Whose Idea Was it For This Guy to Rock the See-Thru Sequins Top and Shiny Pants???

Man. Kendra got this cat out there looking like a straight chump!!! If losing the Super Bowl for the Colts wasn’t bad enough, this Hank Baskett character is Valentine swirl lovin’ it up in Vegas rockin some bullsh*t…

Pop the hatch for more pics of the couple and the see what Kendra’s post baby body is REALLY lookin like… Continue »

Nate Robinson Calls It Quits After 3rd Slam Dunk Victory, Becomes NBA’s First Three-Time Champion

Nate Robinson and his lil 5’9″ self won the Slam Dunk contest AGAIN:

Nate Robinson is the NBA’s first three-time slam dunk champion, and that’s enough for him. Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”: Lebron James and Jay-Z Mentor Youth in Dallas

Jay-Z and Lebron James took time off from partying and kickin it in Dallas for All-Star Weekend to mentor the Dallas youth at the Boys and Girls Club.

Good for them!!

Peep more of Camel, Lebron, his mama, and his fiancee Savannah Brinson when you… Continue »

NBA Daddies Shaq, Lebron and Chris Paul Bring The Kids Out To Play

NBA All-Star weekend isn’t all about celebrities, groupies and athletes — the kids get to come out and play too. Lebron was photographed playing around on the court with sons Lebron Jr. and Bryce. Pop the hood for more photos of Bron Bron and his boys as well as Shaquille O’Neal and Chris Paul and their kids. Continue »

Shadow Cast Over Winter Games; Practice Run Turns Deadly For Georgian Luger

A Georgian luge athlete died yesterday before having a chance to realize his Olympic dream. Nodar Kumaritashvili lost control of his sled and crashed during a high-speed training run at the Olympic Sliding Center in Whistler, British Columbia. Kumaritashvili later died at a hospital. More details on the flipside. Continue »

Michael Jordan’s Swirl Is On Gut Full Of Human Watch!!!

Michael Jordan and his swirlin’ girlfriend Yvette Prieto were in attendance at The FABULOUS 23 Dinner in Dallas for All-Star Weekend. The two of them posed for a picture along with Chris Paul and his girlfriend Jada Crawley.

Pop the Hood and See if Their Demeanor Suggest a Baby is on the Way… Continue »

First African-American Diving Champion Makes History

Michael Wright just became the first African-American diving champion in USA Diving’s history.
According to USA Diving Officials, Wright’s win in the men’s 1-meter springboard competition secured him that honor. Continue

Drake Gives Magic An Assist, Coaches Celebrity Team To Victory

The Opening Ceremony for the Winter Olympics wasn’t the only sports related event on TV last night. Celebs and athletes banded together for Friday’s 2010 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game in Dallas, and even with a bum knee Young Money’s breakout star Drake had a winning role in the game. Pop the hood for video and pictures of Common, Terrell Owens, Drake, Magic Johnson and more. Continue »

On the Come Up: Speed Skater Shani Davis Seeking GOLD in 2010 Vancouver Olympics

BOSSIP will be spotlighting Black athletes shining in the 2010 Winter Olympic games. First up is Shani Davis…he is the first Black Winter Olympic champion ever (won gold in 2006 for 1,000m): Continue »

*Bossip Exclusive* Bernard Hopkins Tells Bossip “I Was Never A HBO House Negro!”

Bernard Hopkins, The Executioner, is set to fight washed up Roy Jones on April 3rd. Hopkins is 40-some-odd-years-old, but still kicking a*s in the ring and outside… business wise. Bossip chopped it up with the outspoken and surprisingly sharp Executioner, who is also a partner in Golden Boy Productions. Continue »

F*ck A Thug: NBA Players Book Club

With all of the foolishness surrounding Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton and their gun-toting locker room fiasco, it seems like the NBA is attempting to portray the players in a more positive light:

New Orleans Hornets center Emeka Okafor, whose parents both hail from Nigeria, is one of the league’s most accomplished fans of literature. Continue »

Evander Holyfield Accused Of Treating His Wife Like A Punching Bag Over Church Tithes!!!

Former heavyweight boxing champ Evander Holyfield has been served a restraining order after his wife says he hit her in the face. Continue

What’s Wrong With this Picture???

Colts players Stover and McAfee were celebrating after kicking a field goal and Saints player Gay just happen to be running past them at the “RIGHT” time. We have more pics under the hood that are also suspect but in the meantime…

What’s Wrong with This Picture??? Continue »

No More Baby Mama Drama: NFL Player Will Not Be Charged for Beating Up Pregnant Girlfriend


St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson won’t face criminal charges over allegations that he beat a girlfriend who was nine months pregnant with the couple’s child at his Las Vegas home last year, Continue »

SMH: Oklahoma Basketball Players Cited For Boosting

Will they ever learn?

Two Oklahoma basketball players have been cited for allegedly shoplifting at a Sooner Mall department store in Norman. Continue »


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