Don Cornelius Popped For Beating That Tail!

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According to TMZ, The Don got “popped” messing around with one of his Nicole Simpson’s:

Don Cornelius of “Soul Train” was arrested last night on felony domestic violence. It went down on Mulholland Drive in L.A. in the early evening. Someone called from Cornelius’ home and LAPD responded to a “domestic dispute.” After arriving on scene, they arrested 72-year-old Cornelius on charges of felony domestic violence. He was taken to the LAPD jail in Van Nuys where his bail was set at $50,000. He was released at 5 AM. Cornelius is married to Victoria although the identity of the victim has not been released. The victim was not taken to the hospital and injuries are unknown.

The Don is from another time. He is too damn decrepit and feeble to be scrapping up those young tenders he’s been swirling around with.  SMH


Some Friday Swirl

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Rumor has it, 6’10″ Lamar Odom, was chasing down that little Hayden Panettiere after the Palladium opening the other day.

“Hayden was smiling in Lamar’s face, and was blatantly flirting. Most of the night he was knelt over, whispering words that had her stuck with a big grin. We had thought that she was dating Milo Ventimiglia, but Lamar still exchanged numbers with her. He was all over her.”

This is a pap source, so we do not know how true it is, however, they say Little Hayden is down for whatever. Lamar is going to chop that sugar cookie down, if he already hasn’t.

The Gaylord Chronicles: Chapter 3

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Ne-Yo is deading beef, in response to Yung Turd’s ultra wack rebuttal:

“Response for what?” he said about going back at Berg. “That ain’t my lane, dude. I don’t beef. I don’t do that. That ain’t my thing. I don’t do dis records. I don’t do beef. I don’t do any of that blogs talking about cats. I don’t do that. That ain’t my thing. I’m a grown man. I got money to make.

So part one of this battle, was when Ne-Yo was in Cali on a radio station talking about he would three finger slap Turd and C-Breezy’s stank pits, amongst other things. Part 2 was when we reported Yung Turd’s response which included him and his boys shucking and jiving like some real losers in front of the camera.

Here’s the video of neyo saying he does not want beef.

That is funny Ne-Yo. You don’t do diss records? Then what is this ish?

Some Morning Swirl

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The D-list star, Golden Brooks, acted ethnic as hell on Girlfriends, and we knew it was a front. The girl is so skinny, she could run around in the shower and not get wet. Golden is giving all that thin lovin’ to some surfer now. SMH

More beige activity below.

Images via WENN

Yeezy’s Listening Party

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Kanye’s “808s & Heartbreak” listening party went down Tuesday night in L.A. and Bossip was in the building to witness first-hand the musical mystery that is Mr. West. The album is almost ENTIRELY singing. No cameras were allowed and to make sure some buff jughead fools were roughing up people who did snap shots. During the listening were 40 booty-hole NAKED, bad females just posted up and posing and ish. Jay-Z,, and Officer Ross were in attendance.

Here’s Yeezy’s thank you speech where he talks about his

undying love for autotune, and the color pink.

Although the jugheads were in full effect, we still copped an exclusive pic, take a gander below.

More coverage of the event below Continue »

Lisa Bonet is Knocked Up….Again

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Denise stay big and pregnant. Her little vanilla scoop must be handling his business. We just wish they took baths as regularly as they bump uglies. Peep how she has him pushing that stroller.


Colin Powell Dances…and Raps?!?!

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Colin Powell was using his emcee and dancing skills to reach a younger crowd at London’s Africa Rising Festival:

Former secretary of state Colin Powell is the latest politician to get the urge to emcee, as the respected Washington veteran performed an impromptu freestyle this week at London’s Africa Rising Festival. The festival, which has become a popular showcase for African music and culture, paired Powell with African rapper Olu Maintain, originator of the Nigerian dance and song “Yahoozee.” Powell, to the crowd’s shock, alternated between performing the dance and spitting various call and response chants into the mic. After his set’s conclusion, Powell took a moment to pontificate with the crowd on the importance of African heritage, acknowledging their culture and never dismissing or forgetting it despite their achievements. “I stand before you as an African-American,” Powell reflected. “ Many people have said to me you became secretary of state of the USA, is it still necessary to say that you are an African-American or that you are black? And I say yes, so that we can remind our children.”

