(Fixed) Huh?: KFC Letting Kids Wear Chicken To The Prom To Show Their Allegiance To The Colonel [Video]


Who is sporting that 3-piece corsage?

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Arrest These Ducks!: Missing Relisha Rudd’s Grandmother And Mom Speak Out Disputing Mayor Saying They Are At Fault! [Video]

It sounds like Sex Trafficking because… What sane parent looking out for their daughter GIVES her to a Janitor? Continue »

Relisha Rudd’s Family Questioned About Showing Off $4K on Instagram And Facebook AFTER Her Disappearance [Video]

Poor little Relisha never had a chance in this family… SMH
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Black Girl Missing Alert Update: Strange New Details Emerge With Hunt For Suspect In Relisha Rudd’s Disappearance [Video]

This is sad. Poor lil Relisha Rudd sounds like she’s had a hard life being “GIVEN” to Khalil Tatum.

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‘Julio’ Explains Busting Out Shower, Chasing Home Intruders, Ultimately Throwing Shovel Through Rear Window! [Video]

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Chicago Violence: Rapper Twista’s Bodyguard Gunned Down And Burned Up! [Video]

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The Hood Life: Parentless Teen Says “I’m Sorry” For Sucker Punch Video Breaking 13-Year-Old’s Jaw, Granny Is Scared They Could Lose It All [Video]

Granny is just trying to hold down the house and take care of these bad grandbabies… SMH.

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The Hood Life: Young Mother Of 5 Kids Is Shot Dead In Middle Of The Street For Hanging With The Wrong Thug! [Video]

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Killed Over Gear?: 17-Year-Old Teen Mother Killed By 14-Year-Old Brother Because She Bleached His Clothes! [Video]

This sounds like some mess!

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The Joys Of Being Black: 11-Year-Old Arrested At School For Stealing, But Why Didn’t They Suspend Him Or Call His Mother First? [Video]

First let us say, we do think this mother is wrong for forgetting about her baby-thug’s behavior Continue »

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