Epitome Of A Bad Mother Part 4…

Edyan Farah

This is so sad.

Meet Edyan Farah, an Indianapolis mother of five who is being charged with neglect after two of her kids died while she left them alone for over ten hours. And you won’t believe the conditions she locked them up in. Continue »

Michael Jordan’s Underage Son Wilds Out In Las Vegas, Casino Under Investigation

Jordan and son

Apparently gambling runs in the family as Michael Jordan’s son Marcus is bringing some unwanted heat to MGM Resorts International. Continue »

Jaden Smith, Man Of Style, Hits London To Promote “The Karate Kid”

Jaden Smith outside the BBC Radio One studios

Lil Jaden Smith hit up BBC Radio One studios in London to promote “The Karate Kid” in this interesting ‘fit. Are you feeling his little leather vest, open grey boots, shades and blowout? Pop the hood for more shots of him, Jackie Chan and Jaden’s lil fan Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Baby Smoking Bong

It’s obvious what is wrong with this picture, but the real question is what is wrong with this baby’s mother?? Number one for taking this photo, and number two for posting it on Facebook. Peep what her dumba$s had to say when you… Continue »

Out Of Pocket White Kids May Not Graduate After Hanging Bananas During Racist Prank


Two high school seniors may not graduate after a racist prank in Auburn, Washington, where they reportedly hung bananas over a meeting spot where Black students congregated and called the area “The Jungle.” SMH. Details when you Continue

Bobbi Kristina Looking Like A Skinny Version Of Her Moms And Pops…Smoking Cigarettes!!

Bobbi Kristina Brown was photographed looking like she dropped the baby fat and smoking a cigarette..making us a little worried that she might be following in Whitney and Bobby’s footsteps.

Pop the top and peep the little girl Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: Mother Finds 5-Yr Old Daughter Killed And Stuffed In Trash Bag Inside Closet Of Own House… By UNCLE!

In Compton a 5-yr old girl, Mireya McCall, was found by her mother inside of a trash can… killed by her own uncle.  People in the community say they are not surprised either! We can’t believe this story…

R.I.P. Mireya McCall.

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Man Arrested For Throwing Boy Into Dryer, Forcing Him To Eat Cat Feces

Joseph Jones

This is disgusting…

A West Virginia man was taken into police custody after authorities say he abused his girlfriend’s son extensively, duct taping him and throwing him in to a clothes dryer before later forcing him to eat a cat feces sandwich. Continue

Jesus Take The Wheel: 13-Year-Old Stabbed In The Neck By 14-Year-Old Baby Daddy!!!

Police Tape

This is just crazy!!!

A 13-year-old mother was hospitalized early Wednesday after police say she was stabbed in the neck by her 14-year-old boyfriend who is also the father of her daughter. Police are still seeking the teen boy. Continue »

The Epitome Of A Bad Mother

Christina Muniz is sick of her kids

Meet Christina Muniz. Christina has to be the worst mother EVER. Pop the hood to find out why… Continue »

Ardi Rizal, The Smoking Baby, Has Cut His Habit…Down To 15 A Day…SMH

Ardi Rizal Smoking Baby

What is the world coming to?? We got babies guzzling beers at baseball games, and two year-olds cutting down their 2 pack a day smoking habit:

The world’s most famous smoker — a 2-year-old whose picture puffing away caused an Internet sensation — is down from 40 cigarettes a day to a mere 15 Continue »

Hey Kid This Bud’s For You!

Someone call AA for this tike pronto! A little kid attending a Phillies baseball game takes a swig of someone’s beer. Pop the hood to peep Continue »

SMH: Man Tries To Exchange His 3-Month-Old Baby Girl For A 40 Oz…

Colt 45 40 ounces malt liquor

The world is officially turning to sh*t. BOSSIP has learned that some fool tried to trade in his baby for a couple of 40 ounces in Massachusetts:

Chicopee police say a man faces a child endangerment charge after allegedly offering to swap his 3-month-old daughter for a pair of 40-ounce beers. Continue »

True Or False: Cleveland Cavaliers Went Down In The Playoffs Because Teammate Was Chopping Down Lebron’s Mom?

"Lebron James mother Gloria James Rumored To Have Had Affair With Cavaliers player Delonte West"

SMH… This is pretty gross. Rumor has it that the real reason Lebron James’ season ended this week is that just before Game 4 in the Cavs playoffs series against the Boston Celtics, he learned his mother, Gloria James, has been getting chopped down by his friend and teammate Delonte West. Pop the hood for details. Continue »

In Delusional White Folks News: Parents Of Little Single Babies Are “Shocked” That Folks Think The Dancing Is Inappropriate

Single Ladies Children Dance Group

Remember those little white girls grinding and gyrating to “Single Ladies” while wearing next to nothing, correct? Well a couple of the parents are speaking out, and they are SHOCKED that we think that the performance was a bit much.

Pop the hood to peep what they had to say… Continue »

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