Well, there’s nothing like an influential person doing whatever is necessary to get the job done. Colin is legit, but the cat with the burgundy blouse on that is 2 sizes too small…not so much.

Even more pics if you find out how to pop the hood open. Continue »

Tranny Swag

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Tiffany Pollard and this young version of Norwood made it to the, Planet Funk’s Fashion Weekend Party and we have no idea why. Maybe there’s a pre-op segment to one of the fashion shows.

More pictures from the event below including some of the banger, Jennifer Freeman.

A bit more pre-op fun when you…. Continue »

Some Evening Swirl

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We all know that Michael Jordan has been pink toe-ing it up since his divorce with Juanita. Here he is in Miami on a dinner date with some young tender thang. A couple more images below:

Photos: SplashNews

Some Morning Swirl

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Not like anyone gives a rat’s ass who he’s interested in, but this is who Shemar Moore is trying to hook up with:

Criminal Minds” star Shemar Moore used his recent visit to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to profess his interest in dating Jennifer Aniston, and ask that the talk show host hook them up. After Moore danced his way onto the stage to Britney Spears’ “Gimme More,” Ellen asked during the interview session: “Who can I help you with? What is your type?” The actor said: “There is one particular person in this town that I kind of got a little crush on. A lot of guys got a crush on this girl but she can’t seem to find that man who can get it right and I just want to raise my hand and try. And that’s Ms. Jennifer Aniston.” Moore said he saw Aniston talking to DeGeneres at the “Stand Up to Cancer” telethon in September, but he was too chicken to approach Ellen and have her introduce him.

Well, it doesn’t get any lamer than Shemar Moore, but the “Witch Hagar” looking washed up has-been Jennifer Aniston? Well they do say she looks a little like a man in the face. SMH.


Another Day, Another Ganking

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As reported on Livesteez, Sean Kingston thought it would be a good idea to have his sister send that tacky $500,000 crayon box chain via FedEx and got his sh!t ganked. This sounds mighty damn suspicious if you ask us, especially since the package was only insured for $500. He must have been trying to get some of his money back; they have a very strict no refunds policy at Habeeb’s Quicky Mart. SMH


Quote of the Day

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Reggie & Kim

Marriage is in the future for Reggie Bush and Kim Karadashian:

Since Reggie Bush has been in the tabloids for his off-field pursuits as much as in the sports pages for his football exploits, we started there.

How is it going with girlfriend Kim Kardashian?

“Great,” he said. “Great girl. Great friend.”

Is marriage to her in the plans?

“Yes,” he replied.


“Don’t know. But it’s coming.”


“Definitely. Absolutely. I look forward to being a father.”

Hmmm…We have pictures of her sloppy looking ass under the hood. Continue »

Some Morning Swirl

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Man, these cats are really into wife-ing hoes these days. Rumors are ‘swirling‘ around that Hugh Hefner’s ex-whatever, Kendra Wilkinson, is engaged to Philadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett. Damn, we knew she was into the brothas, having let Diddy and other NFLer Shawne Merriam smash…smashing is one thing, but marriage? SMH.

Which One Would You Hit???

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Ladies, which one would you hit?

Both of these Neo-Conservatives (John McWhorter and Larry Elder), spew a bunch of “controversial views”. Here let us show you some of these guys greatest… Continue »

Keyshia Out on the Town

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Here are some shots of Keyshia Cole leaving Villa in LA in a nice white double “R” with some fellow. Hmmm, Keysh, perhaps a little swirl action for you as well?

Images via WENN

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