Chi-Raq Chronicles: Mother Asks For Justice After 16-Year-Old Honor Student Daughter Is Shot In Head And Killed… Hanging With Gangbanger Boyfriend [Video]

This is something we need to no longer tolerate… Continue »

Catch Fade: Fight Caught On Tape In St. Louis Mall Causes Scared Stores To Close Doors Early Anticipating Looting [Video]

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Raw Footage: Mother Helps Son Burn Himself To A Crisp In Fire Challenge [Video]

You are wrong if you are laughing… SMMFH!!

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The Arab Hood Life: (Raw Footage) Watch These Libyan Militants Shoot Rockets And AK’s At Each Other [Video]

You think your hood is bad?

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The Hood Life: Wedding In The Projects With Faded Pastor And Attendees Throwing Grits Instead Of Rice [Video]

The wedding reception was equipped with Mad Dog 20/20, Swisher Sweets, and DJ Cut The Mustard. Hey, love is all you really need for a wedding anyway!

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All They Do Is Ghetto-Brawl: Ukraine Parliament Catches Fade… AGAIN! [Video]

This is some ignorant mess here!

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A Hot Mess: Widow Wishes Her Blood Gang-Cop Killing Husband “Would Have Taken More Pigs With Him” (Story Details) [Video]

This one is hard to put all in one title…

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20-Year-Old Mother (Who Looks 39) In Court For Abandoning Baby In Subway Says “Someone Tell Jay-Z… F**k Him!” [Video]

20!? She’s obviously had a hard life! Continue »

6 Children Removed From Home After Boy Is Found Chained Up In Backyard Shed! [Video]

What is wrong with people nowadays?

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In Heartless Thugs News: Mother Pleads For Help After 10-Year Old Son’s Wheelchair Is Stolen [Video]

Come on!

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