What is Wrong with This Picture???

Some loyal Bossip readers felt the need to go in to a Betsey Johnson store in Tennessee and this was the final result… Thoughts???

What in the World???

A building in Germany, which is home to major newspaper in the country, decided to put an editor on blast when he went in for a plastic surgery procedure to enlarge his man parts.  He’s featured on the side of the building (shown above) with a very large…

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The Marquee Club Rapist Caught On Camera Wrestling A Female Off The Premises

This video shows you how the Marquee Club rapist works his magic. He basically picks the most drunk girl there and carry’s her out like he is helping. SMH

First She Ditched the Brothers, Now Kelly’s Skin is Lighter in a UK Ad???


When Kelly first ran off to the UK, we thought she would stay true to herself…especially with her being the biggest advocate for chocolate, dark skinned women. But lately, we have reason to believe differently

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This Just In: We Have Proof Inside That Diddy Likes Men


Bossip just got visual evidence which suggests what we knew all along, that Diddy isn’t interested in women at all. Pop the hood for the details. Continue »

What in Ghostface Geisha Hell Was Debbie Allen Thinking??


Debbie Allen strolled her oldie but goodie a** down the red carpet of some event in Santa Monica looking like this.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture???


Amber Rose and CoCo hit up the Target Screening of “Good Hair” in NYC and hit up the after party looking like “kissing cousins” who would do anything for a Klondike bar. We know this is some man’s dream but not ours, so we must ask…

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The Ghost Face Killer Returns…


The popular NoH8 Campaign hit ATL and the resident ghostface killer representative Miss Sophia (popular ATL radio personality)hit the scene with her white face on full blast.  Pop the hood for more flicks.

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What’s Wrong With this?


We know Africans can pack a car but damn… Is this a whole village?

Damn Can Someone Throw Ci-Error a Meal or Two…

cici copy

Ci-Error and LaLa were spotted in Malibu over the weekend and CiCi was looking real see-thru.  We’re all about a healthy body but when you look like you weigh less than a toothpick we have room to wonder.

Become an Instant Rapper…


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Out of Pocket: Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee Uses Her Cell During a Town Hall Meeting…


What phone call could be so important that TX Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee had to pick up her cell phone during a town hall meeting? Continue »

Jesus Take the Wheel: Police Body Slam an 80 Year Old Woman at Wal-mart

Wal Mart Death

Some Columbus, OH Police officers were caught on tape body slamming down an 80 year old black woman outside of Wal-mart.

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What’s Wrong With this Picture?

Obama joker

These posters of Obama dressed up like the Joker are popping up all over LA in the oddest places…

What is Wrong With This Picture????

They Should’ve Never Gave You N*ggaz Money

soulja boy

Soulja Boy has gone way over board. He has went and bought an Iced Out Lamborghini Chain and it’s remote control. This is the kind of coonery that Nas and Nick Cannon were talking about… SMH

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