Crazy Camel Fan Breaks Into Stranger’s Home And Gets In Their Bed After Concert!!!

After attending Jay-Z’s concert earlier this week in Pittsburgh, a local man left the venue, broke into a nearby home and crawled in bed with the homeowner, a complete stranger!!! Details on the flipside. Continue »

Tina Knowles Loves Bossip

While Solange is somewhere spinning records at parties Tina Knowles is reading up on celebrity gossip.  Pop the top for the details. Continue »

Survey Says: Yeezy Got A BIG Ego! Kanye Beats Out Competition In Jerk Poll

The people have spoken, and they agree… Kanye West is a DOUCHEBAG! A huge majority of people voted for the rapper as the most egotistical male celeb in a recent poll. Pop the hood to find out what the numbers were and who his competition was. Continue »

Chris Brown Is Mean To RiRi, But Nice to Skrippers

Despite manhandling Rihanna earlier this year, Chris Brown recently got the thumbs up from some skrippers on the receiving end of his chivalrous behavior. Continue »

Surprise-Surprise: Rocsi Is Letting ____ Beat That Thang Up Now…

Some rapper is smashing Rocsi’s used up cakes.

Pop the top and peep who it is Continue »

Sammy “Soft-White” Sosa Admits To Bleaching His Mug


Sammy “Soft-White” has finally come clean about his skin whitening: Continue »


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