Akon’s Still on Dem Nutz

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Akon continues to ride Mike’s nut sack. Dig what he says to People Magazine this time:

What surprised you the most about him?
Akon: How humble and how smart he was. Sometimes you get a certain perception from how the media portrays him, but [working with him] was completely opposite. An artist of that caliber and as big as he is, you would think he would have certain qualities that you probably wouldn’t like, such as being very arrogant or stuck up. With him, it was like he had never put out a record before – he still had that hunger.

Damn. We get it already, you like Mike. But we still can’t quite digest that ‘smart’ piece. It really don’t really seem like Mike got too much goin’ by way of intellect these days.

Fill in the Blank: Akon

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Akon and Timbaland got it in last night to celebrate the release of his new album, “Freedom,” at Karu and Y in Miami. Humor us by filling in the blank for the hooded fella.

My hotel is up the street and if you come with me ________________.

Some more pics of Akon and Timbaland below.

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*Exclusive* Akon: People Should Feel Ashamed For Talking About MJ

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Bossip recently chatted with Akon and when he’s not practicing his dry humping skills, he’s the driving force of “Team Michael”.

That guy’s a genius, man. That’s probably the highlight of my career. He’s the most humble cool dude. When you stop and think about all of the controversies and articles on him, they don’t even reflect the person that I saw. I always say if people got the chance to actually meet the man behind all of the controversy, they would be embarrassed to even have that thought. He’s totally different from the normal perception that you see.

We feel you, Akon. But there’s nothing normal about a nightly routine of taking your nose off and placing it in a jewel-studded Peter Pan case.

Read his response to SMACKING THAT CHICK AT A CONCERT right about NOW. Continue »

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up???

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Estelle is seen here looking for a clue and a new stylist. Grant it, she wore this get up as a performance ‘fit at the 2008 World Music Awards held at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club, we still must ask, Are You Feelin’ This Get Up???

Check out Akon, Alicia Keys, SoSo and Michelle Williams arriving below.

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Which One Would You Hit??

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Will.i.am and Akon attended the Spirit of Life event. We have a gang of pictures below including, Mariah with Nick looking like he wants to swallow a bullet.

Out of the two blue-black lovers, Akon and Will.i.am, Which One Would You Hit???

Joe Camel, Erika Badu, and more RiRi below.

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Princess RiRi At It Again

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Princess RiRi made an appearance at the Spirit of Life Award Dinner in Cali along with stars like Toni Braxton, Lil’ John, and Akon. Rihanna is really doing the da*n thing because you can hardly ever catch her on an off day.

More pics below

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Seen on the Scene

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Akon and Queen Latifah were chatting it up at the SRC Records Presents Think Pink Rocks event last night in Boca Raton, Florida.  Damn, if it weren’t for his earring and his teeth, we wouldn’t have known who the heck Latifah was talking to.  We kid, we kid…

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Konvict Back to Whooping Girl’s Ass

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This is “another” video of Akon doing the wrong thing to a woman and “Smacking That” literally. Last weekend he knocked out some concert goer after his pants almost got ripped off. That poor girl didn’t deserve that at all. SMH.

Click Here for the direct link…

Seen on the Scene

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‘Metrosexual’ Ne-Yo was in seen outside his Midtown hotel before attending the debut of remade Wrigley’s Gum jingles at the Nokia Theatre last night in NYC. C-Breezy, Jay-Z, Akon and more were spotted at the event.

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Which One Would You Hit??

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Akon and Jim Jones were busy at the video shoot for Three Six Mafia’s “That’s Right” in New Jersey over the weekend. So of course we must ask, between these two buzzards, Which One Would You Hit??

Check more pics including DJ Paul and Juicy J just below.

Last night, Jay-Z was on stage with Memphis Bleek at the Mark Ronson concert in Glasgow, Scotland. Peep those pics under the hood. Continue »

Konvict 4 Life

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Akon will soon face the music for chucking some kid off of the stage during a concert in NYC last year.

Click HERE for the full update on the court hearing and a video refresher of the whole mishap.

Deep Thoughts

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Weezy took the stage at the Summerfest concert over the weekend along with Akon, Keyshia Cole and T-Pain.By the looks of things, we imagine he’s lettin’ that sizzurp sink in a little too much.

Concerts galore: More Summerfest and Hot 97 School’s Out Tour pics are on the flipside. Continue »

Old Edition

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New Edition received a Golden Note Award at the 2008 ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Awards last night. Looks like these brothas are holding up pretty well, with exception of Bobby of course with that peculiar sour-puss expression. Check out more pics of the event below.

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Pre-BET Awards Dramatics

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On the eve of the BET Awards, a couple of D-List rappers got into a brawl at the Shrine Auditorium:

According to reports from the artist’s camp, Akon’s 20-year-old artist, Dolla, got into a minor scuffle with Florida rapper 2 Pistols, which resulted in 2 Pistols — who has been enjoying success with his hit single “She Got It” featuring T-Pain — being knocked out.

Dolla’s camp confirmed that an altercation took place after he heard about recent public statements made by 2 Pistols claiming Dolla had “no street credibility and isn’t really a rap artist from the streets.” Continue »

Last Night in NYC….

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Lil Kim and Ne-Yo were on hand to watch Akon perform at Spotlight Live in Times Square. Michelle Williams, Teyana and much more were spotted at the event as well. Check out more party pics below.

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