In Ain’t Isht White Folks News: Ex-Chicago Cop Drew Peterson Found Guilty Of Murdering 3rd Wife

Drew Peterson has been found guilty of 1st Degree Murder in the 2004 murder of his 3rd wife after his 4th wife vanished… Continue »

Mitt Romney Accidentally Confronts A Gay War Veteran And Pure Comedy Ensues! [Video]

This is a throwback video. Also, this video is dedicated to the readers who feel… Continue »

New “Sister Love” Reality Show (Sizzle Reel): Some Bangers In There! [Video]

Five Beautiful Sisters, all involved in the entertainment industry. Coming together for your viewing pleasures.

Continue »

Diddy At Chateau Nightclub And Gardens In Vegas With Draya Michele For Labor Day Weekend: Has Draya Abandoned Her Son?? [Video]

We always see her here and there without her son. Poor little guy is being raised by his granny while mommy parties it up every-single-night!
Continue »

What Do You Think?: Folks Are Saying This President Obama Hug With Bill Clinton At The DNC Is “Suspect” [Video]

Don’t kill the messenger… this is what is going down on the net.

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