Thirsty Hoes: Persian Banger Puts Her Twitter Cyber Love Connections With Drake, Pooch Hall And More On Blast

Remember when that girl Christina Elizabeth “lost her phone” and her long relationship with Swizz Beatz was exposed to the world? Well something kinda like that happened on Twitter yesterday for this girl named “PersianBarbie” Continue »

R.I.P.: RihRih Mourns The Loss Of Grandma Dolly, Attends Funeral In BK

Rihanna looks visibly upset as she holds the hand of a female friend, while leaving her Manhattan hotel en route to her grandmother's funeral in Brooklyn

Rihanna Grieves Death Of Grandma Dolly

Our prayers are with you RihRih. Continue »

TwitPics: Brandy Has A Lil’ 4th Of July Fun With Her Friends, Fam, And Music Biz Boo-Thang Ryan Press [Pics]

Brandy has plenty to celebrate this year and she appears to be the happiest woman in the world based on her Twitter/Instagram feed. Continue »

Can You Guess Who Got This Silly-Azz Tattoo Of Mario-Kart???

You would think this singer/rapper would be done with acting recklessly with vehicles…SMH Continue »

Who Is My Blonde Bombshell Mama?

Maxwell Drew

This baby has a really rich mom, who is currently dropping her baby weight for them dollas. Can you guess who her Mommy is? Continue »


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