Who Is My Daddy?

Actor Taye Diggs of "Private Practice" and actress wife Idina Menzel of €œGlee enjoy spending time with their 10-month-old son Walker Nathaniel Diggs

This little handsome guy is the son of two Hollyweird parents who are both on TV, but his dad has been considered one of the best looking chocolate brothers to light up the big screen as well. Can you guess who his Daddy is??? Keep reading to find out the answer! Continue »

Who Is My Daddy?

Little Boy

This little cutie is the 2-year-old son of someone who has been in the headlines a lot lately. His Daddy hasn’t been famous for long, but his parents divorce has only meant more publicity. Can you guess who his Dad is? Continue »

Who Is My Daddy?

Charlie Murphy's daughter

This little precious girl is the daughter of a famous comedian and actor. Can you guess who her dad is? Here’s a hint to make it really easy. Her uncle is also in the business! Continue »

Who Is My Mom-Dukes???

Wendy Williams and son Kevin Hunter Jr.

This guy has a mom who has been ‘blessed’ with the gift of gab as well as some amazon-esque genes. If that’s not a dead giveaway, peep who his mom is below… Continue »

Who Is My Mommy?

Stella Luna Ivery

This precious little swirly girl is the daughter of a music producer and a Hollyweird actress who stars on one of TV’s most popular shows. Can you guess who her Mommy is? Keep reading to find out! Continue »

Who’s Our Daddy?

Who's Our Daddy?

Bet you can’t guess who fathered these two little bronze beauties. Hint: He’s more famous for WHO he does, than WHAT he does.


Who Is My Daddy?

Notorious doctor of Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray enjoys his free time in Miami, Florida on July 30, 2010 with girlfriend Nicole Alvarez and 7th baby Che Giovanni Murray.

This little guy is the son of a doctor who has had lots of legal drama. Can you guess who his father is??? Keep reading to find out! Continue »

Who Is Our NFL Daddy???

Jason Taylor Takes A Stroll with his wife and his kids Isaiah Mason and Zoey

These little cuties belong to an NFL player who is known for also being nice on the dance floor. Can you guess who it is? The answer is right below: Continue »

Who Is My Mom?

Grace Gibson

This beauty turned up on the arm of her actress mother for last night’s screening of “Twelve” at Landmark’s Sunshine Theater. Can you guess who mothered this banger? Here’s a hint, her mom is bangin’ too, and she is famous for playing an eccentric and iconic black entertainer. Continue »

Who Is My Mommy?

Asia Rochon Fuqua at Comic Con

This precious dollface was spotted at Comic Con with her famous mom, can you guess who she is? Here’s a hint, at one time this little girl’s mom was one of Hollyweird’s most popular actresses but after marrying her director Daddy she’s scaled back some. Pop the hood to find out who she is! Continue »

Who Is My Rapper Dad?

Corde Broadus Snoop's son walking in the Ed Hardy show Miami Fashion Week

This should be one of the easiest “Who Are My Parents?” yet… This young man is the son of one of the most famous “family man” rappers. The answer is on the flipside along with more pictures Continue »

Who Is My Baller Father?

Who Is My Baller Father

This tall teenager is the son of an ex-NBA player with a great rep on and off the court. Do you know who he is? Pop the hood to find out Continue »

Who Is My Dad?

Malcolm Washington

This handsome young man was spotted vacationing with his family, including his incredibly famous father who is an accomplished actor, director and producer. This should be an easy one. Pop the hood for the answer Continue »

Who Is My Daddy?

Who Is My Daddy

This little cutie is the daughter of the star of one of television’s most popular black sitcoms. Can you guess who her Daddy is? Pop the hood to find out! Continue »

Who Is My Daddy?

**EXCLUSIVE** Ziggy Marley takes his daughter Judah Victoria Marley grocery shopping at Bristol Farms in Los Angeles

This little cutie is the granddaughter of an international “Legend,” has an Auntie who is an acclaimed hip-hop star and her Daddy is also accomplished in the family business. Can you guess who her Daddy is? Pop the hood to find out! Continue »


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