D-List Heatrbreak: Gloria Govan Has Finally Accepted That She And Matt Are Never Getting Back Together

Gloria Govan Speaks On Break Up, Thinks Matt Barnes And Eva Longaria May Actually Be Dating

This, ladies and gents, is the part of the healing and grieving process known as “anger,” and, of course, it comes after “denial.” Continue »

Update: Kimmy Cakes Issues Statement About Divorce, Official Divorce Papers Released

Kim Kardashian Issues Statement About Divorce

Kim Kardashian has confirmed her divorce from Kris Bumphries in a statement through the network that allegedly helped their short-lived union happen. Continue »

In Case You Missed It Too: The World Was Supposed To End Today

Another Harold Camping Apocalypse Prediction Fails To Happen

When that crazy Harold Cramping character made himself look like a total nutjob last May, with his claims that he knew the exact day the world would end, he didn’t let it go. Continue »

Get Well: Rick Ross Finally Decides To Take It Easy, Cancels All Shows This Weekend

Rick Ross Cancels All Shows This Weekend Following Health Scare Last Week

We’re glad Rozay is taking his recent health scare more seriously than he seemed to initially. Continue »

EXCLUSIVE: Rick Ross Still Under Observation In Alabama But In Stable Condition

Rick Ross Remains Under Observation In Alabama Following Two Seizures On October 14

Despite previous reports that he would be traveling to North Carolina for a show yesterday, Rick Ross remains in Birmingham, Alabama this morning where he has been since suffering a second seizure on Friday evening. Continue »

In Shocking White Folks News: Kat Von D Confirms That Dirty Dog Jesse James Cheated On Her Too

Kat Von D Hints At Jesse James Infidelity On Twitter

Poor Kat! There’s no way in hell she could have seen this coming. Continue »

Ho Sit Down: ESPN Cuts Hank Williams Jr. From Monday Night Football For Talking That “Hitler” Yang About President Obama

ESPN Pulls Hank Williams, Jr.'s "Monday Night Football" Theme Song After Obama/Hitler Comparison

When will these celebrities learn that corporations are not about being embarrassed alongside their spokespeople? Continue »

This “Sparkle” Remake Is Looking Better And Better: Meet Jordin Sparks’ On Camera Sisters

Jordin Sparks Tika Sumpter And Carmen Ejogo At Rehearsals For "Sparkle" Remake

Fellas, see how they trick you into watching a “chick flick”? Continue »

Duck And Hide: Javaris Crittenton Is Back On The Same Atlanta Streets He Shot Up Leaving A Woman Dead

Javaris Crittenton Out On Bail After Judge Finds Probable Cause To Charge Him With Murder

Dayum! Those NBA checks he’ll never see again must have paid for a hellified legal team. Continue »


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