What The Hell??? Freakazoid Sentenced To Two Years In Jail For Spanking Women He Was Supporting Financially

Henry Allen Fitzsimmons

Sounds like somebody let their fetish get out of control… Continue »

9-Year-Old Girl Popped For Spitting On Bus Driver, Throwing Rocks, Patio Furniture And Threatening To Kill A Cop

Angry 9-Year-Old Spits at Bus Driver Threatens To Kill Cop Four Felony Charges

This little girl is off the chain!!!

A nine-year-old Florida girl is facing four felony charges Continue »

Where Are Our Parents: Two Harlem 12-Year-Olds Charged With Attempted Murder After Pushing Shopping Cart Four Floors Onto “Philanthropist”

Harlem Kids Charged With Attempted Murder After Pushing Kart Onto Philanthropist

These two little hooligans couldn’t have picked a worst time to be out there doing hoodrat shyte with their friends. Continue »

Some Morning Preciousness: Vivica Fox Borrows Some Kids For “Puss And Boots” Premiere

Vivica Fox Puss in Boots premiere

Vivica Fox was on hand for the Los Angeles premiere of “Puss In Boots” and she brought somebody’s munchkins with her. Continue »

This Daddy Is Trifling Than A Muhfugga…

baby girl left in car for over thirty minutes while dad went on a date at mcdonald's

McDonald’s though… really? Continue »


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