Donte Stallworth Hit With Manslaughter Charges

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Donte Stallworth has been charged with Manslaughter after he ran over a man that was cycling home after work:

Miami-Dade prosecutors on Wednesday charged Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte’ Stallworth with DUI manslaughter, alleging the football player was driving drunk last month when he struck and killed a pedestrian in Miami Beach. Blood tests… Continue »

Another Brother Back in Court

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Plaxico Burress is back in court for shooting himself a while ago:

The gun possession case against New York Giants star Plaxico Burress was adjourned this morning until June. Burress, who accidentally shot himself in the leg with an unlicensed gun at a Manhattan nightclub last year, is charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree, a felony carrying a minimum prison sentence of 3½ years upon conviction…. Continue »

Monica the Bread Winner and Corky the Leech

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monica and rocky

You all know we are down for beautiful black families, and last night, Rocko, Lil Rocko, and Monica were spotted at the Lakers and Hawks game. With our curiosity peaked, we looked into Rocko’s rap career. We came up with a blank, meaning this dude is Fu*kin’ for Tracks. Get a job, Rodney.

Pop the thang  to see the rest of lil’ Rodney. Continue »

PETA to Vick: “No Profiting From Murderous Deeds…Like Our Show Does”

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Vick is shopping around an apology book. The book is detailing the events that have taken him here. Well the PETA president is not having it: Continue »

The Plot Thickens For Eddy Curry and His Gay Lovin’ Drama

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Looks like your boy Eddy Curry is trying to get his little ‘workplace sex case‘ dropped: Continue »

Was Donte Stallworth Faded When He Ran Over Victim?? “Live Footage From Crash Scene”

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Police are saying they don’t have the blood test results back from the accident involving Donte Stallworth that left a man dead: Continue »

What May Have Happened…

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The Coast Guard has released information that may described the last moments of Corey Smith’s, Marquis Cooper’s and William Bleakley’s lives: Continue »

Another Athlete, Another Wife Getting Socked Up and Bitten

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Ambiorix Burgos beat the hell out of his girlfriend back in Sept:

Formers Mets pitcher Ambiorix Burgos’ control problems have landed him in jail. Burgos, 24, was convicted Thursday of beating his girlfriend in a hotel near Shea Stadium in September after she tried to leave their room to go register her young daughter for school. Continue »

SMH: Buccaneers Linebacker Stabbed in The Dome

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And here’s another case of domestic violence for your perusal: Continue »

Why T.O. Was Released From the Cowboys…

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As you may or may not know, Terrell Owens was released from the Cowboys the other day. The way it was done was upfront and personal: Continue »

Some Morning Swirl

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Dennis Rodman and guest

Swirl Connoisseur and certified freak-a-deak deluxe, Dennis Rodman and his stale-looking boo hit up the Pre-VIP opening at Feelgood’s Rock Bar last night. More pics of Sir Fugly and proud papa to be, Djimon Hounsou, out & about in LA when you Continue »

Saturday Style: Peeping Game

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Last night, President Obama attended the Wizards vs Bulls game. Although he is a die hard Bulls fan, they got their lunch handed to them. Mr. President was seen chopping it up with that little Caucasian fellow and sipping a cold one. Good times.

Pop it to see pictures of  him greet the Bulls and some of him just parlaying at the game… Continue »

“Sugar” Shane Mosley’s Wife Throwing in the Towel

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“Sugar” Shane’s Chi-Pooh is calling it quits on a marriage and business relationship of over six years: Continue »

The High Cost of Good Brains

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As a result of speed racing around town tore the f*k up, eager to get them socks blown, Charles Barkley‘s gonna have to spend a little quality time in the clink. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Baseball Player with AIDS Insisted on ‘Raw-Relations’

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Roberto Alomar

Baseball great Roberto Alomar has full-blown AIDS but insisted on tearing up his boo’s cakes minus a condom regardless of the fact: Continue »