Making It Rain On Those French Hoes

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Cullen Jones and the US Olympic Swim Team won the Gold yesterday in the 4×100 Freestyle relay:

Swimmer Cullen Jones is still reeling from winning Olympic gold in a relay that is already being called one of the most exciting races in sports history. And now he is just starting to digest the longer-reaching impact his victory could have on a sport that is lacking in diversity.

“I was told, ‘You could change the face of swimming by getting more African-Americans into swimming,’ ” Jones, 24, said. “At first I was like, ‘Really, me?’ I never got into it thinking I could do something like that, you never do. I just liked to swim.” Continue »

So So Fine

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Boris Kodjoe was on the starting line-up of the So So Def celebrity basketball game at Morehouse College this weekend. This is definitely a fella we’d like to see more often… Larenz Tate, Chris Tucker, Bow Wow and much more were among the team members.

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Going for the Gold

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The upcoming issue of Jet Magazine talks about the 2008 Beijing Games and the Black athletes to watch at the Olympics:

Tennis champs Venus and Serena Williams, basketball star Dwyane Wade, and track and field great Tyson Gay are just a few of the world’s elite Black athletes ready to compete on the grandest stage on the globe at the Olympics. The best African-American sports stars are prepared to vie for the gold there when the international multi-sport competition opens Aug. 8 in China’s capital, Beijing. For 21 days, they’ll join more than 10,000 other men and women representing over 200 nations, all competing for the ultimate prize of Olympic glory.

Peep more of Dwyane Wade on the cover of DirectTV Access Magazine below.

King James on the Cover of Time

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LeBron James covers the August 4th edition of Time Magazine. At the age of 23, this cat has been NBA Rookie of the Year, lead his teaMam to the NBA Finals, is an All-Star, and this is his second Olympic team. He’s definitely ding doing major things. Kudos to him, and kudos to Time for a nice and normal cover that doesn’t draw any negative attention such as this

Which One Would You Hit??

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Idris Alba and Laz Alzono hit up the Chris Webber Bada Bling Gala at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas this weekend.

If you had the choice to hit one of these fine characters, Which One???

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Trina and Kenyon Martin Involved in Car Accident

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Here are some pics of Trina and her boo Kenyon Martin’s car wreck in Belize this weekend. Hopefully, they were not hurt, but two children were injured in the crash.

Update: A release statement has been made regarding the accident:

“Trina was in a small fender bender in Belize, yesterday on her way from the airport to a charity basketball event this weekend,” Trina’s publicist Krystle Coleman [said]. “She is currently fine, and ‘extremely thankful’ that no one was hurt in the small car accident. She is looking forward to the rest of her weekend on vacation and thankful for everyone’s safety.”

The driver of the minivan, George Abraham, suffered minor injuries but his 12 and nine year- old-sons sustained injuries more severe. In an interview after the accident with Belize’s Local 7 News, Abraham accused Trina and Martin’s driver of being in the wrong. “I was on my right hand side and this vehicle overtake on this side,” Abraham said. “That guy was in the wrong in that vehicle. I was on my correct hand. ‘Ahh my shoulder.’”

Other witnesses said the police motorcade was so large, that oncoming traffic was forced to swerve to the sides on a narrow stretch of the road. “Bringing in such a huge figure within the NBA, we thought that it would just add some level of our thoughts and what it meant having them coming into our country and we wanted to show them with humbleness what it is that it means to us as Belizeans and also – everybody’s been expecting them,” organizer Diane Finnegan told Local 7 News.

Police are investigating the accident, as well as if the motorcade for Trina and Kenyon Martin was officially sanctioned.



Makin’ His Pops Proud

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Lil Romeo, Rap Snacks CEO, has proven that he’s got his head squarely on his shoulders.

Click HERE to read about a golden opportunity he passed on to focus on his education.

Justin Gets Out of Pocket

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While hosting the 2008 ESPY Awards, Justin Timberfake was met with silence after having a racist moment.

Click HERE to learn all about the out-of-pocket statement that was edited out of the final cut.

Amazon Free-For-All

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The strapping ladies of the WNBA got involved in an all out smack down last night click here and here to get a glimpse of the Shock’s vs. Sparks’ mayhem.

Where’s Tameka??

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Damn, Tameka is giving Usher a lil bit of me space. We remember when there was a time when this cat was attached to that broad’s hip. Here he is kickin it in Vegas at a UFC fight in Vegas. Good for him.

When The Checks Stop Coming In

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The Vickster has requested a delay in his bankruptcy hearing:

The suspended NFL star, appearing by teleconference in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Newport News on Thursday, said he needs more time to file lists of creditors. The 28-year-old also asked to appoint adviser David Talbot as the manager responsible for handling Vick’s affairs while the former Atlanta Falcon serves his time in prison. Court records show that Talbot has received payment so far in the form of a Mercedes-Benz given to him by Vick six weeks ago. A ruling on Vick’s motions is expected July 28.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Poor thang.


Last Night in LA…

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A nicely toned Nicole Murphy, and her big burly boo Michael Strahan, were spotted on the red carpet of the 2008 ESPY Awards. Terrell Owens, Kevin Garnett and more hit up the annual gala too. More below…

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Menace To Society

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Believe it or not, that Neanderthal Quinton “Rampage” Jackson got arrested again last night:

Sources say last night an Irvine police car was waved down by people near the place Rampage was staying who said he was acting weird. This, of course, following the insane chase the day before in which the UFC fighter hit several cars in his monster truck and was arrested at gunpoint.

We’re told Irvine cops saw Rampage, deemed him a danger to himself and others, and took him to a hospital for observation. Cops won’t officially confirm if it’s a psychiatric hold.

After the sh*t he pulled the other day, this dude should never have been released from the jump. SMH.


Road Rage Rampage

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Former UFC Champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson snapped while behind the wheel yesterday:

The just-defeated UFC champ was busted yesterday afternoon for alleged felony hit and run. Rampage was on the 55 Freeway in the O.C., hit two cars and got off the freeway.

Rampage then began driving on the center divider. According to the police report, Jackson then drove on the sidewalk, “causing pedestrians to flee for their lives.” He started driving the wrong way on a crowded street, colliding with yet another car in an intersection. As he continued on, running several red lights, his tire disintegrated and he began driving on the rim.

Rampage eventually got to the exclusive Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, where he again drove on the sidewalk, “causing pedestrians to flee in terror.”

Eventually, his car came to a stop and he was taken into custody at gunpoint. Cops took him to the Orange County Jail, but they determined he was “medically unfit” to be booked. Cops won’t say if he was high. He’s since been treated and released on $25,000 bail.

This cat was released on bail after endangering all those folks? His crazy ass needs to marinate behind bars for a minute, and have his driving privileges revoked in the process.


Which One is Packin?

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Reggie Williams and Terrell Owens were spotted at the 2008 ESPY’s Giant event last night. Between these two burly NFL cats we gotta ask, Which One is (More) Packin??

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