Pure Comedy and Must Watch: Lady Does Face Plant After Having Attitude

The lady to the left is woofing like she did not want to report on this winery. Be sure to watch the whole thing to see her fall and bust her face…SMH at her groans and moans. Pure comedy.

What the Hell???

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Your boy, Mr. Hit Dat Hoe, has a new song. Yes, this is the problem with Hip-Hop today, people.

Pop the top and watch this idiot and his friends with their video phone… Continue »

What The Hell???

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Out of the ones spitting, who do Bossip Folk think is the best ?

Oprah Wants to Get Back With Tracy Morgan

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Tracy Morgan was on the Letterman show Friday night, and according to Hustle Man, there’s a bun in Oprah’s oven, inserted by him. She also wants him back real bad since they broke up. LOL

The rest of the interview of this fool below… Continue »

A Must See Video: Fist Fights and Bald Heads

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We bet homegirl wishes she fell back and went the non-violent route, because once you lose your wig and get your patches exposed like this in a fist fight, there ain’t no coming back. Come on ya’ll, lets get it together. SMH

A Whooty: A White Girl With a Booty

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This video came to us yesterday, and is a favorite by Bossip readers in Iraq…shout out to all the brothers out there. Think about all the swirling this video inspires. SMH

Producer Goes Nuts on Live TV

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LOL @ the producer at the 16 second mark losing it. FYI, despite how much you would like to lose it like this at work, you’re gonna need to woosa that sh*t until you get home, or own your own company. And did he call one of the reporters a b*tch?


Did Mariah Carey Rehearse This???

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Check out Mariah Carey performing “Christmas” at the Grammy Nominations. Is it us, or does she look like she didn’t rehearse ANY dance moves for this performance? The girl looks uncomfortable as all hell. SMH

Pics of Mariah and her boy toy out and about when you … Continue »

Whassup 2008

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This is a update commercial of the old, Whassup, crew. Watch the whole thing and see what is really up.

Fill in The Blank

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Terrence Howard was spotted solo hitting up the Wyclef and Lyfe Jennings concert in NYC last night.

TH and his new actress girlfriend probably broke up because____________________.

Ho Sit Down

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Is this a joke? Here’s a little throwback clip of a preacher discussing the “fickle negros” and how they have turned on the Clintons for the “Half-white boy”. This guy gets a “Ho Sit Down”. And yes, a Reverend can also be a ho.

Jennifer Who?

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Here is a clip of the show “Star King” where a little Asian girl kills that “And I Am Telling You”. More Friday fun.

*Thanks Dion

She’s Baaaack!!!!

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Our favorite “sexpert” Alexyss Tylor discusses many interesting topics on her Atlanta Public Access show Vagina Power. In this episode Alexyss preaches on and on about gay sex and rectal dysfunction. Enjoy!

Bend Her Like a Pretzel

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Vagina & Penis Power, among many other interesting topics discussed in this clip of Alexyss Tyler from Atlanta Public Access TV, LMAO.

Youtube Clip of The Day: Fox Attacks Black America

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Some comments heard on the video:

Mark Fuhrman: “They will get up everyday, go kill somebody and then go have some chicken at KFC..”

Reverend Jesse Peterson: “They turned the Superdome into a ghetto in just 3 days.”

SMH at Reverend Peterson saying Barack Obama goes to a racist church. Fox News obviously loves that guy.


Spotted at Realtalk NY


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