Shocking: Ohio Supporters ‘Caught’ Looking Racist And Stumped For Reasons Why They Don’t Like Barack! [Video]

If you’re on the fence or don’t plan on voting tomorrow Continue »

Barack Tells Shady Politicos To Stay Out Of Women’s Health Decisions!!! [Video]

Barack’s steppin’ up while Mittens is avoiding the questions altogether! Continue »

Bossip Bolitics #4: UCLA Students Say Obama “Clearly” Won The Second Debate [Video]

It was obvious as hell!

Bossip Bolitics #3: “What Are Your Thoughts On The Vice Presidential Debate?” [Video]

Who do you think won the VP debate?

Bossip Bolitics #2: “What Are Your Thoughts On The First Presidential Debate?” [Video]

Bossip Bolitics Episode #1: Presidential Debate Announcements!! [Video]


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