Rumor Control: O.J.’s Rep Denies He Caught Fade On The Yard

OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson may be serving a 15-year sentence in Nevada for planning a heist on two sports memorabilia dealers back in 2007, but for now that is the height of what some claim to be his karmic debt. Continue »

Sh*t Is Still Real In Mexico

Violence in Mexico

Fourteen people lost their lives in random drive-by shootings in Mexico last night. Continue »

Father Of The Missing Swiss Twin Girls Sends Confession Letter To His Wife!

This is just plain sad, what the hell is with all these parents doing sick sh*t to their own children? Continue »

Shook Ones: Did Hosni Mubarak Finally Leave Egypt???

Hosni Mubarak

Media in the Middle East is reporting that Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and his family have left Cairo. Continue »

This Child-Abusing Heifer Ain’t Sh*t

Susan Lee Burke Silver Springs Maryland

This is Susan Lee Burke, a first grade teacher out of Maryland with some serious anger issues. Continue »

The Fire Rages On In Egypt: Protesters Give The Government An Ultimatum ‘Sh*t Or Get Off The Pot’

Gotta hand it to these folks in Egypt, they will NOT be denied what they feel they are owed. Continue »

Life Imitates Art: ‘Sopranos’ Star Is Indicted For Extortion And Assault

Damn homie, you’d figure all those years playing a gangster on TV and film would have taught you a thing or two… Continue »

EFF A Thug: Two Suspects Arrested In Youngstown University Frat House Shooting

Jamail Johnson Youngstown University

The family of 25-year-old Youngstown University senior Jamail Johnson can find comfort this morning Continue »

Shook Ones: Journalists Forced To Hide Out In Egypt

Rioting in Egypt

Last night, Anderson Cooper shot his AC 360 from an undisclosed location in Egypt to avoid catching fade again. Continue »

UPDATE: Gay Portuguese Model That Killed And Mutilated His Sugardaddy Only Charged With 2nd Degree Murder!

Damn, all the sh*t he did to ol’ boy and all he got was 2nd degree?!?! The legal system is a funny thing, a funny thing indeed… Continue »

Stop The Violence: 7 Brothers Killed In Philly Over The Weekend

Philadelphia murders

Sh*t is getting a little TOO real on the streets of Philly. Continue »

Parents File $120 Million Lawsuit In The Police Shooting Of Pace University Football Player

Danroy Henry Sr Angella Henry DJ Henry Pace University

The parents of Danroy “DJ” Henry are not feeling the idea of Pleasantville Police officers getting away for killing their son in October. Continue »


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