Where Are Our Parents???

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Kids these days…SMH

Where Are Their Parents???

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What Were You Thinking: Mom Sets Up Cheerleading Scrap Match

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A lady by the name of, Dixie Slink, set up a brawl to watch her daughter kick the ethnicity out of some other poor girl. An arrest warrant has been issued for Dixie: Continue »

T-Pain’s Dad Says Moms Took Home Disease And T-Pizzle is a Mistake???

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t pain

Some backwoods rapper named, Total Kaos, is allegedly exposing T-Pain by having Pain’s dad talk dirty about him on the phone.

Pop the hood to watch pops throw T-Pain under the bus… Continue »

What is Wrong With This Picture?

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“Some” folks…

What in the Sam Hell is Wrong With This Picture???

Rihanna’s Dad and Family: “He Should Be In Jail!”

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Rihanna’s father is not happy with the way this whole fiasco is turning out. The family thinks Chris needs to be in the clink: Continue »

Slum Dog Dad Says He’s Sorry

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The father of one of the Slumdog Millionaire’s cast members has apologized for beating the snot out of him: Continue »

*Rihanna’s Dad Supports Chris and Rihanna Getting It Back In*

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Ronald Fenty, Rihanna’s father, heard about his daughters decision to get back with her alleged abuser, Chris Brown, and he is fine with it: Continue »

Slum Dog Kid Gets Dog Sh*t Slapped Out of Him

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The Slumdog Millionaire kid has it rough at home. When the kid finally expressed his dislike for dealing with reporters… his dad slapped the dog mess out of him:

One onlooker said: “It was like a scene out of Slumdog Millionaire.” The lad’s dad has since apologised for striking his son. “I was very sorry that I did what I did,” said the repentant father. “I was so confused and stressed by my son’s homecoming that I did not know myself for a minute…. Continue »

What in The Hell???

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Forget the fact that the boy is all of 8, why is he smoking Pimps of all cigs’? SMH

Russell Takes New Young Piece To Simmons Holiday Getaway

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Russell Simmons has been getting his little willie wet with his new piece at the Simmons holiday hide-away in St. Barths for New Years. This is the first year with no Kimora or kids (beside the one pictured).

This new little tight, young, supple piece has been hanging out with old BDR and spending them stacks, but on the real y’all, do you think he is to old for her?

15 Year Old “Blood” Charged With Double Murder

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They say a 15 yr old girl, Sharell Butler, aka, Lady Red,  killed two people while out thuggin’ with the bloods: Continue »

Russell Simmons Has New Girl Already

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BDR keeps a young tenderoni close. He was seen in Miami cuddled up with some teen cake. We do not know the name of this one yet, but we soon will. Porscha Coleman who?

Pop the hood to see the body of Blood Diamond’s new young piece of… Continue »

Caption This

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These are not Palin’s kids, but we are damn sure their parents voted for her and McLame.

Who Are My Parents ???


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