Who Is Our Daddy?

We first met these two precious muffins’ daddy when he played someone’s fraudulent love interest in a 90s sitcom. He grew up to a pretty respectable career… til he was found passed out and drugged up in his car on the side of the road in Cali. Do you know who he is? Continue »

Who Is My Former Child Actress Mommy?

This brand new baby boy made his Twitter debut yesterday. His mom made her TV debut in a 90s family sitcom and has since grown up to add filmmaker to her resume as well… She’s also a King Magazine-certified banger. Can you name his Mommy? Continue »

Who Is My Daddy???

Andree 3000 and his son Seven

This handsome little guy belongs to an equally handsome rapper…. Continue »

Who Is My Legendary R&B Daddy?

Celebrity kids

This young lady’s famous daddy is a living legend who also has a famous, formerly troubled adopted daughter who has already given him two grand babies. Can you guess who it is? Continue »

Who Is My Collar Poppin’ Grandpops?

Riley Keough

This should be a breeze… Can you guess which rock & roll icon this collar poppin’ model is a descendant of? Continue »

Who Is My Hollyweird Mom???

Devin Hervey

This cutie is the only son of a Hollyweird banger who has been doing the damn thing for decades now. Can you guess who his Mom is? Continue »

Who Is My Hollyweird Daddy???

Gina Torres & baby daughter, Delilah arrive at Pearson Airport in Toronto, Canada

This little chubby cheeked cherub is the daughter of one of Hollyweird’s famous couples! Continue »

Who Is My NBA Baller Daddy???

Deron Williams toddler son

This kid looks just like his baller father spit him out! Continue »

My Mommy Is 6-5 Go Getter That Will Dunk On Your Assets And Leave You Looking Stupid!!!

Who's My Mommy?

This little cutie’s name is Lauren Jolie. She was visiting the dentist and took a moment to strike a pose showing those little pearly whites. Her mommy is a former professional basketball player that was the first ever to dunk in the WNBA…

Who’s My Mommy?!! Continue »

Who’s My “Dirty” Pop/R&B Sangin’ Mommy???

Kalenna's Son

This little cutie’s mom posted this picture on her Twitter page with the caption Continue »

Some Father-Son Precious-ness: Which Celebrity Dad Has A Moment With His Son?!?!

Lil Wayne and Son

Gotta love it when a father spends a little quality time with his kids and is able to catch moments like these… Continue »

Who Are My Parents??

This young lady comes from an extremely talented music and fashion family on one side. On the other side, the woman she calls mommy is widely regarded as a genius and is currently working on a comeback. Do you know who her parents are? Continue »

Who’s My Daddy?!?!?

Who's My Daddy??

Who’s My Daddy?!?? This little girl is no stranger to the limelight. Her dad has been throwing her names in songs since she was a little girl. The mother and father went through a very rough break up to make up period and there is a movie based on how her father made it big…

Who’s My Daddy?!?! Continue »


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