Which NBA Champion Is About To Pay To Send This Young Lady To Rehab Again???

Even with the NBA lockout, this young lady’s dad wrapped up the best year of his career in 2011. But while he was on the court winning, she was off doing hoodrat isht with her friends and developing a drug habit. Can you guess whose child this is? Continue »

Who Is Our Record Breaking NBA Baller Daddy??

NBA Kids

These three precious angels are the children of an NBA player who has been in the league for almost 15 years, and who broke a pretty impressive record earlier this year. Do you know who their daddy is? Continue »

Who Is My Child Star Mommy??

This little guy’s mommy is one of the few successful child actors who never had a drug problem, sex scandal, horrible divorce or destroyed career after her first taste of success. Do you know who she is? Continue »

Who Is My Rapper Daddy?

Who is my rapper daddy?

This little girl’s father has been a factor in Hip-Hop for a minute now. Some of you just figured it out on Tuesday night. Do you know who he is? Continue »

Who Is My Child Actor Daddy?

This little chunky princesa’s father was once one of the two cutest boys on Saturday morning TV. He’s never really left the public eye, but he never quite blew up either. Can you guess who it is? Continue »

Who Is My Hollyweird Dad?

Actor Forest Whitaker was spotted stocking up on groceries with his daughter, True, at Ralphs Supermarket in Studio City, CA.

This precious young lady has an Oscar-winning Dad who has been acting since he was a teenager himself. Continue »

Sooo Precious: Guess Who Is My R&B Daddy And Video Mommy?


This little princess is having swimming pool fun time in this pic. Her daddy can sang your panties off Continue »

Who Is My Basketball Legend Grandfather??

This little guy’s super proud grandfather is as much a legend for his accomplishments during his 15-year basketball career as what he’s done off the court since. Do you know who it is? Continue »

Who Is My Gangsta Rapping Daddy???

Game's daughter Cali Dream

Aw look whose wittle chubby lumpkins is gettin’ so big… It shouldn’t be hard to guess which rapper spawned this lil Princess, she looks so much like him. Continue »

Who Is Our 80s And 90s Child Actor Daddy?

Long before he became the father of these beautiful twin girls, he was Black America’s favorite neighbor and best friend… and his brother gave us a lot of advice. Can you guess who it is? Continue »

Who Is Our R&B Mommy???

Deborah Cox's kids Sumayah and Isaiah

These cutie pies are the children of a celebrity singer who also happens to be pretty bangin’. If we told you she’s not a new jack by any means could you guess who their Mommy might be? Continue »

Who Is My NBA Daddy?

Shawn Kemp Jr.

Can you guess which NBA legendary baby-making machines is the father of this budding ball player? Continue »

Who Are My Hip-Hop & R&B Parents??

This precious little girl, who carries the weight of a planet’s name on her shoulders, is the daughter of two very creative, albeit slightly weird, artists. Like her, her older brother and sister’s daddies are also rappers… Did that give it away? Continue »


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