Pay Yo Bills Toni…


Toni Braxton is being sued after failing to pay on a $900,000 loan that she took out with City National Bank. Continue »

Pay Yo Bills: Method Man Arrested for Unpaid Taxes


Remember back in March when we reported on Method Man’s tax troubles?? Well now he’s been arrested:

Already having his fair share of issues with the law, things have taken a turn for the worse for Wu Tang staple, Method Man. Meth was arrested today by New York police for tax evasion. Continue…

When the Checks Stop Coming in: Mariah Gets Desperate to Sell CD’s and Hits up the Today Show


With the world missing Mariah’s album release date, her album is only predicted to sell 170K units.  So she’s pulling out tricks to sell albums, including going to the Today Show displaying a possible gut full of______.

Check the flipside to see her try and sing. Continue »

Blind Leading the Blind… Tameka Foster Mentors Young Girls with a Bootleg Foundation


Tameka has a camp for girls that will take place for a week in December.  Apparently, she has used Twitter to voice the need for donations and such.

Check the flip side for more. Continue »

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Ebony Mag is Up for Sale


Johnson publishing has had a rough time with keeping their publications a float during the recession and now it seems their most prized possession Ebony Magazine is seeking investors to keep the mag from shutting down.

Continue »

Ci-Error Goes from Sold Out Areana’s to Performing at the LA County Fair… Girl Bye!!!


We told y’all Ciara was dropped from the Britney Spears tour but we’re hearing her replacement gig is headlining the county fair. On an up note, flip the hood to view her new trailer for Mama I Want to Sing.

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SMH: Tamia, Kelly Price and Deborah Cox Form a Trio


As if LSG wasn’t torture enough a woman’s version is in the making and Tamia, Deborah and Kelly are coming together to form the group known as TDK.

Girl BYE!!! Continue »

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Jasmine Guy’s Divorce Put Her In the Hole?


When Jasmine Guy decided to divorce Mitchell Duckett, she didn’t know about all the expenses ole boy had racked up:

“A Different World” star Jasmine Guy got her furniture, artwork, jewelery, cars, pre-marital earnings and sole custody of her daughter in her divorce from her hubby of 11 years — but she also got a crapload of debt. Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Kendra Wilkinson’s Husband Hank Baskett is Dropped From the Eagles


It’s a wrap for Hank “Black Face” Baskett: Continue »

How Are YOU Decked Out In Pure White??


Lisa Raye was seen in Beverly Hills at a salon. Even though “white” is her “signature color” she is still one of those people who do not fit the bill for wearing white.

Pop the top and peep some more Continue »

When the Checks Are Sllloooowwwly Coming In: DAY 26 is Selling High Heel Shoes Instead of Hits


Day 26 is taking a different approach to selling music. They decided to create a shoe, Eight2Six, that goes with there single “Your Heels.” None of these guys appear to even know what a woman wants especially in a shoe. Their latest album is clearly not selling so, they had to do something.

Would you give these heels a chance??? Continue »

Lisa Hartwell Still Living It Up… Despite Losing One Home

Remember in the beginning of the month we reported on Lisa Wu losing a home? Remember she said her other house is this and her other house is that? Well, the house is in the boonies and they have been owners since 2005, and it’s way different from her last home: Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In


One of the members from Kid ‘N’ Play has just about hit rock bottom.

Pop the top and find out which one it is… Continue »

Who Gon Check Me Boo?


RHOA Sheree Whitfield is taking her 2 minutes of fame to the limit by holding a new t-shirt design contest that coins her trademark phrase “Who Gon Check Me Boo.” Pop the hood for the details: Continue »

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Omarion Dropped From Cash Money Already!


Omarion is going to have to find another gig because Cash Money only has room for one weenie-bopper, and he is not it. Bow Wow seems to have made it very crowded at Cash Money… so Omarion has been released by the label ALREADY:

“Omarion is… Continue »