BOSSIP’S List of the 10 Most Annoying Celebrities in 2006

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1. Most Annoying-Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce’s big lacefront glued-on weave has been seen everywhere in 2006 and hopefully in 2007 everyone gets a break. The industry has even manufactered a Beyonce clone. No one said Beyonce was the sharpest knife in the drawer but at least know what shoes you are wearing. Going into 2007, many Bossip readers were asking “without the Knowles machine pushing her, an above average stylist, and Jay-Z’s swagger, why is Beyonce worshipped again?

2. 25 Cent

From fake publicity stunts to promiscuously promoting the fact that he has been shot 9 times to surburban kids (we get it) or attacking Oprah Winfrey for not talking about selling crack and shooting Blacks, 25 Cent will forever be annoying.

3. Star Jones

Star’s self-admittedly Diva behavior has not been backed up by any Diva looks or Diva talent. These type of celebs usually get annoying very fast.

4. Cassie

The lack of talent factor really worked against Cassie this year. Artists can more easily get away with having no talent with Pop music but giving it a R&B feel is a definitely NO NO when you’re singing and dancing game is awful. Although Cassie has now hired top singing coaches to get herself together, she still has a very “Long Way To Go”.

5. Tina and Matthew Knowles

From those wack House of Dookie Dereon designs to hating on JHUD, the Knowles are annoying. It may be time to lean back. Oh yeah, they are ultimately responsible for #1 on the list.

6. Terrance Howard

The manpurses and the silly comments seem to prove that Terrence Howard has gone full blown Hollyweird. Being a more than good actor almost saved him from the list.

7. Kim Porter

Kim Porter who recently said that Diddy never loved Jennifer Lopez and always loved her (OK) and she knew Diddy would come back just seems a little delusional. And we thought she was smart for having all those kids and putting up with Cassie and the others.

8. Foxy Brown

From assaulting manicurists, threats of jail, probation, being kicked off radio shows, and rumors about being kicked off DefJam, 2006 was not a good year for Foxy Brown. We need to be reminded why Foxy is relevant. Maybe the Ill NaNa will be cool again if Jay-Z writes her rhymes again…but then again, his rhymes are not even working for him anymore. OK, Foxy will probably stay annoying in 2007.

9. Wendy Williams

A new show on VH1 for the Gossip Tranny is too much exposure for someone who looks like that.

10. Taye Diggs

Taye’s wacky comments on race and in particular his promiscuous generalization of Black women ensures he makes the list. Oh yeah, Taye saying if he had to sleep with a man, “it would be a well put together brotha, someone like Tyson Beckford” doesn’t help his cause. Taye who is is a self-confessed nerd can’t seem to get any cool points. Golly.

Honorable Mention:
Kanye West

Drunken antics at the MTV European awards, carving Fendi’s logo on the side of his head, and overall outlandishly crazy blurbs—”I should be in the Bible” gives Mr. West a definite nod for annoying ass clown of the year.

Joy Bryant in Beverly Hills

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Actress Joy Bryant who previously has been linked to 50 Cent and Nick Cannon attended Cashmere and Cocktails hosted by Club Monaco in Beverly Hills today. About the only thing that was looking good on Joy today was her smile. The dress and the “strong feet” exposure has to go.

Only Smiling for the Fellas: 25 Cent

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25 Cent cleaned up and attended MGM’s premiere of “Home of The Brave” last night which is about Desert Storm Veteran’s which 25 Cent stars in. Pictured with 25 Cent are Brian Presley, Sheryl Crow, and Victoria Rowell.

Fat Joe says Fu*k Jay-Z, says Jay and 50 Cent are Uncle Tom’s, Calls Remy Ma a Liar

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Fat Joe says f*ck Jay-Z in a Power 99 interview and goes to say Jay-Z is down with “bourgie” society and disses 50 Cent for never being in the hood.

Fat Joe talking about Jay-Z and 50: “I don’t think we see him in Harlem or Brooklyn, I think this is a “Hampton’s” thing….50 Cent is really a problem, he is never in the ghetto…..

Here is the actual interview. SMH at the DJ who says “he got shot 9 times” referring to 50′s street cred. LMAO. Ni**as get shot in the street everyday, getting shot don’t make you tough. SMH.

New Eminem Video-You Don’t Know Featuring G Unit

Sounds pretty sick. 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, and Cashis all spit.

David Silver AKA Kevin Federline Confused on Whether to Go 50 Cent or Justin Timberlake

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K-Fraud hit up Leno recently rapping about his “Henny” and that he and Spears are like Bonnie & Clyde. SMH, does this f*cker know who the real Bonnie & Clyde is? (hint, they were a lot harder than bubblegum pop stars). All that said, he was smart enough to get Britney pregnant real quick and with 2 kids, setting himself up ($$$$) for life. Is K-Fraud smarter than Britney is dumb?

In addition, he is using her to further his own career. Got to strike while the iron is hot! K-Fraud reminds me of Brian Austin Green who played David Silver on 90210. Not very “Clyde-like”.

Bacardi Mojito Music Cafe Hosts Lloyd Banks Album Release Party, NYC

The Beauty and The Beast. Tony Yayo’s jeans looking kinda dirty, like he was “walkin dirty” last night. His “guest” looks like a certified banger, smokin. The party was held at Nikki Beach.

50 Cent looking uncomfortable around women as usual. Maybe if Curtis Jackson was around a blonde, he would smile and show his teeth. The groupie on the left looks to be going for the evil “I’m hard”-slut look. These girls right here like some good prospects for a hip-hop groupie threesome.

