Can You Guess Our Actin’ Daddy And Singing Mommy?

Elijah and Imani

Aren’t they just precious? This adorable brother and sister duo have two famous parents — a father who had his own sitcom about being a dad and a mom with an impressive set of pipes. Continue »

Who Is Our Attention Whoring Athlete Daddy??

Celebrity kids

These two little ones call a world class athlete “Daddy”. Unfortunately, lately he’s made headlines for everything but what he does in his arena. Can you guess who he is? Continue »

Who Is Our Reality TV Mommy???

Who Is Our Mommy?

These three little ones have never co-starred with their mom and her CelebReality castmates. And neither has their dad. Can you guess who their mommy is? Continue »

Who Is Our Non-Rapper Hip-Hop Daddy?

These two little ladies were their DJ daddy’s date to Tupac’s 40th Birthday Celebration in Atlanta last night. One of them used to tell you to “Pay Attention” over her daddy’s mixes. Can you guess who he is? Continue »

Who Are Our Hollyweird Parents?

These guys Saturday coloring activity was Tweeted out by their mom, a Black Hollyweird staple who has been both a sitcom star and the leading lady in some of our favorite films. Continue »

Who Is My Dirty South Rapper Daddy?

Nathan Smith

Handsome is probably not the first word you would think of to describe this young man’s dad. Producer, rapper, DJ, savvy businessman, reality TV star? Yes. But handsome, not so much. Can you guess who’s youngin’ this is? Continue »

Who Is My NBA Hoops Coachin’ Pops?

Mariah Woodson peace sign

At 6’1, this cutie gets her height from her former NBA playing Daddy, who later went on to coach in the league. Can you guess who her pops is? Continue »

Who Is Our NBA Legend Daddy?

Basketball legend Magic Johnson arrives at BOA steakhouse in West Hollywood to dine with his wife Cookie and their children.

These kids are ballin’ out of control, thanks to their dad’s famous feats on and off the basketball court. Can you guess which former Lakers legacy you’re looking at? Continue »

Who Is My Troubled R&B Singer Daddy?

Who is my father

This precious little girl comes from a family of singers with issues. No she’s not a Jackson… she is two degrees away from one though. Her dad made being a singer after a prison bid almost seem cool. Can you guess who he is? Continue »

Who Is My Father??

Don Cheadle with Wife and Daughter

This girl’s father is a superb Hollyweird actor…can you guess who he is??? Continue »

Who Is My Hollyweird Mommy?

Angela Basset attends the Mommy and Me Gifting Lounge to support Cirque du Soleil's Founder Guy Laliberte's One Drop Foundation

This precious little girl is the daughter of two Hollyweird actors Continue »

Whose R&B Kid Is This Giving The Paparazzi The “Back Up Off Me” Face?

When you think “R&B” you think cuddly wholesomeness. But this kid looks like he’ll knock your block off if you fawk with him. Continue »


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