Mike Vick With Young Jeezy? … Mike Vick Is Not Winning Back Publicity Points by Hanging Out With Rappers!

vickandjeezy copy

Young Jeezy made a pit stop in Virginia and hollered at the one dude that needs to stay as far away from rap(gangster rap at that) as possible, Michael Vick.

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Stephon Marbury is Gay!


Stephon Marbury has been “on one” lately, as if you didn’t know when he ate vaseline and the grown man broke down like a school girl who scraped her knee. Last week, this mega skulled, gay baller was prancing around… real suspect like. We have the remix to his dance scene.

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Man Apprehended For Murder of Vernon Forrest


This idiot up top was supposedly involved in the Vernon Forrest killing in Atlanta. Demario Ware turned himself in yesterday:

Demario Ware, 20, on Tuesday turned… Continue »

Former NY Giants Wide Receiver Burress Indicted On Gun Charges


NFL star Plaxico Burress was indicted by a grand jury yesterday, on weapons charges, stemming from the former New York Giant wide receiver shooting himself in the thigh on November 29th, in New York’s Latin Quarter nightclub. Plax could face a minimum of 3 1/2 years if convicted. Continue…

Swimmer Tells Judges: Kiss My A**, I’m About to Win This Race

Pale Cakes

A US Swimmer’s swimsuit split  right before he began to race on Sunday during the World Swimming Championships in Rome.

“I kind of freaked out for just a second. I felt like [the hole] was almost down to my knees. I felt like I was putting on a pretty good show.”

Can you guess who’s cakes these are…

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Guess Who’s Back: Michael Vick Is Reinstated

Michael Vick copy

We told you Mike Vick was coming back this year right. Well it looks like Michael Vick will be back playing for a NFL team soon.

NEW YORK — Michael Vick was reinstated by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Monday and could play in regular-season games as early as… Continue »

Stephon Marbury… WTF???

We really want to know why Stephon Marbury is sitting in front of his web cam crying and his friend is serenading in the background. Then turns around and flips out…

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Mel B’s Face is Melting and Kelly Rowland Goes Mad

mel & kel

Mel B’s face began to melt, while she and the family were at the Dodger Day Event. On the flip side, Kelly Rowland got mad with Madden and showed off her football skills.

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R.I.P.: Three-Time WBC Boxing Champion Vernon Forrest Has Been Killed

Vernon Forrest

This is a very sad day for the Boxing World. Boxing Champion Vernon Forrest was shot to death last night in Atlanta, GA during an attempted car jacking.

Forrest, who was 38, was an Atlanta native. He was shot seven or eight times as he chased at least two men who had tried to steal his Jaguar as he put air in his tires at an Atlanta gas station, Lt. Keith Meadows said, according to the radio station… Continue

Guess Who Just Joined the Punk Trend and Has a New BLUE Mohawk??

sean copy

This athlete is already eccentric and has been a rockstar for a few years now ever since he was popped for roids. Good enough hint?

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Now Nike Wants To Give Tapes of Lebron Getting Dunked On Back


Guess Nike decided that it’s witness protection program was a failure since video phone footage surfaced of Lebron getting slammed on by Crawford. Continue »

The Difference Between Black and White: Ben Roethlisberger Escaping Jail for Sexual Assault?

ben-roethlisberger-drunk-pittsburgh-steelers-quarterback-tall-receiver-hines-ward copy

We are not trying to say that Ben is guilty, but we are saying that if this had been Donovan McNabb, they would be screaming for his head and every news station would be covering this thing like the Michael Vick trial:

Nevada police said yesterday that they have no intention of opening a criminal investigation into the year-old rape allegation against Super Bowl champ, Ben Roethlisberger. While casino employee Andrea McNulty claims in a civil suit that the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback sexually assaulted her at a Lake Tahoe resort last July, she never went to the police.

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LeBron Gets Dunked On!

lebron-crying copy

The infamous video of LeBron James getting smashed on by 20 year old, Jordan Crawford,  just came out. King James does get banged on something serious, but in all the other videos besides the one we have, it has been hard as hell to see it with the quality of the video.

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Update: Bride Kesha Nichols, Dumped By E-mail, Speaks Out: I Got A Check… I’m Good!!!


Kesha Nichols, the bride that was dumped through e-mail by Richard Jefferson, was on “Good Morning America” interviewed by Diane Sawyer. She says that a lot had happened in the past month and after they talked the night before, which was about 5 days before the wedding, she wasn’t surprised when she received the e-mail… She seems hurt, but at the same time, Richard Jefferson probably cut her a big check!!!

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“Back Getting It In” Alert: Barry Bonds’ Wife Takes Back Separation

barry and liz watson

Liz has reneged on her promise to get rid of the meat head, Barry Bonds. Barry’s wife had filed court papers for a divorce and just now got cold feet: Continue »