Pay Yo Bills: DMX Owes Over $1 Million in Taxes


Damn, Earl can’t catch any breaks:

The pot of water has boiled over for rapper DMX as records show that he is in a $1.5 million tax debt. Continue…

Out-of-a-Job: “Dimple-Face” Larry Johnson is No Longer a Kansas City Chief…Headed to the Washington Redskins???

Larry Johnson was released by the Chiefs, might get picked up by the Redskins: Continue »

Remember Me???


Ever wonder what Tahj Mowry, the little guy from Smart Guy is up to? Flip the hood to see the pure comedy that he calls a job now. Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Katt Williams Popped For…Burglary

Katt MugShot

Katt Williams has been arrested for burglary: Continue »

Life After Kanye


Amber Rose seems to be just fine amidst the rumors that Kanye dropped her faster than a bad habit.  She was spotted at the Philly’s world series game showing love to her hometown. 

Flip the Hood for Another Pic of the Kanye Reject Continue »

*Bossip Exclusive Scoop* Charlamagne tells Bossip the Reason he was Fired was Because of “J”

charlamagne copy

Right after we heard the news about Charlamagne being canned, we hit him up for the scoop and to find out why he feels he was fired:

BOSSIP: Man, that Camel pulled a fast one on you, didn’t he? What got you fired…the “J” word, Beans, or Hova straight up making a call?

Charlamagne: Bra, it’s not that blatant… is it?

BOSSIP: (SMH) Why do you feel you were let go, man?!?! Do you really think that “he” would have enough of an influence to get you canned like that? Continue »

Recession Blues: Whitney Houston’s $5.6 Million Dollar NJ Mansion is Up for Sale


Looks like Whitney’s million dollar bills have worn out because her million dollar New Jersey Mansion is up for sale and it’s on the market for less than half of what she paid for it. 

Flip it for the Details Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming in: “I Made Over $300 Million and Now I’m Broke”


This may be the worst when the checks stop coming in ever. Continue »

Former NBA First Round Pick And Celtic Antoine Walker Wasted Away $110 Million… He’s “Flat Line” Broke!!!


Antoine Walker, former NBA player, is over $4 million in the hole and facing charges for felony check fraud:

In 12 years, Antoine Walker made more than $110 million playing professional basketball moderately well. Take away taxes, throw in some Adidas endorsement money and an “NBA Live 99″ cover, and he’s left with, what… Continue »

Bugsy Says “Ross’ Son Has A Hearing Problem But Has No Health Insurance To See A Doctor”

50 Tia

Bugsy is riding on “The Boss” lately because of the release of the Triple C’s album but this is also promotion for Fiddy’s own upcoming album.  50 is back at his baby mama antics and has released some behind the scenes coverage of Ross’ baby mama’s photo shoot. 

Pop the Top for the Behind the Scenes Video and Details on 50 Cent Losing Millions Continue »

When the Checks Stop Coming In: The Downfall of Marc Ecko


We can remember when it was cool to be decked out in Ecko, but as of late, the company can’t sell a piece of apparel to save its life. Continue »

The RHOA Had its Season Finale Last Night but the Drama is Still Going


If you follow us on Twitter, then you know it was PURE COMEDY during the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta . With all the drama that popped off, apparently the girls are still having issues.  So, Kim and NeNe hit up Jimmy Kimmel and Sheree has issues paying her bills, AGAIN. Continue »

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Prince Markie Dee Of The Fat Boys To Head To Wrestling Ring


The Fat Boys burst onto the eighties music scene and have since dwindled down into part of a Hip-Hop history lesson. Now more than 20 years since their debut, one of the original members is having his name thrust back into the spotlight. Continue…

Wendy Williams Can’t Book an A-Lister on her Show to Save Her Life


Wendy Williams hasn’t been able to book a valid known celebrity on her daytime talk show as of yet.  According to staffers, she’s been turned down by a number of celebs to come on her show.  Flip the hood to find out who. Continue »

More Recession Blues for Toni Braxton… Do We Smell a Foreclosure???


Toni Braxton needs some serious management with her finances. First she defaulted on a loan and now her house is up for foreclosure.  Toni B…. Get it Together!!!

More Details Under the Hood… Continue »


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