Objection Your Honor!!: A$$-Kicking Judge Suspended With Pay For YouTube Video Of His Daughter’s Beating

One thing’s for sure, he definitely had some “contempt” when he was layin’ the smack-down on his daughter… Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Video?

Summer's Eve Commercial featuring Lady Wowza

SMH… Naomi Campbell had Cadbury on their knees begging for forgiveness — but so far we haven’t heard any uproar over the new Summer’s Eve ad Continue »

Hey Kid This Bud’s For You!

Someone call AA for this tike pronto! A little kid attending a Phillies baseball game takes a swig of someone’s beer. Pop the hood to peep Continue »

Poor Thang: Bey Bey Beyonce Busts Her A$* Again

Beyonce was seen performing and she had another meeting with the floor. 

Flip the hood to see for yourself. Continue »

Diddy Releases Statement on Haiti Earthquake and How to Help

Diddy recently re-launched his “Diddy Blog” series to talk about the recent disaster in Haiti.  Pop the top to see what this guy has to say. Continue »

YouTube Clip of the Day: Birdman’s Remix to MONEY to BLOW

Birdman’s single ‘Money to Blow’ featuring Drake and Lil Wayne has been remixed by these five girls, Candy Slice. They put this acapella version together for an audition for NBC’s show, The Sing-Off. Even if they didn’t make it on the show, this remake is PURE COMEDY!!!

Flip the Lid for a Laugh Continue »

What Kind Of Jordan’s Are These And Who Would Dare Wear Them??

what kind of shoes2

They got some way-out rap acts down south. That is all we will say.

Pop the top to see who these J’s belong to… Continue »

Youtube Video of the Day: “You the White Man’s B*tch” (We Didn’t Say That)

We ask that you please turn the volume down so the “person” in the next cubicle doesn’t hear this. This is pure comedy… enjoy.
How many of you believe in the song’s message?

Old Man Leaps On Bank Robber’s Back and Saves Day

rumble copy

In the video under the hood, an old man jumps on a bank robber and tackles him to the turf to save the day.

You gotta peep this…and watch the whole thing Continue »

Ryan Leslie Was a Star in 1994… Who Knew??


Flip the hood to see a video of Ryan Leslie before the girls got addicted. Continue »

YouTube Clip of The Day

“White People Straightening Their Hair with… Africa’s Best?”

white guy

A white man breaks down why Whites shouldn’t discriminate on using black no lye for their edges.  Pop the hood for a lesson. Continue »

A Lil’ Morning Funny: Olympic Celebration Fall Out…


Olympic Champion Melanie Walker of Jamaica was celebrating after winning  the 400 meter hurdles in the 2009 World Athletics Championships in Berlin. Pop the hood to see what happen… Continue »


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