La La Is Fed Up With Folks Talking Sideways! Actress Sets The Record Straight With Latina Magazine

Lala Vazquez is on the cover of the April issue of Latina Magazine talking about how people STILL got it wrong about how she feels about her race after writing about being a Black Puerto Rican . Details on that and lots of Melo talk, along with more photos on the flipside. Continue »

For Discussion: Athletes As Role Models…Yay or Nay??

We came across this interesting Newsweek article that breaks down the idea of why athletes should NOT be role models:

Steven Ortiz, a sociology professor at Oregon State and the author of several published studies on athletes’ bad behavior, explained Continue »

Justice For Slain Broncos Player Darrent Williams, Suspect Found Guilty

Suspected gang member Willie Clark has been found guilty of murder in the shooting death of Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams. Continue »

Just How Bad Are Allen Iverson’s Gambling Issues? Photographic Evidence Supports Claims Former Baller Has Major Problems!

BOSSIP has exclusive photographic evidence and a source who confirms that talk of Allen Iverson having money issues may be true.

Check the details on the flippy. Continue »

Twitter Files: Ochocinco Goes In On ESPN Radio Personality Colin Cowherd

Chad Ochocinco had some words for ESPN radio personality Colin Cowherd who insulted the Bengals player on his show.

Pop the top for the details. Continue »

When The Checks START Coming Back In: Disgraced Athlete Marion Jones To Play For The WNBA

After losing five Olympic gold medals amidst a performance enhancing drug scandal and a federal prison sentence, Marion Jones will return to sports through the WNBA. Continue…

Assault? What Assault??? Roethlisberger’s Teammate Says He Didn’t See Alleged Incident

While they share losses and victories on the field, Pittsburgh Steeler’s tackle Willie Colon is trying to separate himself from his buddy, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s, alleged sexual assault mess with a quickness! While Colon was in the building on the night of the alleged attack, he claims he didn’t witness anything because he was busy cutting a rug on the the dancefloor. Pop the hood for the latest. Continue »

Tyson Reunites With Don King!!! Is Iron Mike Headed Back To The Ring???

Thanks to the paparazzi we already know Mike can still knock a muhfugga out but wouldn’t we all rather see him doing it professionally again? Well rumor has it that Tyson has reunited with longtime promoter Don King and King has some things up his sleeve. Pop the hood to find out what’s brewing for the boxer. Continue »

Quote Of The Day: Allen “The Answer” Iverson Says With God’s Help He Will Overcome

Aww look at little innocent and clean-cut A.I. pictured above, fresh out of Georgetown before all the tattoos, cornrows, hoes, Henny, and gambling. The future was bright for the talented basketball star, but now the tables have taken a turn for the worse for Allen Iverson. His wife is divorcing him, he’s not returning to the NBA, and now PROFESSIONAL sh*t-talker Stephen A. Smith is throwing this guy way under the bus for having a gambling and drinking problem.

Flip the script for more details regarding Stephen A. Smith’s yang yang talking and A.I.’s response via Twitter: Continue »

Twitter Files: Has Ron Artest Lost His Mind??? Or Is He Just In Need Of Some Attention???

Ron Artest must’ve gotten sick of Kobe and Lamar getting all the attention because if this ish on his head doesn’t scream “HEY LOOK AT ME!!!!” we don’t know what does. Pop the hood for more info and pictures of the weird cut. Continue »

The NFL Funding Paternity Suits Now, NY Jets “Give” 500 Stacks To Player With 7 Kids

Wow. The New York Jets are fronting CB Antonio Cromartie some serious paper to help him straighten out some “paternity issues” he is having before the offseason program starts:

With seven children by six different women in five states and at least five paternity suits in the past two years, new Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie needs cash. Continue »

In White Folks News: Pittsburgh Steeler Ben Roethlisberger Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Broads

This isn’t the first time this dude has been accused for being drunk, obnoxious, and sexually assaulting women:

A 20-year-old college student accused Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger of sexually assaulting her at a nightclub early Friday during a night on the town near where he owns a lake home. Continue »

Folks Hate Tiger Woods Just As Much As They Hated Kobe Bryant Back When He Was Making White Girls’ A*s Bleed In Denver

What do Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant have in common? Let’s see. They both are superior athletes and one top performers in their particular sports, they both cheated on their wives with some skanky white broads, and now both are known for once being one of the most hated people on the planet. Continue »

Get Well: Allen Iverson Loses His Job And His Wife On The Same Day

Tuesday had to be the worst day for Allen Iverson, after the 76ers announced he wouldn’t return next season, his wife also served him with divorce papers.

Check the details on the flip. Continue »

Mama Said Knock You Out! Baylor Women’s Basketball Turns Ugly

It wouldn’t be fair to describe what happened at last night’s Baylor vs. Texas Tech women’s basketball game as a girlfight… it was more like a non-surgical face re-arrangement! Pop the hood to read about what happened. Continue »