NBA Wives Hate Khloe Kardashian


Khloe Kardashian has only been married to Lamar Odom for two months and is already starting trouble.  An insider tells us that Khloe is an outcast among the other Lakers wives and they can’t stand her. Pop the top for the details. Continue »

Stevie Wonder Kicks it Court Side with his Seed

Stevie Wonder took his son, Kailand Wonder, to the Lakers vs. Knicks game in Los Angeles. Of course Spike Lee was there reppin’ NY, looking like an NY umpire. Also Donald Faison, remember him, was swirlin’ and laughing on court side with his pale cakes.

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Are These Old Cats Really Serious??? Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair in Wrestling Ring, Ric Flair’s Old Man Cakes Get Put on Display

Wow. Times must really be rough. Fake a*s wrestlers Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair are back in the ring again to duke it out in Perth, Australia. SMH. These dudes are like 60 years-old. Ri-goddamn-diculous.

Pop the hatch to see more fighting as well as Ric Flair’s grandpa cakes… Continue »

*This Just In* Jayson Williams Cops A Plea And Is Headed To The Big House In Retrial Case For Covering Up The Killing Of Limo Driver

Jayson Williams tried to pull the race card in his retrial hearing for smoking his limo driver and trying to cover it up. He just reached a deal and is set to see Plaxico: Continue »

The World Will Never Know if Caster Semenya Was Really a “Chick with a D*ck;” Gender Results to Remain Confidential


We’ll never get to know for sure if South African runner, Caster Semenya, was really packin or not… Continue »

Allen Iverson Sent Packing With a Quickness For Calling The Coach A “Dumb F___”

The actual reason for Allen Iverson’s suspension and expulsion, as of yesterday, is because he was yelling out at the coach during a bus ride home from L.A.: Continue »

Floyd Mayweather On Manny Pacquiao: “Why Is Pacquiao Scared To Say My Name?”

Floyd Mayweather is yelling out the old Destiny’s Child jawn, Say My Name-Say My Name, to Pac-Man. If you saw the fight Saturday night, then you probably remember hearing Larry Merchant asking Manny Pacquiao about fighting Floyd Money. Continue »

All On My Jockstrap: Lebron Wants To Retire Jordan’s #23 Across The League


Baby Jordan a/k/a Lebron James wants NBA players to stop wearing the # 23 in honor of his “Airness” Michael Jordan and is willing to start a petition as he plans to jerk Michael off even more. King James has even vowed to quit wearing the # 23 and switch to his Olympic jersey No, # 6. Continue…

Cotto… It Looks Like You Got Knocked the ________ Out!!!

Pacquiao vs. Cotto

Last night was the big Pacquiao and Cotto fight in Vegas and Pacquiao did everything but disappoint the millions of people watching. Pacquiao, who is smaller than Cotto, was considered the winner with a TKO (Technical KnockOut) and instead of the fans enjoying the moment, it’s been reported that they were chanting… WE WANT FLOYD, WE WANT FLOYD!!!

Pop it for Cotto’s Face & Video Continue »

Charles Barkley And TNT Make Fun Of Sammy “Soft-White” Sosa


Charles Barkley decided to take a shot at self hating Sammy Sosa. They also do a “what if” of Kenny Smith… that you must see.

Pop the top and watch this hilarity Continue »

Some Morning Nakedness

NFL player Tony Gonzalez and guest arrives at the 17th annual ESPY Award

Tony Gonzalez from the Atlanta Falcons and his wife October stripped down to nada for PETA.

Pop the hatch to have a gander… Continue »

Mike Tyson Punches Out Pap At LAX And Is Arrested

miiike copy

One of the paps got out of pocket yesterday at LAX with Iron Mike… and the inevitable happened. Mike caught fade and was locked up: Continue »

*Bossip Exclusive* The Real Reason This Chick From “My Antonio” Was Booted is Because Of This NBA Player

Tania Mehra copy

If you have ever seen the VH1 reality show My Antonio, then you know who this East Indian piece is. Turns out that she can’t get her sausage from Antonio and the real reason behind her being booted is the NBA player pictured up top: Continue »

Allen Iverson Wants to Leave the Memphis Grizzlies But No Other Team Wants Him…


Allen Iverson and his team are not seeing eye to eye right now, so they allowed him to take a leave of absence in order to clear his mind and handle a personal family matter.

Is A.I. Losing his Game?!?! Continue »

Out-of-a-Job: “Dimple-Face” Larry Johnson is No Longer a Kansas City Chief…Headed to the Washington Redskins???

Larry Johnson was released by the Chiefs, might get picked up by the Redskins: Continue »

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