Will Lil Wayne Pay For His Blood Allegiance Behind Bars???

While it’s unlikely that Weezy will serve his time with the general population whenever he actually does head to Rikers, we have to wonder if it’s smart for him to be blooding it up so tough before heading to jail. He’s never been shy about rocking his red flag or throwing a “Soo Woo” in his lyrics, but the New Orleans rappers seems to have stepped it up as his impending jail term approaches — just look at his recent appearance alongside Menace and Mitchy Slick for their “Blood Ni**as” video. Continue

Rihanna Teaches Alan Carr To Dance, But Did Somebody Forget Their Pants???

Rihanna’s got a lot going on right now.. but two things you should not be expecting from Rihanna are a Rated R re-release and a tell-all autobiography. Bossip has learned the singer is planning a new album though, details on that — and a video of her dancing it up with Alan Carr — on the flipside. Continue »

Monica “Danger” Leon Faces Off With Poprah: “I Will Get Someone To Kill You!”

We have Ray J and Diddy to thank for finding two of the battiest b*tches on the planet and making them famous enough for this ish to be news. Monica “Danger” Leon pissed off Poprah at a comedy fundraiser recently. Pop the hood to watch this sh*t go from bad to worse. Continue »

Now That’s What We Call A Freak Show! Women With Two Vajayjays Talk To “Tyra Show”

If you missed today’s “Tyra Show,” she had several guests who suffer from bizarre conditions, including a woman who suffers gargantuan growth in her legs! Tyra also speaks with a panel of women who all have two vaginas! Flip to the other side for more. Continue »

Tim Tebow’s Anti-Abortion Commercial for Superbowl is Causing Controversy and GoDaddy.com’s Commercial has Been Banned!!!

We are one week away from the Superbowl and the commercials are already causing controversy. GoDaddy.com’s commercial already has been banned and Heisman Trophy Winner Tim Tebow is appearing in an anti-abortion commercial paid for by Focus on the Family. Some say companies are going too far… What do you think???

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Caption This

Prince William saw this man while visiting the Redfern Community Centre for indigenous Australians in Sydney.  If you could read Prince Williams mind he probably would be saying This man ___________.  Fill in the blank and check out more flicks of the random guy under the hood. Continue »

What’s Wrong with This Video???

We found this video of a woman on public transportation, half a$$ naked talking about using crack, suckin’ d**k and taking it where the sun don’t shine. The sad part is the people filming it are eggin’ her on.

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What is Wrong with This Video???

Out of all the things that could possibly be seen in a strip club, we never imagined some sh*zz like this… A STRIPPER PROSTHETIC LEG!!! Everybody always has to get in where they fit in and obviously, this works for this chick. All we can say is SMH!!!

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Fill in the Blank

Lil Kim was on the party scene all weekend in NJ and NYC and was spotted this time at Club Abyss in NJ getting up close and personal with her fans. 

Fill in the Blank: Lil Kim looks excited about _________________________________________________.

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What is Wrong With This Picture???

Regina King was spotted with a Michael Jackson impersonator, Micky J at the Ritz-Carlton in Philly for a screening of her show Southland. 

Why is he there??? From the look on Regina’s face she’s wondering the same thing too.

More pics of Regina and the fake MJ on the flippy. Continue »

Things People Do for $$$: Family Sets Themselves on Fire in Hopes of Getting a Reality Show

Reality TV is getting way out of hand… This family is so desperate to be on TV that they decided to set themselves on fire.

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*How Precious*

Actress and “Precious” star Gabourey Sidibe helped light up the 2010 New Year’s Eve numerals by pedaling for power at the Duracell Smart Power Lab in Times Square, NYC yesterday.  We’ll be nice. 

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What is Wrong with This Video???: The Klumps vs. The Coles

The tv network TLC has come up a new reality show called “One Big Happy Family” and the show puts an obese family on display. They are what you would call the real life Klumps from the movie Nutty Professor.

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What is Wrong With This Video???

Out of all the sh*zz that we have seen, this pretty much takes the cake. We can’t believe anybody would be apart of this foolishness… we can’t even comment on it. We will give you a hint: Chicken Wings, 40oz of O.E. and $250.

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What is Wrong with This Picture???

Some loyal Bossip readers felt the need to go in to a Betsey Johnson store in Tennessee and this was the final result… Thoughts???