BOSSIP Exclusive: Is Joe Budden Diving Back In With Ex-Boo Kaylin Again?

joe kaylin

Breaking up must be especially hard for Joe Budden to do, cuz homeboy can’t seem to stay gone when it comes to his exes! Continue »

Magna Camel Holy Retweets: Humpback Hov Steps Down From “The Throne” To E-Mingle Amongst The Commoners On Twitter


“Might crash your internet, and I ain’t even in to that” -Jay-Z (Tom Ford) Continue »

What The Hell? Surgeon Says Human Head Transplants Will Soon Be Possible Thanks To Modern Medicine


It’s alive! Frankenstein surgery may no longer be relegated to fiction and film. Continue »

Tweets Is Watching: Humpback Hov Makes Rare Attention-Sloring Twitter Appearance To Post “#NewRules”

Bey and Jay

In between changing s#itty diapers and recording an album, Shawn Carter stopped to tell us how amazing he is… Continue »