True Or False: Women Playing House And Shacking Up Are Nowhere Near As Happy As Actual Wives

Lebron James Savannah Brinson

According to a new study, all you chicks out there calling yourselves wifey like it’s all good Continue »

Making it Rain on Them Hoes…Literally! Cops Find $10 Million Buried At A Korean Farm!!

cash money

Wonder did the cops use hoes to dig up this money because we know some hoes that would’ve BEEN dug this up! See what we did there? Continue »

Which Dancing With The Stars Contestant Felt It Necessary To Share This Nastiness With All Of Twitter???

Guess the feet

We’re not quite sure why anyone would put themselves through this torture. Especially since, unlike most “Stars” dancing on ABC, this person is at the height of her popularity. Can you guess who it is? Continue »

Who You Wit??? UConn And Butler Will Play For The NCAA Basketball Championship Tonight!

After all the last minute shots, busted brackets, and Cinderella wins, only two teams remain. Continue »

Mean Muggin': Crazy Celebrity Faces, Part 1 [PICS]

We’ve all been out with friends at the club and taken pictures with the club photographer after a few Don Julios and looked at the pics the next day like “DAMN!” Continue »


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