Killed Over Gear?: 17-Year-Old Teen Mother Killed By 14-Year-Old Brother Because She Bleached His Clothes! [Video]

This sounds like some mess!

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The Joys Of Being Black: 11-Year-Old Arrested At School For Stealing, But Why Didn’t They Suspend Him Or Call His Mother First? [Video]

First let us say, we do think this mother is wrong for forgetting about her baby-thug’s behavior Continue »

Breaking News: 92% Of Young Black Males In Chicago Are Unemployed!! [Video]

If this is true… this is a baffling catastrophe!! Kanye and president Obama need to do something about THIS!

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Barbaric Video Released Of Teen Beaten Into Having Sex With Man By Swirl-Gang! [Video]

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16 Yr-Old Hoodrat Mother Of “Thug Baby” Says “He Not A Thug, But He’s Been Shot Before And Is From Da Streets!” [Video]

This chick is an idiot! NOT EVERY KID CURSES!! Please, do not give this kid back to her!!!

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The Truth Hurts: Omaha Police In Trouble After Posting “Toddler Thug” Video With Title “The Thug Cycle” [Video]

Umm… it’s the damn truth! This baby’s family IS the cycle of ignorance and thuggery! Continue »

Police On The Hunt!: Man Beats Female And Puts Her Head In Burger King Toilet! [Video]

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Crazy Bus Shooting Caught On Camera “I Ain’t Get Shot… I’m Cool!” [Video]

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