Awesome Parenting: Mom Arrested For Two DUIs In One Night


You drunks that get just one DUI in a night need to step your game up. Continue »

Where Are Our Parents: Two 8-Year-Olds Suspected In String Of Car Break-Ins

We have got to do better about preventing these little children from doing hoodrat isht with their friends. Continue »

Epitome Of A Bad Father: Three-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Herself While Dad Left Her Home Alone To Go See Girlfriend

lilianna moore 3 shoots herself

This is so sad:

St. Louis police said three-year-old Lilianna Moore was home alone when she accidentally shot herself in the head. Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Eve With Swizz Beatz Son Kasseem Dean, Jr. Outside The 2011 BET Awards

Here are Eve with Swizz Beatz‘s second-born Kasseem, Jr., who we’re sure has known her all of his life and probably calls her “auntie.” Continue »

In White Folks Who Rebuke The Sober Life News: Blohan Is Still Getting Slizzard On House Arrest

Lindsay Lohan fails alcohol test

This broad just won’t be satisfied until she’s in a jail cell, getting her hair braided by a BISH named Big Mama. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: 12-Year-Old Cristian Fernandez Could Face Life In Prison For Beating Baby Brother To Death

Cristian Fernandez

This is such a sad story:

Prosecutors want to lock a 12-year-old boy up for the rest of his life – to stop him from killing again. Continue »

Don’t Eff With This Kid: 10-Year-Old Captures Alligator And Drags It Home!

alligator kid

We hope this makes you kids out there feel like a bunch of p*ssies Continue »

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