Hola Hater: El Skeletor Threatens To Eff Up Everyone’s Checks Because J.Lo Has Moved On With Her Little ‘K-Fraud En Espanol’

Marc Anthony Threatens To Quit Joint Project With Jennifer Lopez Over Her New Romance

Awww! Doesn’t Marc Anthony know that no one wins when someone brings saltiness to the business table? Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Rush Limbaugh Accuses Michelle Obama Of Uppity-ism

Rush Limbaugh Michelle Obama

Everybody knows that if there is one thing racist wanksters detest, it’s an “uppity negro”! Continue »

Critics Call Newt Gingrich A “Classic Rental Politician” And Say “He’s A Stupid Man’s Idea Of What A Smart Person Sounds Like”

newt gingrich

At least we’re not the only ones who can see this dude is a FRAUDULENT INDIVIDUAL. Continue »

GTFOHWTBS: Tanya From The Real World Claims Her Male Castmates Violated Her While Cameras Were Rolling

Tanya Cooley Claims Real World Castmates Sexually Assaulted Her While Show's Production Crew Watched

We know how serious rape and sexual misconduct are and how tough it is for victims to speak out, but this one here we’re finding a little hard to believe. Continue »

Reality Check: The Only Team Offering T.O. Any Type Of Contract Is A Janky Arena Football Team

Terrell Owens Gets Offer From Arena Football Team

If not a single team caring enough to come see him workout didn’t convince Terrell Owens this should do the trick. Continue »

Shady Pig Who Was First To Fire In Murking Of Sean Bell To “Esplain” His Actions

Det. Gescard Isnora

It’s time to terminate these trigger happy wanksters! Continue »

Urban Outfitters Has The Navajo Nation’s Panties In A Bunch… Literally

navajo panty

The corporate culture vultures are at it again… Continue »

The Side-Eye: J. Hud Flakes On MJ Tribute Concert She Was Already Paid To Do Because…

Jennifer Hudson Cancels Appearance at Michael Jackson Tribute

Dayum! It was just one thing after another with this Michael Jackson Forever Tribute, huh? Continue »