Who Looked More Bangin At VH1 Divas?


Singers and reality stars collided on the red carpet Sunday night for VH1 Divas Continue »

Who Looked More Busted?

Eve catching a cab in NYC

Uh uh boo boo… Both these broads get way too much gwap to be walking around looking so disheveled. Continue »

Get Well: Venus Williams Pulls Out Of US Open To Deal With Painful Autoimmune Disease

Venus Williams Diagnosed With Sjorgren’s Syndrome, Pulls Out Of US Open

Sorry Tennis fans, looks like you might not be seeing a Venus vs. Serena match any time soon… Continue »

Girlies On The Go… Evelyn & Shaunie Visit NYC; Serena & Venus Land In D.C.

Evelyn Lozda Venus and Serena Williams

Evelyn Lozada is back home in NYC this week and the paps caught her looking a little less glam than usual. We were kind of concerned until we saw how the Williams sisters like to travel. Continue »

Update: The Knicks Have To Play Game Three With An Injured Amar’e Stoudamire

Amar'e Stoudamire NY Knicks Boston Celtics

This may just be another year where the Knicks build their fans up just to lose the championship. Continue »

WORSER: Surviving Boy Shares New Info On The Trifling Mom Who Drove Her Kids Into The Hudson River

Lashanda Armstrong mom who drove into the Hudson with her 3 kids

It turns out Lashanda Armstrong had nothing to do with the fact that her 10-year-old survived her murder/suicide mission the other day. Continue »

WORSER: Authorities Say The Nuclear Situation In Japan Could Break Chernobyl Records

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant

The nuclear emergency in Fukushima, Japan has now reached the highest/worst rating used to measure nuclear meltdowns. Continue »

Buddha Take The Wheel: Japan Wakes Up To Another Earthquake And Tsunami Warning

In this photo released by Nexco East Japan, a worker inspects a caved-in section of the Joban Motorway near Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture

The people of Japan are still living on edge, with the constant awareness that at any moment, nature could strike again. Continue »

WORSER: Concern Over Radiation Levels In Food And Water Lead To Rationing In Japan

Radiation testing in Japan

It’s been almost two weeks since Japan was ravaged by the double tragedy of a massive earthquake and powerful tsunami which lead to a nuclear emergency. Continue »

Oprah’s OWN Needs A Reboot Already???


As good as the launch weekend of “Oprah Winfrey Network” was, it looks like the Queen’s ego project isn’t doing so well. Continue »


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