Slimmy Trimmy J.Hud Says Life In The Biz Was Much Different As A Thickum

Jennifer Hudson 2008

You might not have guessed this… Continue »

Put On Blast: VH1 Rep Says “What Amber Rose Show?”

Amber Rose reality show

We’re not quite sure what Amber Rose has been taping for the last few weeks, but according to a VH1 it’s definitely not their latest Celebreality show. Continue »

True Or False??? ‘Entourage’ To Make Silver Screen Debut Next Year

Could the boys from Queen Blvd be making their way to the big screen after their final season this year? Continue »

Poor Thangs: Celtics Pull The Brooms Out On The Knicks

Amar'e Stoudamire Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks

All that “rebirth” talk and the hoopla that brought Melo and Amar’e Stoudamire together didn’t do much for the Knicks in the long run. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: NYPD Handcuff A 7 Year-Old Boy For Easter Egg Temper Tantrum!

Joseph Anderson

Now we now that there are some bad-a** kids out there, but these grown-a** people couldn’t control a 7 year-old without handcuffs??? Continue »

Where Are Your Friends: Gucci Mane Still Being Held On $5,000 Bond??

Gucci Mane Dekalb County jail

As of 2pm EST today, Radric Delantic Davis, or “Gucci Mane” as he’s known in “the hood” is still a guest of the Dekalb County Jail right outside of Atlanta. Continue »

Pay Yo Bills!!: A Gallery Of Celebrity Tax Cheats

Over the years Uncle Sam has had to dig in the pockets of many a “civilian” celebrities and politicians aren’t exempt from payin’ Unc what they owe. Continue »

Hi Hater: Talib Kweli Shuts Down Colt 45 Sponsorship

Talib is sticking with his socially-conscious image while also “sticking it” to Billy Dee’s favorite drink! Continue »


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