Barbaric Video Released Of Teen Beaten Into Having Sex With Man By Swirl-Gang! [Video]

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16 Yr-Old Hoodrat Mother Of “Thug Baby” Says “He Not A Thug, But He’s Been Shot Before And Is From Da Streets!” [Video]

This chick is an idiot! NOT EVERY KID CURSES!! Please, do not give this kid back to her!!!

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The Truth Hurts: Omaha Police In Trouble After Posting “Toddler Thug” Video With Title “The Thug Cycle” [Video]

Umm… it’s the damn truth! This baby’s family IS the cycle of ignorance and thuggery! Continue »

Police On The Hunt!: Man Beats Female And Puts Her Head In Burger King Toilet! [Video]

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Crazy Bus Shooting Caught On Camera “I Ain’t Get Shot… I’m Cool!” [Video]

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Miami Goons Don’t Care!: 2 Women Killed And 2 Injured When Liberty City Thugs Shoot Up House With “Automatic Cannon” [Video]

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The Hood Life: Shocking Footage Of Bronx Thug Shooting Up Rival While Kids Skip Down The Block! [Video]

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A Lil Positivity: Cynthia Bailey And Hubby Peter Thomas Double Reward To $10K To Help Find Atlanta Copkiller

Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas host book release party for "Carry On Baggage

At least one of the Atlanta Housewives (and her husband) are doing good for the city! Continue »


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