*Exclusive* After the Party, It’s the After Party…Grammy’s Edition

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Bossip was in L.A. last night for Akon and Teairri Mari’s Grammy’s after party. T. Mari is trying give these R & B heffas a scare, because she wasn’t too bad.

The Konvict’s gave a rowdy performance and you know ya boy Akon got to surfing the crowd and sh*t.


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Which One is Packin???

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was spotted looking a tad scruffy outside of the Mr. Chow after party while Akon decided to hit up the Universal Motown shin-dig. This one is for the ladies (and gents too-if you so choose): Which one of these average looking crooners do you suspect is packin some serious hardware??

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Fans: “Omg, that’s Seal! Oh, false alarm, it’s just Akon.”

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Akon was taking a stroll through the London city center when he was approached by a few fans, then more showed up, and the next thing you know “The Konvict” was running for his dear life:

R&B singer Akon found himself at the center of a frightening scene in London recently – when an encounter with fans went awry. The Smack That hit-maker was strolling through the city center this weekend when several members of the public approached the star. But the sighting sparked a fan frenzy and after being mobbed, Akon was forced to take shelter in… Continue »

Akon: “I Don’t Know How Old I Am”

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Akon just can’t get right.  He’s acting like we’re slaves, not knowing how old he is and stuff: Continue »

Young Jeezy’s Presidential Status Inaugural Ball: Which One Would You Hit?

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Teyana Taylor, Tiny, and Toya Carter, were all at Young Jeezy’s “Presidential Status” Inaugural Ball. Among others in attendance, Trey Songz and Bow-Wow, were both seen swirling it up. Jay-Z, Jeezy, and TI busted up the place in a live performance.

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Which One Would You Hit?: Tyrese or Kenny Lattimore

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Bossip-hating Tyrese celebrated his 30th Birthday at Boulevard last night in L.A. His mother and sister made it out and as you can see, Kenny Lattimore is back home.

Ladies, if you were at this shin-dig at closing time, and if Lattimore didn’t have Chante, Which One Would You Let Hit???

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Akon and His PYT

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Akon and his ole blurple, 20 wife having, Michael Jackson lovin ass was at the Lakers game recently with a nice ‘young’ lady on his side. These guys sure like ‘em young. Good for him, we’re sure she’s just interested in his ‘personality’ after all.


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Kim K Wants to Be New Bond Girl?

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Kim Kardashian

So, Jamie, Diddy and Akon want to play Bond and these pics definitely make us think that Kim K is putting her bid in to be the next Bond girl. Show of hands…if you had to pick any of the kind gentlefolk mentioned before to smash Kim’s cakes in a swirly love scene, who would it be?

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Kelis and Estelle’s Open Mouth Swag

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 Kelis and Estelle

Kelis, Estelle, Akon and Nick Cannon hit up the 2008 IPR Holiday/Birthday party for Tracy Nguyen at Mr. West in NY.

Now, we can be sympathetic to the challenges Estelle may face with closing her mouth, but Kelis is just out of f*cking line, there’s no way around that. Seriously, try to smile with your mouth open and your teeth showing at your computer right now. SMH

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Guilty As Charged

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Akon  Chucks Kid

Proud Konvict Akon admitted that he was in the wrong for tossing some kid off the stage during his concert last year:

Akon pleaded guilty to second-degree harassment, a violation, apologized to a fan for tossing him off a stage at Dutchess Stadium and was confronted by the fan’s father, all in connection with the June 2007 KFEST concert. Continue »

Akon Addresses His Prison Record

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Akon 519.1

Akon chats about the discrepancies in his thug history and jail time:

In an interview with Access Atlanta, the singer clarified his previous statements that he was incarcerated for three years.

“I got caught up in cars and this and that. Kept going in and out of jail. Three months here, six months there, two weeks here,” Akon explained. “And it was to a point where I was like, ‘This really doesn’t make any sense. What am I doing?’ And the last stretch I did was six months in Dekalb County (Georgia) after I was pulled over in a stolen car.” Continue »

Are You Feeling these Get Ups???: Fantasia & Christina Milian

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We can always count on Fantasia to come correct with that bootleg swag. She was spotted at the Cracked Christmas Fundraiser in LA last night wearing this bizarre feathered frock. Meanwhile, Christina Milian stepped out to Kiss FM’s Jingle Ball concert on some Pirates of the Carribean shyte. So you know we’ve gotta ask: Are You Feeling These Get Ups???

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Akon Wants To Be First Black Bond Too?!

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We told you a few weeks ago that both Diddy and Jamie Foxx have put their bids in to play the first Black James Bond. Well, we’ve just got word that Akon wants to show off his… (we were going to put skills here, but who are we kidding?).

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Akon a Mess Over Scrapped Michael Jackson Duet

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Akon is some kind of disappointed that his duet with MJ has been sh*t canned:

Rapper Akon has been left devastated – after his Michael Jackson collaboration was pulled from his new album Freedom. Hold My Hand was thought to have been scrapped due to Jacko’s reluctance to make a comeback and his legal problems. Continue »

Which One Would You Hit??: Cassie & Kim

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Cassie and Kim Kardashian attend the Empowerment for Africa

Cassie & Kim Kardashian were fixtures at the Empowerment of Africa Dinner last night, which was hosted by The Diamond Empowerment Fund.

The Diamond Empowerment Fund’s mission is to raise money to support education initiatives that develop and empower economically disadvantaged people in African nations where diamonds are a natural resource.

So between these two talented heffahs, we must ask: Which One Would You Hit???

Cassie attends the Empowerment for Africa Kim Kardashian attends the Empowerment for Africa dinner Justine Simmons, Russell Simmons and Reverend Run Russell Simmons and  Reverend Run attend the Empowerment for Africa dinner

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