Jennifer Lopez And Husband Marc LopezAnthony Will Be Distinguished Guests At President Obama’s Superbowl Party

Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony

Word on the street is that this Superbowl party is going to be one helluva soiree, what happened to our invite Barry O!?!?

The guest list for President Barack Obama’s White House Super Bowl party includes entertainers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony as well as elected leaders from Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Obama said he’d go to the Super Bowl in Arlington, Texas, if the Bears won the NFC title against the Green Bay Packers.

But his team lost and the Packers are taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.

A White House spokesman said Thursday that about 100 people have been invited, including White House staff, family and friends and other members of Congress.

Among those expected to attend are Attorney General Eric Holder, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Sens. Pat Toomey and Robert Casey Jr. of Pennsylvania and congressman Reid Ribble of Wisconsin.

Former Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle, Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett were also expected. In a news release, Barrett said he and his 18-year-old son, Tommy, will bring gift baskets made by Milwaukee companies Usinger’s Sausage and Klement’s Sausage.

Watching the Packers win the Super Bowl with Obama, whom he called the Bears’ fan in chief, will be “particularly satisfying,” Barrett said.

Obama previously said he wouldn’t take sides in the Super Bowl. But he visited Penn State University on Thursday and told a crowd, ”I’ve got some love for the Steelers.”

Obama visited Manitowoc, Wis., on Jan. 26 and received several Packers jerseys as gifts, including one signed by Packers cornerback Charles Woodson. Woodson wrote: ”See you at the White House. Go Packers.”

Maybe our invite just got lost in the mail due to the weather. Yeah, that’s what happened…


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