Who Is My Rapper Daddy?

Rosco Dash's daughter

This little cutie is the daughter of a Southern rapper who has made several recent hits. Keep reading to find out who he is. Continue »

Who Is My Daughter???

This West Indian woman probably isn’t always proud of her daughter’s crotchylicious-ness… but that doesn’t mean she won’t partake in the benefits of said crotchylicious attention whoring. What’s her famous daughter’s name? Continue »

Who’s My Daddy???

Who's My Daddy??!?

This cute little boy might have some of the craziest parents on the planet. Continue »

Who Is My Son?

who is my son?

This tourist-y looking lady’s son may be your favorite rapper. And rumor has it she really doesn’t like his other rapper friends. As a matter of fact, he might be looking for a new rap family. Do you know who it is? Continue »

Who’s My Daddy???

Jordan Jackson

This 12 year old kid was hanging with his father during Super Bowl Weekend in Dallas, TX. He doesn’t really look anything like his father except for the glasses.
Here’s a Hint… His TV show has had top ratings since 2002! Continue »

Famous Non-Black Celebrities That Are Raising Black Children

Madonna David Benda Mercy James

While many celebrities are all over the tabloids for adopting Black babies, many famous celebrities have also done the same on a low key level. Continue »

Which R&B Singer Kicked It With His Father For The Holidays???

Who's This Daddy?

Which R&B singer found a little time in his busy schedule to spend some QT with his father? Here’s a hint: he like to hang on the beach with little frillies, uses his body as a canvas and is no longer on the bullsh*zzz…

Who’s Dad Is This??? Continue »

Like Father, Like Son: “I Eat Money, I Eat Money… I Love The Cash!!!” But, Who’s My Dad???

This should be an easy guess!!! Only one celebrity would take pics of his son playing with money and post them on Twitter. His dad was is a rapper and also does a little acting but most of all he likes to make fun of other people that don’t have as much money as he does…

Who’s This Little Man’s Daddy??? Continue »

Who Is My Daddy??

Guess The Parent

This young lady was out with her “funny man” father at “Family Night At The Staples Center” to watch the Heat hand the Lakers their a** last night in L.A. For years, her dad tried to convince us he really was funny, until he gave it up a few years ago. Can you name the D-Listed Comedy Dad? Continue »

Who’s My Mommy???


My momma is thicker than a Snicker’s bar and can “SANG” her assets off. She’s been laying low for a minute, on her Gospel tip. But a couple of months ago she re-surfaced trying to make an R&B comeback with 2 more old school divas. Continue »

Who’s My Daddy???: My Dad’s Known For Singing, Acting And Having Twitter Temper Tantrum But Also Knows How To Do My Hair!!!

whos my daddy

This little girl’s celebrity dad wanted to show the world his talents and posted a pic of his little angel after he did her hair. Continue »

Who Is My R&B Daddy?

Producer "The Dream" Attends The Dallas Mavericks Vs The Atlanta Hawks Game with his daughter Navy

This precious little girl has a set of famous parents… kinda sorta anyway. Continue »

Who Is My Old School R&B Daddy?

Perri Jones

This thirteen-year-old has been getting quite a bit of attention this year, belting out R&B remakes on YouTube. With her dad’s support, she could create a classic of her own, like he did. Do you know which 80’s R&B singer is her dad? Continue »


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