Bill O’Reilly Criticizes Attorney General Eric Holder And Says “He Is Using His Skin Color To Avoid Criticism” [Video]

SMH… Bill “Keep Race On My Mind” O’Reilly is just trying to boost his ratings and feed his followers the manna.

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UNCF Red Carpet Interviews With Fonzworth Bentley & Wife, Mack Wilds, Sevyn Streeter, And The Gorgeous Salli Richardson [Video]

Bossip of course attended the UNCF event and we talked with a few celebs. Continue »

Arrest These Ducks!: Missing Relisha Rudd’s Grandmother And Mom Speak Out Disputing Mayor Saying They Are At Fault! [Video]

It sounds like Sex Trafficking because… What sane parent looking out for their daughter GIVES her to a Janitor? Continue »

Hater Throws Shoe At Hillary Clinton During Las Vegas Speech [Video]

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Nick “Corn Muffin” Cannon Performs On Arsenio Hall And Explains His Whiteface Incident [Video]

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Missing Black Boy Alert: 10-Year Old Taye Watson Missing Since Wednesday After Bad Review From School And Mom Left Him On Street At 8:30 That Evening! [Video]

How does his mom LET him not get in the car and go home at 8:30?
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