“Beauty & The Beast” Part 12 Michael Blackson & Carolina Catalino [Video]

Dead @ “He looked more like an Akon… on cr@ck!” Continue »

Booty Model Kimmi Kennedy Describes Fake Implanted Butts Of Coco & Kim Kardashian “Both Butts Are Fake!” [Video]

Did she just say she saw someone get booty implants in a hotel room?

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Nicki Minaj Live Twerk Contest In Webster Hall Paying Girls To Shake Cakes! [Video]

Is this an illuminati ploy to make black and hispanic girls more ratchet than they already are?

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Some Kind Of Record?: 6-Year Old Suspended For Gun Gesture [Video]

SMH @ The description of him being a “meek-skinny child… a .2 on the threatening scale.”

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