Come On! Man Fakes A Heart Attack So His Friend Can Steal A Barbie [Video]

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Watch This Clucker Go Ham-Sandwich Crazy On The Bus [Video]

Someone should have struck her peanut brittle toothed arse right down… Then called the police. But, then again… Would you touch her?

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You Can Have That: Man Robs Store With HIV Filled Syringe “I Got AIDS Give Me All Your Money” [Video]

A woman threw her $200 dollars on the floor when the sicko approached her… Continue »

Man Named “Take Ya B**ch” Has 25 Kids He CAN’T Take Care Of… Suspected Of Sprouting More Children! [Video]

It should be a mandatory vasectomy for people of this caliber.

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Watch Hoodrats Get Pepper Sprayed And Scatter At “Free Weave Giveaway” In Orlando [Video]

SMH @ Scattering like roaches.

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Just NASTY: Look Inside This Disgusting House Where 3 Infants Were Found Dead! [Video]

Poor kids…
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Childcare Workers & Parents Filmed Encouraging Babies To Fight… Instead Of Stopping The Fight [Video]

Remind us NEVER to send our kids to childcare…

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