Sunday Surgery Slips: Cake Enhancements

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Are Kardashian’s and Angel Luv’s cakes real, or do you want to know how to be a Whooty? People have doubted the existence of butt implants as a whole. It is true, and is just across the border for cheap: Continue »

Sunday Surgery Slips: Priscilla Presley

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Priscilla Presley might be considered the biggest slip once you know her age…63, and we ain’t joking. Sure, her grin is as scary as that thing from the Saw Movies and it looks like they peeled off her skin to the white meat, but for a 63 year old white woman, we think she looks plenty proper.

Bossipers, lend your thoughts on this edition of Sunday Surgery Slips.

Pictures below, including one of what she should look like now… Continue »

Sunday Surgery Slips Vol 5: Tara Reid

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When Tara “Trickin” Reid landed in Hollywierd, she was your typical blonde bimboed actress, until drugs, drinking and plastic surgery turned her life inside out. She went from crack head-star status, to lush and f*cking up her body Hollyweird-status. We really don’t know which is worse.

Pictures under the hood of her now with the butchered stomach and lopsided ta-ta’s, and then with the beyond Amy Winehouse cracky look… Continue »

Sunday Surgery Slips Vol 3: Jocelyn Wildenstein

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On this Sunday’s Slip we decided to go hard to help you get over that hangover you got from last night’s libations. Jocelyn Wildenstein is the epitome of trying to achieve a Hollyweird image and why you’re better off making the most of what you’ve been blessed with. SMH

Is this who Kim is aiming to look like?

Pop the hood to see this total distortion of human life… Continue »

What is Wrong With This Picture???

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Latoya attended the The Gipsyland Gala Dinner in LA last night with her Caucasian persuasion on full blast. Just because Vitiligo (if she has it) makes her look white doesn’t give her an excuse to walk around in trailer park hussie attire. SMH

More pictures of Latoya being Latoya below.

We have pictures of Latoya back in her heyday when you… Continue »

Sunday Surgery Slips Vol. 2: Donatella Versace

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If you thought this was one of those Cro-Magnon men from the Geico commercials, you are sadly mistaken. This is fashion icon, Donatella Versace with a face only a caring, church going, mother could love. She, like Kim, had lips already so there was no need to make them look like two rescue rafts.

When you open the hood you see the finished product, up close and personal. Continue »

Sunday Surgery Slips Vol. 1: Lil Kim

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Dr. 90210 has taken on Lil Kim as a patient and issued her countless surgery slips. Kimberly Jones was once a very pretty girl but evidently not in her own eyes. The Queen Bee was alright with a few nips but clearly the doctor kept calling her.

Pop the hood to see more of the original Lil Kim. Continue »


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