What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Lil Jon poses with Kreyshawn in Atlantic City

Here is Lil Jon at the”Promo Only Sessions” cocktail party in New York, posing and smiling big with Hip-Hop’s poser du jour, Kreyshawn. Continue »

Breaking News: Big Sean Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges

big sean

Sounds like the young MC is in some big trouble. Continue »

What Happens After You Call The POTUS Tar Baby?

Kevin Eason cartoon about Michelle Obama confronting Congressman Doug Lamborn after he called the POTUS Tar Baby

That wankster Doug Lamborn definitely has it coming after calling our POTUS a tar baby! SMH… Continue »

Brutality: Out Of Pocket One-Time Beat 17-Year-Old Until He Lost His Hearing For Threatening To Take Down Badge Number

Tyre Davis

This is some bullsh*t! Another shady officer has put his crooked hands on a teenager… Continue »

Old Habits Die Hard: Jennifer Lopez May Have Been In Denial About Marc Anthony’s Dirty Dog Ways, Fought To Keep The Marriage

Marc Anthony

You may not remember this, but Marc Anthony’s was technically married when he and Jennifer Lopez started kicking it. Continue »

Get Your Life Together: Breezy Busted Making Anti-Gay Slurs AGAIN During B-Ball Game

breezy ball

Calling GLAAD! Somebody needs to put Breezy and his thug lifin’ behind on time out. Continue »