Ho Sit Down: Donald Trump Calls “Central Park Five” Settlement A Disgrace 25 Years After Demanding Innocent Teens Be Executed

Trump Central Park 5

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Lady Goes Bananas In Walmart Stabbing People Up Talking About “The Clerk Is From The Mafia… They’re Watching Me” [Video]

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Catch Fade Chronicles: Gangster Beat Up In Jail By Aaron Hernandez Says “He Hits Like A B***h! What Had Happened Was…” [Video]


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When The MJ Estate Checks Start Coming In: Jermaine Jackson And His Painted On Hairline Gets His Brand New Ferrari Detailed [Photos]

Jermaine Jackson gets his new Ferrari detailed

Wait, how is this guy pushing ‘Raris and isht, but can’t pay his child support???

Seriously, though, Jermaine Jackson needs to get his priorities in order – what a wankster.

Jermaine Jackson gets his new Ferrari detailed



Annoying Things Men Have To Stop Doing In Night Clubs


Night clubs: 20% fun, 80% BS you have to navigate at every turn — 100% of which is brought on by the male patrons.


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