WTF… Now Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Is Suspected Of Domestic Violence?

Floyd Mayweather and Josie Harris

Yet another athlete’s baby’s mama called in a domestic early this morning and this time police want to speak to boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr. before deciding if he should be arrested for putting hands on his woman! Continue »

Top 10 Hottest NFL Wives And Girlfriends

thomas jones and megan good

As we kick off the NFL season tonight with a rematch of last years Saints Vs Vikings NFC Championship, many of the men have prepared through vigorous training and body abusing preseason games, hoping to take home the Lombardi trophy this year. Continue »

Reggie Bush Says F*ck A Heisman… He Isn’t Even Thinking About That Trophy!

Reggie Bush Heisman

Reggie Bush says he hasn’t given the hoopla over him potentially losing the Heisman award any thought. Continue »

Reggie Bush Is A Heisman Trophy LOSER… Trust Calls For Return Of Award

Reggie Bush Heisman Award

Poor Thang! Reggie Bush is about to be the first player EVER to lose their Heisman status… Continue »

Top 30 Paid Ballers In The NBA

We all know NBA players get that “real money”…but just how much are they getting paid? Here’s a compilation of the top 30 NBA salaries… Continue »

Revis Island Belongs To New York, Jets Sign Darrelle Revis To 4 Year $46 Milli Deal

Darrelle Revis

If you’ve been watching HBO’s “Hard Knocks: Training Camp With The New York Jets” you already know the coaching staff has been sweating bullets over whether or not “Revis Island” would return to the team. The wait is finally over and after more than a month of holding out for more cash, the Jets have signed their All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis to a new deal where he’s guaranteed $32 milli! Continue »

Crotchylicious! Venus And Serena Bring Their Cakes To The Court

Serena wears a formfitting red dress to cheer on Venus at the US Open

Serena Williams sported a form-fitting red dress to cheer on sister Venus in her US Open match against Mandy Minella, while Venus rocked a sparkly sheer number from her Eleven line. It’s not really fair to ask ‘Who Looked More Bangin’ with Venus sweating out there and Serena in make up, so we’ll just ask Whose Cakes Were More On Point? instead! Continue »

Dwyane Wade Goes For A Stroll With His Boo Gabbykins

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Coupled Up In Miami

Aw how precious! Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union were spotted looking blissfully coupled up in Miami. How sweet. Check out more pictures of the pair below Continue »

OchoCinco Thinks He’s Slick, Tries Bagging “Ultimate Catch” Contestant After Eliminating Her On The Show

Chad and Heather

Chad “Negro Please You Kno’ Yo Name Is Johnson” Ochocinco isn’t fooling anybody with his “Reality Show” — not only was he not being real with the contestants about the women he was dating who weren’t part of the show – he also wasn’t being honest when it came to a certain contestant — Heather. Continue »

Five Ways To Get In Good With Your Man This Football Season

couple watching football

College football season starts this weekend and in some places (especially the South) football is a way of life from September through January. Continue »

Tiki ‘Dirty Dog’ Barber Hires A PR Agency To Fix His Shady Azz Image

Tiki Barber Hires Pr Firm

Tiki Barber’s shady azz has hired a PR firm to help him clean up the bad press surrounding his divorce. Continue »

The Hooker Hideout: Tiger Cops A $54 Million Bachelor Pad To Chop Down Beckys

Tiger-Woods-Buys mansion

Becky’s beware, Tiger got his papers, now he’s out on the prowl. The newly single golfer copped a pricey mega mansion only 4 days after his divorce. Continue »

Steelers Football Player Insures His Samoan 1B Wavy For A Milli

Troy Polamalu

Ladies, your Yaki 1B ain’t got sh*t on Troy Polamalu’s Samoan wavy. Whether you buy it by the bundle, the ounce or the pack, your store bought goodies can’t hold a candle to Troy’s naturally crafted locks. The full-bodied football player just insured his hair for a million bucks. Oh he fancy huh?!
Continue »

Reggie Bush Does Better Without Thirsty Azz Attention Whores

Regggie Bush DOes Better Without Women

It’s been all smiles since Reggie shook those money hungry hip-hoes. He got rid of Kimmy Cakes after her scene stealing Superbowl fiasco and de-clawed Amber Rose who was scratching at his door to be taken out. Continue »

Some Morning Man Banger Action

Rapper and actor Lonnie Lynn Jr., AKA Common, leaves his trainer's house after playing a game of basketball

Common worked that fiiiiiiiiine azz body by playing a little basketball at his trainer’s crib… We think the question here is not so much Would You Hit It, as How Would You Hit It??? in this case! Whoo! Continue »


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