Pretty Ricky is Pretty Gay: Spectacular in a Thong Part 2

You thought Spectacular learned his lesson with the first flamboyant video he dropped, didn’t you? This young man may have denied being gay, but he is obviously battling some demons. SMH

50 Trying to Sell House For 14 Milli, But Agent Says: “The House Is Not Worth 1 Cent Over 5 Million”


50 and his over the top mansion are not selling in this current market:

After 722 days on the market, 50 Cent has taken his Farmington, Connecticut mansion out of the running for a new resident. The Hartford Courant reports that the 50,000-square-foot home’s asking price of $14.5 million was too much to attract potential buyers. “The house is not worth $1[dollar] over $5 million,” Prudential Premier Homes agent Rob Giuffria told the newspaper, as he joined local real estate agents in alluding to the mansion’s Hartford area location, as a possible factor in deterring buyers. Continue »

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Hammertime All Over Your Television Screen


Not another tired @ss D-list reality show. Seriously MC Hammer Reality Show? SMH. Network execs need to be taken out and shot execution style for even getting down with this dribble. Pop the lid for the vid Continue »

When the Checks Never Come In: Slumdog Kids Shafted by Movie, Their Tin Shantie…Torn Down!!

Jesus Take the Wheel. The Slumdog kids who starred in the movie are poorer than hell. F*ck a trust fund, put these people in a decent home and give them some decent education for making the movie what it was. We can’t believe this…

Click Here to Watch

*Update* When The Checks Stop Coming In: Pretty Ricky Dances in Thong

This just in: Pretty Ricky gets dropped by Atlantic Records. Wouldn’t have anything to do with Spectacular and his salmon pink tighty whites gyrating in the camera and challenging his competition to a draws dance-off, would it? Continue »

When the Checks Stop Coming In: The Feds Are After Robin Givens

Robin Givens 2

Robin Givens is hurting. The Feds say she is in the hole over $290,000 and about to get her assets placed on lien: Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Is VIBE Magazine Filing For Bankruptcy??

Posted by Bossip Staff


Word is, VIBE is assed out and just filed for bankruptcy:

According to inside sources, Vibe Magazine is almost on the way out. Vibe’s long-run in the game looks to be coming to an end. Sales and subscriptions have been at an all-time low for the past couple of months. Vibe Magazine used to be a staple in the hip hop community, but ever since Editor-in-Chief Danyel Smith took over, the ship has been slowly sinking…. Continue »

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Side Piece Sues

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This is some dumb ish right here. Ola Ray, the jheri-curled side piece in Michael Jackson’s‘ ground-breaking ‘Thriller’ video wants her cut of the royalties. Damn girl, how late are you? Michael’s not even black or a man anymore and you’re trying to collect? Flip the script for more Continue »

Nelly Makes Booty Fragrance

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Come on Nelly. You know you’re reaching with this ish. What’s this new fragrance going to smell like? @ss and apples? Scary. Flip the script for more Continue »

Ashanti Wants to Do Dorothy

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Ashanti is desperate to get her thick thighs back on stage so she’s signing up to do The Wiz. When we think of Dorothy, we don’t think of Mrs. Nelly. What do you think? Check the b-side for more Continue »

Whose Ashy Ankles Are These?

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Arnold was at the Tribeca Film Festival for the Midgets vs Mascots premiere. No, we have no clue where he got those clogs and why his ankles look like he had rope tied around them for days on end.  SMH

You aint seen sh*t yet, pop it and see the lil mans lips…

Continue »

DMX Does a Drug Deal

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Either DMX has found God or he’s about to foreclose on his house cuz we never thought we’d see this mentally challenged rapper put his addiction issues on blast on reality tv. Flip the script for more Continue »

Blackstreet and Guy Go for Round 2


Posted by Bossip Staff

This is what happens when your cars have been repossessed and your baby mamas are threatening to take your broke a*$ to court. Who’s next to join the reunion bandwagon? Boyz to Men? Pop the hood for more. Continue »

When the Checks Stop Coming In: Xzibit Looking For Someone to Pimp His Mortgage Payment

Posted by Bossip Staff


Looks like, X to the Z, is in the hole with his mortgage payments: Continue »

Danity Kane Disses Diddy with Secret New Album

Posted by Bossip Staff


Diddy’s career-ending curse may have struck down the girls of Danity Kane for now, but word on the street is that the Making the Band girl group are set to record a new album..without the likes of Poison Puff.  Continue »

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