Pretty Ricky’s Spectacular: “I’m Not Gay”


Spectacular’s feelin’ the heat from all sides after that ridiculous video he put out yesterday. He called into a radio show and declared his heterosexuality. Flip the switch Continue »

Gay Soulja Boy: “Turn My Fag On”

Posted by Bossip Staff


Someone redid the Soulja Toy song, Turn My Swag On. SMH

Pop the top and… Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Video: Man Takes Daughter on Robbery

Posted by Bossip Staff


The man and his daughter you see in the photo are robbing a store in Washington. Yeah, we know, un-f*cking-believable. The man told the clerk he is going through hard times, with his tribe…

Pop it and watch it y’all… Continue »

The Gayest Video Ever? Old School Edition

Posted by Bossip Staff

Make sure you wait until the 3:45 mark to see some pure comedy. SMH at dude’s facial expression.

What’s Wrong With This Video???

Posted by Bossip Staff

We want to bring back that Milli Vanilli swag and ask what is wrong with this video??

It looks like the problems start before the music comes on. SMH.


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