Oprah Has To Keep A Close Watch On Her OWN Pocketbook, Scraps One Show And Hires Rosie O’Donnell Instead

Looks like the folks at OWN are trying to pull out all the stops make the media queen’s newest venture a success. Continue »

Kush Chronic-les: “Soda Pot”, The New Marijuana Soft Drink Is A Big “Hit” In Dispensaries In Colorado

Who needs a Four Loko when you can get high like this without needing the dialysis that comes with all that damn sugar and caffeine. Continue »

Sign Of The Times: Red Lobster And Olive Garden To Combine, Red Garden Or Olive Lobster???

This bad economy sh*t is getting real out there people and your local Olive Garden and Red Lobster is trying to do something about it. Continue »

A “Lil Positivity” Michelle Obama And Wal-Mart Team Up For “Lets Move!”, Promotes Healthy Eating For Families

The first lady is trying to save the youth and change their eating habits, and after taking a look at the kids around the local mall, we’re not mad at her. Continue »

More Dumb Sh*t That White Some Folks Spend Their Money On During A Recession:

There’s earthquakes, violent storms, people starving, and schools failing left and right, but some people are spending their money on…Snazzy Nappers??? Continue »

Roger Ebert, Who Is Married To A Black Woman, Apologizes For Using The N-Word On Twitter

Film critic Roger Ebert (L) and wife Chaz Ebert

Although he’s down with the brown, is it okay for him to use the n-word in this context??

Roger Ebert apologized Thursday after facing heated criticism for using the n-word Continue »

For The Ladies: Would You Hit This???

Adam Levine Maroon 5 Cosmopolitan UK

If we got a chance to pull Maroon 5′s frontman Adam Levine from his Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend, we’d take it in a heartbeat. Without a moment’s hesitation. At all. Continue »

Nicki Minaj Asks RiRi To Bring Her Ho Talents To Her Video Shoot For “Fly”

Roman Zolanski aka Nicki Minaj doesn’t appear ready to take her foot off the gas in 2011, her album Pink Friday has been certified platinum and she has a slew of new videos she’s shooting. Continue »

50 Cent Come Get Your Girl: Chelsea Lately Hugged Up With Jeremih… “Just Put It Down On Me”!!!

50 Cent and Chelsea Kiss

While 50 Cent is running around trying to find the next thing or person to poke fun Continue »

For The Ladies: Vajayjay Sit-And-Steam Said To Be Popular In SoCal Spas

In the days of holistic healing and organic cleansing this doesn’t surprise us one bit. Continue »

Some Mid-Morning Swirl: George Lucas And His Girlfriend’s Holiday Vacay

George Lucas and girlfriend Mellody Hobson spend time in St Barts

Everybody and they damn mama is in St. Barth’s this hoilday, and George Lucas and his girlfriend Mellody Hobson Continue »

We Told You: Kelly Rowland’s Given Up On Brothas For Good!!!

Kelly Rowland Miami Older Boyfriend

It’s been about two years since we’ve seen Kelly Kel with a brotha. It’s also been a full year since she we’ve seen her with a man who wasn’t old enough to be her daddy. Continue »

Gabriel Aubry Doesn’t Give A Flying Fawk If Olivier Martinez Is A Fellow French Speaker, He Still Doesn’t Want Him Around His Kid!

Gabriel and Nahla Aubry

Halle Berry’s ex Gabriel Aubry is shooting down reports that he “approved” of Halle Berry’s new boyfriend Olivier Martinez, because Olivier and Gabriel both speak French, and Nahla being bilingual is important to Gabriel. Continue »

New Airport Full Body X-Ray Scan Search… Conan O’Brien Shows Us How To ASSume The Position!!!

Conan O' Brien Airport Pat Down TBS

Full Body Scanners and Imaging machines are coming to an airport near you sometime in the near future. This new form technology is to help cut down on terrorism but a lot of folks feel like its an invasion of their privacy. Passengers have the option of opting out and receiving a full hand pat down that looks it will have you wanting to put in a call to NYPD’s SVU.

Conan O’Brien, who just rejoin the late night crew, demonstrates his version of what the new TSA pat down experience will look like: Continue »