That ‘Digital Death’ Fundraising Stunt Isn’t Working Out So Well…

Alicia Keys Swizz Beatz digital death

When the good folks at Keep A Child Alive thought up their Digital Death campaign, they probably figured that between Alicia Keys’s 2.2 million followers and Kimmy Cakes’s 5.4 million alone, it would take absolutely no time to raise $1 million. Continue »

Is Mrs. Illuminati Hov Stealing From Starving Artists (Again)???

Beyonce I Am... Sasha Fierce

An anime artist out of Japan has been holding a grudge against Bey Bey since she dropped “I Am… Sasha Fierce” in 2008. And now he’s trying to stop the sale of the album… after almost 10 million copies sold worldwide. Continue »

Did The NCAA Hate On Auburn Quarterback Cam Newton???

The answer is HELL NIZZAWWW! Continue »

Surprise: Beyonce Beat Out Taylor On Thanksgiving… It’s Not All Good News Though

We kind of figured that Taylor Swift’s “Speak Now” Thanksgiving special would be a waste of airtime, if for no other reason than the fact that NBC could have replaced it with something or someone much more interesting. We’re surprised that Beyonce actually did worse. Continue »

Poor Thang! Brandy Breaks Down Crying After Bristol Palin Sends Her Packing On Dancing With The Stars!

Brandy Norwood Maksim Chmerkovskiy Dancing With The Stars

Perfect tango or not, Dancing With The Stars fans were not about to give Brandy and her wig front swag anymore shine. Continue »

Weezy Already Has Another F’in Baby???

Lil Wayne paternity test

We all know Dwayne Carter loves to slang that bare wood. Now his alleged baby-grandmama Brenda Ann Brown wants his sperm too. Continue »

‘Oops! Did We Say Thursday?’ Rikers Island Reneges On Letting Jailbird Wayne Fly

Lil Wayne Rikers Island

Maybe all those Lil’ Wayne supporters tweeting #FreeWeezy last night were on to something. Continue »

Get This: NY Woman Who Saved Her Dead Husband’s Sperm Wants His Mistress To Be Her Baby’s Mama

Victoria Chege Etaghua Asefa George Kamau

Remember the woman who fought to rescue her husband’s sperm after his suicide, even though she can’t carry his baby herself? Her story just took an even weirder turn. Continue »

More Thanks To His Psychiatrist… Ron Artest’s Crazy Finally Pays Off

Ron Artest Steve Wolfson Keys to Las Vegas

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas next year? Maybe you should go visit on Ron Artest Day. Continue »

Say What??? Taylor Swift Says Her Ideal Collabo Would Be With __________

Taylor Swift

You’re probably thinking Taylor Swift named her frenemy Yeezy as the person she’d most like to work with in her career. And you’d be close. But wrong. Look under the lid to see who the Nashville Princess can’t wait to have jump on a song. Continue »

New Couple??? Did Kimmy Cakes Lighten The Swirl?

Kim Kardashian Michael Copon

Sometimes it seems like Kimmy Cakes’ life is just as scripted in reality as it is on TV. Take her love life, for example: she says she wants a new boytoy/plaything, and the rumor mill goes nuts linking her to this guy. Continue »

See What Taking A Bath Can Do?!?! Amy Winehouse Gets Her Own Clothing Line

Amy Winehouse

Now that she’s back to bathing regularly, Amy Winehouse is out to prove that she can do a better job of dressing other people than we’ve seen her do with herself. Continue »

Family Finds Dead Mouse Baked In Bread

Dead mouse

A family in the United Kingdom received a shocking discovery this weekend when they sat down to make sandwiches for their kids. Continue »

Delonte West Speaks On Chopping Down LeBron’s Mama

Delonte West

Months after the rumors first surfaced, former Cleveland Cavaliers player Delonte West finally answered the question believed to be at the root of all the Cavs’ end-of-season drama: did he chop down LeBron‘s fast azz mama Gloria? Continue »


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