Bronx Man Stabs Wife, Sets Fire That Kills Baby Girl

bronx fire

A Bronx man went on a murderous rampage yesterday morning, stabbing his wife to death before setting a fatal fire that claimed his life and that of his baby daughter. Continue »

Fatal Fight Over 20 Dollars Started On Facebook!!!

kamisha Richards

New details have emerged in the stabbing death of 22-year-old Kamisha Richards, who was allegedly killed by her boyfriend’s sister over a Facebook fight about a $20 loan. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: New York Woman Killed Over “Diaper Money”

kamisha richards

What the hell???

A 22-year-old John Jay College grad was stabbed to death Continue »

President Obama Tells Ghadafi The Jig Is Up, Time To Go!

Libya Protest Muammar Gaddafi

The leaders of the free world have made their support for the people of Libya clear. Continue »

Wildin’ Because They’re Young: Florida Teenager Confesses To The Murder Of A Police Officer!

These kids nowadays are really outta control, where the hell are the parents of these lil hooligans??? Continue »

Sh*t Might Be Getting Realer Than The People Of Libya Expected

Moammar Muammar Gadhafi Qadhafi Gadaffi Khadafi

When the people of Libya decided to rise up against Moammar Gadhafi, they probably expected a little rabble rousing in the streets, support from the West and their “freedom” in the very immediate future. Continue »

New Survey Shows That Hate Groups Are On The Rise Across America

And Sarah Palin and those Tea Party b*tches want to act like they don’t contribute to this bullsh*t…*side-eye* Continue »

Shook Ones: U.S. And Other Countries Evacuate Citizens From Libya

Libya protest

As sh*t continues to get realer in Libya, the U.S. government and it’s European counterparts are working to get their citizens the hell up out. Continue »

Sh*t Is Real In Mexico: The Drug Pushers In Juarez, Mexico Have Racked Up 53 Bodies In 72 Hours!!

If you have a vacation planned in Mexico anytime soon we suggest you reconsider, read some liter-, -ture on the subject. Word to 3 Stacks Continue »

Stop The Violence: Four Teens Shot At Sweet Sixteen Party

Birthday crime scene

Dayuuuuum! Is anything safe for teens these days?? Continue »

Inspired By Egypt, The People Of Libya Ask Moammar Khadafy To Give Them Free

Protest in Lybia

The uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia have inspired a few more uprisings by oppressed people elsewhere in Africa and the Middle East. Continue »

Sick F**ker Admits To Killing His 49th Victim Almost 20 Years Ago!

49?!?!?!? That says a lot about the cops in Seattle at that time… Continue »

The 11 Most Dangerous Cities In America

Dangerious cities

U.S. News & World Report has released the annual list of the most dangerous cities in America based on seven years of FBI crime reporting. Continue »


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