What Is Wrong With This Video???: Nicki Minaj Backing It All Up On Lil Wayne

"Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj in Knockout"

Lil’ Wayne and Nicki Minaj are close, this is a known fact but we didn’t know that got down like this!!! How Many of You Think Lil Wayne has Chopped Nicki Down?!?!

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What Is Wrong With This Video?!??

"Worst DJ Ever"

We found this video called “The Worst DJ Ever”… At first we didn’t understand and you probably won’t either from just looking at the pic above. All we can say is… This Woman Should Feel Violated but then again, the dude probably does it to her all the time!!!

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For Discussion: Times Haven’t Changed! Study Shows Kids Still Think White Is Right

Regardless of your race — if you haven’t started talking to your children about skin color, you might want to start now. Last night’s CNN special “Black or White: Kids on Race,” revealed that a racial bias exists even among young kids today. Pop the hood for video and details on the study Continue »

BeyBey Films A Commercial… And Are These ‘Single Ladies’ A Little Too Young To Be Shakin’ Their Cakes?

"Beyonce crouches on the floor for her C&A commercial"

Clearly that “break” she was supposed to take went out the window… Photos of Beyonce on the set of a new C&A (international clothing store) commercial hit the net recently. Pop the hood for more along with video of some little ladies shakin’ it ‘Single Ladies’ style. Continue »

Gayest Video Ever? Who Is Trying To Do The “D*ck Slang” With Their Homeboys?

"Boys Demonstrate A New Dance Called The D*ck Slang"

SMH… Apparently young men today are flexing their dance muscles in entirely new and disturbing ways. We just want to know how often heterosexual young men get together in groups of five and say “Come over after school and do the ‘D*ck Slang’ with me”? We’re betting it’s not too many. You’ve GOT to see this one to believe it.


What Is Wrong With This Picture?!?!

Easter Sunday Hair Style

WHY!!! WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THIS?!?! It is completely okay to get into the holiday spirit but this is not acceptable at all.

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Say Hello To My Little Friend

This little boy is not just playing with a toy gun, he’s acting out the role of Tony Montana, Al Pacino’s character from Scarface. While the film is undoubtedly a classic, we were disturbed that elementary school students would ever be asked to act out such adult content. Click the jump to watch and make sure to tell us “What’s Wrong With This Video???” Continue

DAMN YOU BEYONCE!!!!: What Is Wrong With This Video?!?!

Out of all the foolishness that is out there, we just came across these three guys dancing to “Naughty Girl”. Now the only person that we can blame for this is Beyonce… DAMN YOU!!!

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What’s Wrong With This Picture???

This is what people in Yonkers are doing to cut down on water bill costs. Something about this is a little strange, but we can’t put our finger on it..

What is Wrong with this Picture???

What Were You Thinking?

A Lil Wayne fan put on for him outside of the courthouse yesterday by showing off her Weezy tattoo.  Between her stretch marks and her inked up body all we want to know is…What Were You Thinking??

More pics of this curious case under the hood.

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Samuel L. Jackson After Mo’Nique’s Speech: What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Samuel L. Jackson is very much respected for his profession in Hollyweird and the road he has traveled to get to this point BUT… What the hell was that look Sam gave after Mo’nique’s speech???

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Black Men Jump Ship Because A Black Woman Doesn’t Know How To Be Submissive!!!

We have accepted that this topic is not going away. One thing we always hear is a woman’s perspective, this time we have a man who speaks his mind on “WHY BLACK MEN JUMP SHIP ON BLACK WOMEN!!!”

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Will Lil Wayne Pay For His Blood Allegiance Behind Bars???

While it’s unlikely that Weezy will serve his time with the general population whenever he actually does head to Rikers, we have to wonder if it’s smart for him to be blooding it up so tough before heading to jail. He’s never been shy about rocking his red flag or throwing a “Soo Woo” in his lyrics, but the New Orleans rappers seems to have stepped it up as his impending jail term approaches — just look at his recent appearance alongside Menace and Mitchy Slick for their “Blood Ni**as” video. Continue

Rihanna Teaches Alan Carr To Dance, But Did Somebody Forget Their Pants???

Rihanna’s got a lot going on right now.. but two things you should not be expecting from Rihanna are a Rated R re-release and a tell-all autobiography. Bossip has learned the singer is planning a new album though, details on that — and a video of her dancing it up with Alan Carr — on the flipside. Continue »