Start Snitchin Campaign: A-Rod Cooperating With The Feds To Out Tiger Woods’ Shady Sports Doctor

It might be a wrap for Dr. Tony Galea:

Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez said Monday that FBI agents want to talk to him in a widening probe of a flamboyant sports doctor linked to illegal drugs and blood doping. Continue »

A.I. Flakes On The NBA And His Ill Seed For Some Quality Time With Belvie, Henny And Remy

While on leave from the Philadelphia 76ers to care for his sick 4-year-old daughter Messiah, Allen Iverson spent the weekend away in Charlotte, N.C. supposedly for the creation of the CIAA Allen Iverson Scholarship Endowment. Check the flipside for the reason some people took issue with this lil trip. Continue »

*Updated* Will OchoCinco Tackle Ballroom Dancing? Chad Johnson Rumored To Be Joining ‘DWTS’ Cast

Is this the face of a future ‘Dancing With The Stars’ champion? Chad “OchoCinco” is playing coy for now, but he might be. Pop the hood for OchoCinco’s latest moves. Continue »

Poor Thang: Buffalo Bills No Longer Feelin’ T.O., Contract Offer Declined

BOSSIP has learned that Terrell Owens is out of a job and back to ‘free agency’:

Terrell Owens is on the market after the Buffalo Bills announced Saturday they do not plan to offer him a contract. Continue »

Fill In The Blank

“Who’s The Boss” star Alyssa Milano was spotted chatting with Kobe Bryant during halftime of the L.A. Lakers game against the Sixers. Alyssa Is Probably Smiling Because Kobe Just Told Her ______________! Pop the hood for more pictures of Kobe and Alyssa and a few of Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian-Odom – and don’t forget to Fill In The Blank! Continue »

Barry Bonds Marriage No Longer A Hit, Wife Files For Divorce

It looks like Barry Bonds marriage has struck out. Bonds’ wife Liz has filed divorce papers in a Los Angeles court. Pop the hood for details. Continue »

When The Checks Stop Comin’ In… Tiger Loses Gatorade Sponsorship

We can’t say we didn’t see this one coming. Gatorade announced yesterday that they will no longer be sponsoring Tiger Woods. The Pepsi Co. company discontinued their Tiger-Woods brand drinks in November before the Woods scandal dropped, but they continued as a sponsor for the golf pro until now. Pop the hood for more. Continue »

SMH: Old School NBA Star Charged With Child Trafficking And Sexual Assault


Former NBA All-Star Alvin Robertson has been charged with sexual assault of a child, trafficking an underage child for purposes of sex and forcing a sexual performance by a child. Continue »

More Public Lovin’ For Bey Bey And Hov Hov

Beyonce and Jay-Z were seen at the Lakers vs. Mavericks game last night in LA looking like the happiest married couple ever. The way Bey Bey is grinning, we’re almost sure they got into some ‘baby-making activities’ when they got back to the crib.

Pop the hatch for more… Continue »

Kobe Bryant Inspires Nike And Aston Martin To Make An Expensive A$$ Sneaker!!!

After designing that six figure watch last year, we already know that anything with Kobe Bryant’s name attached to it is gonna be EXPENSIVE A$$ SH*T! Well Nike has a new Kobe Bryant x Aston Martin Hyperdunk coming out that starts at $700 a pair. Pop the hood to see the shoe, and the jump Kobe made that inspired it. Continue »

Forget Them Dollars… Pole Dancers Pushing For Olympic Medals!!!

After longtime association with seedy clubs, g-strings and clear heels, pole dancing is looking to shimmy its way into more athletic surroundings… the Olympics! A group of advocates for the “sport” are pushing to be added to the 2012 Olympics in London. Pop that thang for details. Continue »

Allen Iverson Takes An Indefinite Leave From Basketball To Care For His Ailing Daughter

Allen Iverson’s career has been put on hold indefinitely due to ongoing issues with his daughter’s health.

In a statement, the Sixers confirmed that Iverson has been given a leave from the team indefinitely to deal with a personal issue related to the health of his young daughter Messiah. Continue

**Update** Headed To Prison: Jayson Williams Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison

Former NBA star Jayson Williams made his way into the Somerset County Courthouse in Somerville, NJ today and was sentenced to 5 years for his involvement in the 2002 fatal shooting that killed Costas “Gus” Christofi at Jayson’s estate in Alexandria Township.

New details on the flip. Continue »

Twitter Files: Football Player Kicked Off Team For Showing Off Money Online

Come on, we have GOT to do better people:

University of Pittsburgh defensive back Elijah Fields has been kicked off the school’s football team for “disciplinary reasons.”
His dismissal comes after he posted pictures of himself on Twitter with large amounts of money some believe he received under the table from the football program. Continue…

Ole Miss Football Player Dies After Collapsing During Practice

This is sad:

A University of Mississippi football player has died after collapsing during the first day of team workouts. Continue »