this one off he’s guaranteed to get the women’s vote in 2012. Continue »

True Or False: Is Usher Trying To Chop Down This Tall Glass Of Swirl?

Usher Victoria Martini

Bad news for Grace Miguel… Rumor has it Usher has his eye on “Something New.” Continue »

Some Afternoon Swirl: Halle Berry Is Still Boo’d Up With Her Frenchie Olivier Martinez

Actress Halle Berry headed out with her beau Olivier Martinez for a lunch date at The Little Door in Los Angeles, California on July 14, 2011.  Berry has been granted with a restraining order against a man by the name of Richard Franco who trespassed into her yard multiple times over the weekend and was finally caught on Monday by the police.  Although Franco plead not guilty to the charges of felony stalking the judge has ordered him to stay 500-yards clear of the actress for the next three years.

Her boyfriend’s back now Halle’s stalker is really in trouble! Continue »


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