The King James Free Agency Saga Continues: Barack Obama Wants LeBron To Rock A Bulls Jersey

barack obama lebron james

MVP BronBron is the talk of the town these days. First it was the Jiggaman trying to get dibs on where Lebron will play, and now our President Barack Obama is commenting as well: Continue »

Are You Feelin’ This Getup???

"Venus Williams rocks a questionable looking outfit to the French Open"

Congratulations to Venus Williams who won her match against Patty Schnyder Sunday in this weekend’s first round of the French Open. We already know that Venus likes to rock the edgy outfits on the court but was she taking it a little too far with this lacy black and red number? Pop the hood for the cake shot Continue »

MVP BronBron And Camel To Take Their Illuminati Bromance To New York??

Jay-Z Lebron James

Word on the street is that Jay-Z will have a major influence on where NBA MVP Lebron James will be playing next season. Continue »

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Basketball Wives Royce Reed Talks About Shaking Her Cakes, Learning From Mistakes And Matt Barnes Cheating Rumors!

"Royce Reed Smiling Cute Black Top"

Royce Reed started out the “Basketball Wives” season as the underdog with a bad rep to live down. In BOSSIP’s exclusive interview with her, she tells us how she made the mean girls into friends, admits to hearing some things about Gloria Govan’s ‘model’ fiance Matt Barnes and talks about what makes her “just Royce” Continue »

Celtic Guard’s Stepdad Shows His A$s, Says Hello To Cop’s Jolty Little Friend

"Willie Buie"

It’s all about the stun gun this week. Willie “Don’t You Know Who I Am?” Buie, the stepdad of Boston Celtics guard Marquis Daniels, went to a game, acted up and then the tasers came out. Pop the hood. Continue »

Another Day, Another Divorce: Eric Snow Is Dropping College Sweetheart DeShawn With “No Hope Of Reconciliation”

DeShawn Snow and Eric Snow Divorce

Damn, DeShawn Snow must be boring as hell. First she couldn’t keep her job being a catty a*s beyotch on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, and now Eric Snow, her husband of 12 years has filed for divorce. More details… Continue »

Something Is Still Wrong With This Picture

sammy Sosa the People en Espanol Los 50 Mas Bellos party at Gustavino's

Damn, we thought Sammy “Soft White” Sosa went back to the ‘darker side.’ Buddy isn’t as light bright as he was before, but he is looking a little conked up and painted on to us still. Hopefully he can get it together soon. Poor thang.

More pics of Sammy coupled up with his wifey Sonia at the People En Espanol party on the flippy… Continue »

NBA Hall Of Famer Says “It’s Absolutely True,” Delonte West Is A Motherfu*ker

"Rumors that Delonte West bedded Cavaliers teammate Lebron James' mom Gloria"

Damn Bron Bron! We told you — cease and desist or not — this rumor is a motherfu*ker for reals… NBA Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy went on ESPN Radio this morning and said talk that Delonte West bedded his Cavs teammate’s mom Gloria is not a rumor — it’s true! Pop the hood for details Continue »

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Is India.Arie Getting Sacked By An NFL Star?

Remember India.Arie? No? Think Erykah Badu but darker with an acoustic guitar. Yeah, it took us a minute too but someone knows her name. Word has it she’s been getting chopped down by a well-known NFL star in the tropics. Pop the hood to see who might be smashing her.

Continue »

Kush Chronicles: NY Knicks Forward Wilson Chandler Popped For Holding Some Green Goodness

wilson chandler caught with marijuana

When will the athletes learn?!?!?!

Knicks forward Wilson Chandler was busted on a pot possession charge Continue »

This Is The Definition Of Matrimony-dom Right’chere!

"Jessica Alba and Cash Warren have a date night at the Lakers playoffs game"

It looks like Hollyweird couple Jessica Alba and Cash Warren decided to leave little Honor at home and have a hot date night at the Lakers playoffs game against the Phoenix Suns. Gotta give Jess some wifely props for being down to dig rather than have her man looking crazy out in public! Pop the hood for photos of Ice Cube and the fam, Regina King and Jamie Foxx rockin’ his extra smedium leather jacket Continue »

Lebron Says Delonte Was Not Choppin’ Down His Moms

"Lebron poses with his mother Gloria James"

BronBron is finally trying to put a stop to ugly rumors that his mom was getting busy with his homie, Cavs teammate Delonte West. This morning Lebron’s lawyer sent a cease and desist email completely denying the scandal. Pop the hood for details Continue »

Black Sheep Of ‘Basketball Wives’ Gloria Govan Says “Expect Me To Be The Outcast In The Rest Of The Episodes”

"Basketball Wives Gloria Govan pictured with fiance Matt Barnes"

Gloria Govan turned out to be the odd woman out on Vh1’s “Basketball Wives,” but now Gloria is speaking up to defend her family and her relationship and setting the record straight about why she signed up for the show in the first place. Details under the hood. Continue »

When The Checks Have Not Been Coming In For A While… The IRS Starts Auctioning Off Sh*t! Ask Tommy “Hitman” Hearns…

Tommy Hearns, no offense, has already been debilitated from boxing with slower speech and body mechanics. Now, the IRS has swooped in and auctioned off the Hitman’s belongings and memorabilia.

Click Here To Watch Video

For More Videos Go To

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams on The “Nervous” NBA

"Jennifer Williams Basketball Wives"

“Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams sat down with Bossip and talked about being a “private person” on reality TV and how the NBA has responded to the show, including rumors that Pat Riley tried to shut it down. Continue


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