And Now Iraqi’s Join The Protest And Revolution…

Iraqi Protest

The spreading civil unrest in the Muslim world has now motivated the people of Iraq to get up, get out and get something. Continue »

Experts Saw These Rising Gas Prices Coming Long Before Muslims Started Wildin’ For Freedom

Gas Prices

Yes, gas hasn’t been this high in two years. But it’s not all because of Ghadafi or Mubarak. Continue »

Now Even Little Children Feel Bad For The Cleveland Cavaliers And Their Sorry Selves

Cleveland Cavaliers Third Grade Valentines

These guys are so terrible now, that a group of Cleveland third graders decided to make the entire Cavaliers organization their Valentine this year. Continue »

Who Loooked More Bangin???

Ciara and Trina 107.9 Birthday Bash

Ciara and Trina both attended Hot 107.9 in ATL’s “Birthday Bash” concert at Phillips arena last night looking rather……we gotta ask, Who Looked More Bangin???

More photos when you… Continue »

Caption This: Come On Man… Have Some Dignity!

Boy, we tell ya! We spotted this picture and thought it couldn’t get any worser...until we spotted the one below of him turned around!!!

Pop the top and peep fruity-pops’ backside Continue »

SMH: “All Black People Leave” Wal-Mart Knucklehead Pulled The Same Sh*t Before!!!

The li’l juvie delinquent behind the: “All black people leave the store now” foolishness in a New Jersey Wal-Mart is a repeat offender. Details under the hood. Continue »

Who Looked More Busted???

Dirty Money was in the building for DJ Enuff’s birthday party at Quo Nightclub in NYC last night looking a mess. All we want to know is out of the two ladies who looked more busted???  Pop the top for more flicks of Diddy, Enuff and more. Continue »

What’s Wrong with This Video???

We found this video of a woman on public transportation, half a$$ naked talking about using crack, suckin’ d**k and taking it where the sun don’t shine. The sad part is the people filming it are eggin’ her on.

Pop it for this F**kery of Foolishness Continue »

Survey Says: Yeezy Got A BIG Ego! Kanye Beats Out Competition In Jerk Poll

The people have spoken, and they agree… Kanye West is a DOUCHEBAG! A huge majority of people voted for the rapper as the most egotistical male celeb in a recent poll. Pop the hood to find out what the numbers were and who his competition was. Continue »

Pharrell Knows How to Clean Up and Lady Gaga is Looking Like a Little Monster


Pharrell and Lady Gaga were present at the MOCA NEW 30th Anniversary dinner the other night. It’s nice to see Pharrell put on something besides jeans and a t-shirt. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, keeps getting “WORSER” by the minute.

Pop it for her Match Continue »

Dennis Rodman… Just Ri-DAMN-Diculousness


Dennis Rodman is probably one of the very few men that can walk down the street in women’s clothing and no one says anything, but sometimes he can still take it too far. Check out Dennis hitting the runway in this Pink Catastrophe…

Check Out His Crack Shot While on the Runway Continue »

Where Is My Father?: All Jokes Aside Now… We Have a Problem


We thought we had seen it all with the white guy dropping it low the other day. Someone decided to let this boy and his feminine ways flourish. We know this kid must not have a father in the home, because no dad would allow this mess…

Pop the top and see the problem in our country Continue »

Mya… What the Hell is that Walking Next to You???


Mya was spotted the other day shopping in West Hollywood with this thing walking next to her. So, we did a little digging to see WHAT.. excuse us… WHO this person is that just became the President and Founder of the “WORSER” crew…

Flip the Lid to Find Out… Continue »


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