Quote of the Day: Paul Shirley Gets Out of Pocket

Professional basketball player/writer/blogger/dumbfu*ck, Paul Shirley, wrote this long a*s soliloquy on why he refuses to donate to Haiti:

I haven’t donated to the Haitian relief effort for the same reason that I don’t give money to homeless men on the street. Continue »

SMH: Nancy Kerrigan’s Brother Locked Up For Their Father’s Death

Sad story:

The father of American figure skater Nancy Kerrigan is dead and her brother is behind bars, accused of assault and battery against 70-year old Daniel Kerrigan, according to Massachusetts authorities. Continue »

Chad Ochocinco Still Lookin’ Like Captain Save-A-Hoe, Even If He’s Singing Another Tune

Chad Ochocinco is posted up on the cover of the new issue of Urban Ink with former Flavor Flav skeet receptacle looking like the Captain Save-A-Hoe he is. It’s no surprise to us since we got a heads up they were going at it like rabbits at the photoshoot. Look under the hood to watch Chad perform his single “Dat Ain’t My Baby”. Continue »

Some Morning Venus Cakes

If you happened to catch Venus Williams make it rain all over Italian tennis player Franesca Schiavone in the Australian Open this weekend, then you were probably wondering the same thing we were….is this broad wearing drawls???

Pop the hatch for another peek… Continue »

In Dumba*s News: Javaris Crittenton Charged With Gun Possesion


Javaris Crittenton is following in teammate Gilbert Arenas’ footsteps and has been charged with a felony. Continue…

Superbowl Bound: Colts & Saints Geaux To Miami

The New Orleans Saints grabbed the NFC championship and are set to take their first trip to the Superbowl in franchise history. They’ll face off against an Indianapolis Colts that’s Superbowl bound for the second time in four years. Look under the hood for a hilarious picture of Colts fans celebrating in a “special way” and a shot of Kimmy Kakes cheering Reggie on. Continue »

Prince William Wouldn’t Mind Swirling With Serena

Prince William visited the land down under this week. One of his many stops was at the Australian Open where he and Serena took this snapshot. Looking kinda giddy there guys… Guess Princes like cakes too. Pop the hood for more. Continue »

Australian Open Fans Are Serious Attention Whores

The Australian Open has turned into a bit of a party, between Venus flashing her cakes and the attention whores in the stands trying to ride Tigers tails for some TV time. Those crazy Aussies will do anything for a laugh. Follow the jump to watch some broad propose to Rafael Nadal Continue »

NBA Bad Boy Ron Artest Bares His Soul … And His Chest

Ron Artest talks to Men’s Fitness in their March issue about changing his bad boy image, his love of fitness and even spills the beans on one of friend and fellow laker Lamar Kardashian Odom’s, bad habits. Look under the hood for the goods. Continue »

True or False: Venus Williams Goes Commando While Playing in the Australian Open

Hold up… WAIT A MINUTE!!! Venus Williams was playing against Lucie Safarova at the Australian Open. Not only did Venus give the audience a great game to watch she also gave them a peek at her chocolate cakes!?!?! Well at least this is what everybody is saying…

Flip the Lid and See for Yourself … Continue »

“Cheetah” Woods Spotted At Mississippi Clinic Being Treated For His Addiction To Smashing Stanky Becky Backs

Photographers finally got a clear shot of Cheetah Woods… The golf pro who is clearly not satisfied with “a hole in one” was snapped outside of the Mississippi clinic where he’s being treated for his addiction to chopping down Swirly Sues. Pop the hood to see the shot and read details on his sex therapy. Continue »

Guess Who This Little Bundle of Joy Belongs To?

This little bruiser has two famous parents and both of them are athletically inclined, but Mommy likes to strike a pose every now and then… with or without her clothes on! Look under the lid for the answer. Continue »

Some Afternoon Crack

Gillian Cooke a British bobsledder split the backs out of her little skintight suit at the World Championships in Switzerland the other day.

Pop it for the video and still shots… Continue »

Tiger Woods Plans To Return to Golf After He is Miraculously Cured From His Addiction to Chopping Down Skanky Becky Backs

Your boy “Cheetah” is making moves to get back into the golf game after his sexual rehabilitation sessions are finito: Continue »

Brett Favre’s Old Man Arm Throws For 4 TD’s and Made it Rain All Over the Cowboys, Sings “Pants on the Ground” After Victory

Man, General Larry Platt is that dude. After the Minnesota Vikings demolished the Dallas Cowboys 34 to 3, they celebrated by singing “Pants on the Ground.”

Peep the video of Brett Favre and the Vikings singing “Pants on the Ground” when you…. Continue »


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