“Lil Real N***as”: Are These Your Kids Rapping About Shooting Guns, Selling Dope, Cursing, And Being Little Thugs!? [Video]

“All of our daddy’s are killers????” Jesus take the urge to thug…

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Lil Poopy’s Lawyer Speaks Out About Complaint Filed To Child Welfare For Cake Slapping, But Say They Wont Stop-Can’t Stop! [Video]

Lil Poopy’s pops doesn’t give a f**k! C0ke Boyz, Btch!

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BeBe’s Kids:10-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 On His Mother After She Ordered Him To Go To Bed

“Get yo kiiiiiiiids…..” Continue »

Hollyweird: Sly Stallone Was Milked Out Of $8.5 Million By Drug Addict Sister Who Blackmailed Him With Threats She’d Tell The Press He Abused Her!

Guest, Jackie Stallone and Toni Ann Filiti Wedding of Toni Ann Filiti to Louis D’Alto, held at the Mark Hotel - Inside New York City, USA - October 1990

26 years ago, Sly agreed to give his sister $2million plus $16.7K a month and a $50k per year trust… DAYYYYYUUUUUM that’s a lot of money! Continue »

Where Are My Parents? 17-Year-Old Racist Alabama Teen Caught Plotting Hate Crime Bombings At His High School

Derek Shrout

Adam Lanza inspired an Alabama teen to plot out a hate crime against his black classmates and a faculty member. Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: Some Ain’t Isht Parents Name Their Precious Newborn Baby Girl… #Hashtag


Born Saturday night around 10 pm, weighing 8 pounds and strapped with a name she’ll probably change as soon as she’s old enough to know better. Continue »

Bebe’s Kids: Brad And Angelina’s Pack Of Preciousness Pitch A Fit At Pizza Parlor

Knox Zahara and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

Betcha Suri Cruise wouldn’t be caught dead acting a fool like this. Continue »


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