50 Cent and his capo Lloyd Banks. Damn 50, have you ever heard of Carmex—bad case of “Ring Around the Crusty Lips”

Some tranny looking lady named Lisa Everts and Olivia. Lisa looks like she may have wanted to get in Olivia’s panties last night.

Damn, she needs to give some of that cake to Nicole Ritchie. “Angel” showing off her assets at the party.

MYA Saying Nothing New in Complex Magazine

F*ck the interview, Mya from the neck down is bangin!

In the interview, Mya talks about boring stuff like her parents divorce when she was starting out and again denies that 50 Cent soaked up her panties. Mya, no one wants to hear about the harmful effects of your parents divorce when most ni**as don’t even got two parents or got parents on crack, or got a single mom living in the projects with no money. Shut the hell up and talk about your talent or your hot a*s. No one cares about the other sh*t.

DMX Attacks Soundman

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Yesterday at the Hot 97 Back to School Jam rapper DMX enraged with violence flew into an audience to attack the soundman. What would cause someone to be this angry you may ask? The soundman cut his set after 15 minutes of performing, reported

Now 50 Cent and G- Unit who were on before him also had their performance cut only after 30 minutes. And what was 50′s reaction, a shrug and a quick apology to the audience. So the question is what the hell is wrong the DMX? We all know this isn’t the first time he has lost it. Just bringing more attention to his out of control behavior. DMX please get it together.

Mya Rides on 50 Cent: I don’t know how he would get Lloyd Banks confused with me

via Vibe

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In a recent interview with Vibe magazine Mya speaks on being linked with 50 Cent:

Yes: it’s not true. 50 and I never dated, never cuddled, never did anything, period, despite what he chooses to believe in his own mind. I don’t know how he would get Lloyd Banks confused with me.

Damn!! That’s cold Mya, 50 you obviously rubbed her the wrong way huh 50. But with her upcoming album Liberation coming out this fall, could this be a publicity stunt? I really hope 50 and Lloyd aren’t butt buddies.

Some other gems from the Vibe interview:

..I kept my problems to myself and I turned into this psycho chick. I even saw a damn psychologist!..

..I felt like I was playing myself following this dude (boyfriend at the time) and hiring this private investigator, just going crazy…

…I will be a ho and a freak for my man and that’s it…

…That day I had my birthday party and the Game came through and said he wants to take me out to dinner and I’m thinking, ‘This sucker just called me a bitch on his record.’ So I told him, ‘Nice to meet you, but I have some friends I have to get to.’ I kept it polite, but kept it moving

50 Cent Arrested for Riding Dirty in Manhattan, Driving Lambo

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Since when did someone get arrested for traffic violations? Dude did not have a warrant. Most people are ticketed when driving on an expired permit and without proper registraton. Jealous hip-hop cop pigs strike again. He would of been fine if he was white or riding in a beat up toyota.


….The 31-year-old recording artist was pulled over in Midtown Manhattan by plainclothes officers in an unmarked patrol car. At first he refused a police order to get out of the car, instead making a call on his cell phone, tourist Ian Parvess said.

“Eventually the cops opened the door. … He just got out of the car and put his hands on the car and they put the cuffs on him,” Parvess, who videotaped the arrest, told Reuters.

50 Cent, wearing a black baseball cap over a white do-rag and a shiny silver necklace over a white T-shirt, was taken to a police station and released soon after being given four summonses, a police spokeswoman said. Spectators crowded around the scene outside the New Yorker Hotel, insulting police and breaking into a chorus of boos when the star was handcuffed….

New 50 Cent Track Murders Diddy, Fighting over Mase

New 50 Diss Track on Diddy (Listen)

Blazin. Nice lyrical drive by. Apparently fighting over Mase. Why is Mase worth giving up your White Party pass? 50 shakin up the game a bit. 50 asks Diddy: “Why are you scared of me telling everybody what Missy told me?”

…”Who shot Biggie Smalls? We don’t get em they gone get us all, man Puffy know who hit that ni**a, man that ni**a soft (Puffy), he scared ni**as  from the westside will break em off”…

…”I guess this means I won’t be invited to your white parties in the Hamptons,I don’t give a f*ck, I don’t want to hang out with your punk a*s no way. Got me motherf*ckin runnin around, this ni**a Mase, you want to play games on me, you want to make a deal? …..f*ck  it, I don’t want to do a deal anymore”… (Over Mase)

“Why you don’t want me to tell everybody what Missy told me?”

Pics From VMA Style Villas At Bryant Park Hotel

August 30, Day 2.

Gangsta actress Zoe Zaldana looking like she is ready to hop on the special yellow bus.

Nelly & Melyssa Ford

50 Cent

Oprah Winfrey: Rap vs Rap Queen

Self Rapt(Nationalledger)

May 29th, 2006
By Melee`

Hmmm….Messing with Oprah might be like messing with the Gotti’s, I wouldn’t risk it. :) OK, all jokes aside….

Oprah has an incredible following; Soccer Moms, Desperate Housewives, Dire Actors and Die Hard Fans….Some take her word for anything, yes, she did help James Frey sell a million little books.

50 Cent, Ludi, Ice Cube have equal footing with fans in the Hip Hop world and have validity behind their anger towards Ms. Winfrey.

How will issues be resolved? Oprah, invite them to your show….Talk it through and make good….