For Discussion: Would You Allow Your 5-Year-Old Son To Dress Up As A Princess Boy?

Dyson Kilodavis

As the debate over bullying continues, we were drawn to this story of a black family whose youngest son likes to express himself a little “differently”. Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture????

drake and his girlfriend

Aubrey “Drake” Graham was photographed sitting on “someone’s” lap. Something is a little off about this image, but we can’t quite put our finger on it…perhaps you can help. Continue »

SMH: Ugandan Newspaper Publishes The Names And Addresses Of Homosexuals

Ugandan newspaper publishes names and addresses of suspected gays

Hatred toward gays continues to be expressed openly in Uganda, where a local newspaper recently published photos, names and addresses of homosexuals, encouraging violence toward the individuals named. Continue »

Yeezy’s Freakazoid Sexfest Cover Gets Nixed

Kanye West new album cover

Kanye‘s making white people uncomfortable again. We get the impression that he doesn’t really care. Continue »

How Much Do You Think Burger King Paid To Settle The Lawsuit Over The Unwrapped Condom In This Kid’s Whopper?

man finds condom in sandwich

We can’t think of a number high enough to pay for the trauma that would occur if we found this in our sandwich, but apparently this guy did. Continue »

SMH: Some Wankster Is Trying To Profit Off Old Pictures Of Rih Rih With Her Face Punched In That The Public Hasn’t Seen Yet!

Chris Brown Rihanna on the night that changed everything

This is super jacked up… We may not always root for RihRih over here, but we’d still kick the azz of any sonofab*tch who tried selling us old pictures of her and Breezy from that infamous beatdown. Continue »

Poor Thang: BritBrit Caught With Her Swap Meet Trailer Park Weave Tracks Exposed

britney spears extensions weave track showing

SMH. We all know that Britney Spears is good for rockin horrible weaves on a regular basis, so when she was seen earlier this week with her tracks on front street, it was no surprise to us. Continue »

What The Hell??? You Won’t Believe What This Poor Unfortunate Soul Had Removed

23 year old Chinese man Xu Yanlin lived like a hermit for 8 years because of tumors

Poor Thang! 23-year-old Xu Yanlin lived like a hermit in China for eight years because of body disfiguring tumors. We’re warning you now, this is tough to look at. Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

The Situation, Dancing With The Stars, Jersey Shore

“Clark Kent” aka “Superman” aka Mike the Situation is packing some serious c*ckage while rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars. Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Gay Away Pill

What’s wrong with this picture??? Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Picture???

Miami Police Department

Apparently the Miami Police Department thinks Hov is set trippin’! The website for the department features this “Report Gang Activity” banner that has not 1, but 2, Camel lookalikes. Just a coincidence? We think not… Continue »

Caption This

Lil Mo performing in New York

Lil Mo keeps keeping her fans hopes alive that some new material is on it’s way. But what exactly is the jail pose on stage all about? More blast from the past photos when you continue. Continue »

Some Afternoon Cakes

Ashanti Toi

Meet Ashanti Toi, this week’s KING Magazine Web Girl of the week. Continue »

Fill In The Blank

Jim Jones standing outside the BET awards

Fill In The Blank: Jim Jones Looks Like He’s About To Take A ____________ On The BET HipHop Awards. Continue »


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