Twitpic Of The Day: What In The Hell Is Little Willow Doing???

Willow Smith Tweets Photo Of Herself On A Vegas Stripper Pole

Yes. That is Willow Smith. On a stripper pole. In Vegas, no less. Continue »

Which NBA Champion Is About To Pay To Send This Young Lady To Rehab Again???

Even with the NBA lockout, this young lady’s dad wrapped up the best year of his career in 2011. But while he was on the court winning, she was off doing hoodrat isht with her friends and developing a drug habit. Can you guess whose child this is? Continue »

What The Hell??? Freakazoid Sentenced To Two Years In Jail For Spanking Women He Was Supporting Financially

Henry Allen Fitzsimmons

Sounds like somebody let their fetish get out of control… Continue »

9-Year-Old Girl Popped For Spitting On Bus Driver, Throwing Rocks, Patio Furniture And Threatening To Kill A Cop

Angry 9-Year-Old Spits at Bus Driver Threatens To Kill Cop Four Felony Charges

This little girl is off the chain!!!

A nine-year-old Florida girl is facing four felony charges Continue »


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